The Flying Bull edge-polishing machine from Sasso Meccanica is for processing flat and bullnosed edges ranging from 20 to 100 mm in size.

It features a tilting mechanic calibrator to calibrate or process the water drip, and two bevelling spindles group at +45 and -45 degrees to realize the pre-cuts and the bevels. The group can be completely opened in order to allow an easy substitution of the tools.

Meanwhile, a six-spindle group is in place to shape and polish the bullnose profiles or to smooth the straight edges. The first spindle is mechanically adjusted for shaping with a diamond tool.

Every spindle is equipped with independent regulation of pneumatic pressure, together with a pneumatic valve for forced exclusion and insertion.

Standard equipment on the machine includes a supporting bar, which can be manually opened for easily working wider pieces. The upper covering can be completely opened in order to allow for easy inspection of the inner parts.

Options include a tilting pneumatic calibrator with the following processing abilities:

• Calibration or polishing with abrasive

• Water drip on the upper side of the piece

• Calibration or frontal polishing

It is also possible to install a tool to carry out special profiles, as long as the motor power is below four horsepower.

Another option is a tilting, multi-function spindle, which allows for bushhammering (tool included), polishing with abrasives and incisions up to a maximum power of three horsepower.

Other options include a touch-screen as well as a water-drip spindle (four-horsepower) with pneumatic intervention system to do partial cuts only on the lower side.

Sasso Meccanica is represented in North America by SassoAmerica of St. Louis, MO.