The LCR from Marmo Meccanica is a specialized linear polishing machine for flat edges that can process a pencil round profile in sizes up to 4 cm and chamfers up to 6 cm. It can round and polish the two corners of a flat edge as well as chamfering them at 45 degrees.

According to Marmo Meccanica, the need to provide a flat edge at 90 degrees - with the rounding of two corners - is becoming more and more common, especially in certain markets. Using the LCR, the company reports that users can perform the above profile as fast as polishing machines for flat edges - even on “difficult” materials, such as agglomerates.

The LCR structure is composed of the following:
  • 1 incoming calibrating/drip-sizing unit - adjustable both crosswise and lengthwise - to gauge the thickness of the material with varying depths (maximum 6 cm from the edge) or, rotated to the horizontal axis position, for dripstone cutting

  • 7 mandrels for smoothing and polishing, the first of which equipped is with a mechanical stop for the diamond tool
  • 2 upper and lower 45-degree chamfering mandrels for pre-chamfering diamond tools, equipped with a mechanical stop, which allows the unit to establish the pencil-round edges dimensions
  • 2 groups of 3 mandrels each, counter-oscillating (mechanical stop on the first one of each group) for pencil round chamfers (maximum thickness of 4 cm) and 45-degree flat chamfers (maximum thickness 6 cm).