Designed and manufactured according to the latest concepts and structural principles, the Omega 100 and Omega 60 automatic multispindle belt polishing machines from Comandulli of Italy have been noted for their performance and production on every kind of marble, granite and engineered stone. They are equipped to perform all finishing operations for products such as countertops, furnishings and monuments as well as architectural elements such as steps and window sills. The Omega 60 can process materials ranging from 20 to 60 mm thick, while the Omega 100 can work materials from 20 to 100 mm thick.

Both models are able to perform the following functions: calibration/gauging, straight edge, bevels, bullnose, pencil round, upper and lower grooves, sloping cuts and polishing, quirk miters, slot cuts, edges with regular round shapes (quarter bullnose, half bullnose, etc.). They are also able to create (but not polish) some irregular profiles such as ogee profiles.

Main features

• Electronic system that controls the advancement, rotation and descent of the slab-holding piston, only when the slab passes

• Conveyor belt controlled by a set of idle rollers

• Workpiece locking by pneumatic pistons

• Pneumatic excluding devices for every head, with possibility of adjusting the pressure for each, displayed by a manometer for each head

• Push-button control panel with visualized keyboard (touch screen)

• Pre-stored working programs

• Main protection covers in stainless steel

• Possibility to do partial work

• Precise and calibrated execution of bevels on straight edges

• Water tank

• Manual lubrication

• Monolithic construction (excluding the rollers) that can be installed directly on the shop floor with no foundation needed