Artisan Manufacturing has launched its new handcrafted, designer-inspired Copper Kitchen Sink Collection. The new classic apron front copper sinks are the ultimate in quality and craftsmanship, reports the manufacturer.

According to Artisan, the decorative pattern crafted into the front apron of the 10-inch-deep single-bowl sink creates a stunning finish. The return reveal curves on each side measure 4 5/8 inches, providing flexible installation above a cabinet or on legs.

The copper kitchen sink is also available with a more traditional apron front. The sinks are similar to the decorative model, but have 4 ¼-inch return reveal curves for creative installations.

Handcrafted design of the highest quality, coupled with functional elegance, make the new Artisan Copper Apron Sink Collection a suitable choice for designers, architects and homeowners, the manufacturer reports.

Tenax USA, a global leader in chemicals and adhesives for the stone industry, has produced a high-quality line of granite and marble polishing powders. Tenax USA’s polishing powders are formulated specifically to create a high-gloss finish on countertops, floors and as general maintenance for stone care. Tenax USA’s polishing powders are available in both 2-pound and 5-gallon containers. Customers are free to request this product from their local Tenax USA distributor, the manufacturer reports.

Laticrete, a global leader in the manufacturing of innovative systems for the installation of stone and tile, has expanded its reach beyond stone and tile distribution for Laticrete® Floor Heat to include the wholesale electrical market. With the Laticrete Floor Heat Merchandiser, a complete Laticrete Floor Heat package, including the Laticrete Floor Heat Mat, Laticrete Floor Warming Thermostat and the Laticrete Wire Eye, electrical wholesalers can add incremental profits by upselling the comfort of warm tiled floors.

Laticrete Floor Heat offers an exclusive self-adhesive mesh and wire backing, allowing for faster and easier installation. Unlike traditional floor warming systems that can be difficult to install, Laticrete Floor Heat has been designed to simplify the layout process and minimize the expertise required by installers, reports the company. In addition, Laticrete Floor Heat is part of the Laticrete Lifetime Residential Warranty. In addition to several innovations of the mat itself, Laticrete offers 24-hour turnaround on floor layouts and an easy-to-use software program that allows customers to design their floor and identify product needs quickly and easily, according to the manufacturer.

Axiom, Ltd. recently introduced its newest product, Axion High-Tack. High-Tack is a high-quality, strong, one-component adhesive with very high grip based on MS polymer. Axiom High-Tack is odorless, neutral and free of silicone and isocyanides, reports the manufacturer. It is a low VOC adhesive that cures with atmospheric moisture to form a durable seal.

“Solid surface installers can forget their hot melt glue for wall fabrications,” said Al Thiemke, President of Axiom, Ltd. “The stone fabricator can eliminate the mixing of thinset and mortar when installing shower walls and other vertical applications. In fact, on most vertical applications a support assembly will be required.”

Axiom High-Tack is available in 290 ml cartridges in white; 12 cartridges per case.

Blanco recently introduced the new Arcon sink to its Steelart brand collection. The flowing arc is a timeless style that balances strong design lines with a soft, sophisticated touch. Arcon draws the eye with a magnetic attraction of opposites - a zero radius edge against a smooth, seamless curve. Pleasing to behold, Arcon offers designers the flexibility to echo, to integrate and to soothe within any décor, Blanco reports.

“Throughout history, the arc emerges as a symbol of spirit, pride and of great technological accomplishment,” said Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for Blanco. “Arcon is our newest addition to the Steelart portfolio, and it represents the superior craftsmanship and uncompromised quality that only Blanco Steelart can deliver. It takes over 30 artisans to transform a single sheet of premium steel into one seamless, polished Arcon sink.”

Arcon is available in six designer-friendly models that include a super single, 1-¾ bowl and double bowl that will fit both custom and standard cabinet sizes.