SUITLAND, MD -- An amalgamation of Medieval building stones, which once comprised the interior of a New York City apartment living room, are now being stored in Suitland, MD, and are available for sale. The stones consist of approximately 800 square feet of floor pavers that are approximately 3 inches thick and varying in size -- averaging 12 x 18 inches -- window surrounds (approximately three) and a fireplace with a carved bas relief of a decorative coat of arms. Additionally, there are approximately 100 footlocker-size crates, which have been stored outside and are in poor condition. It is estimated that the stones collectively weigh in excess of 15 tons, derived from a visual survey. The stones appear to be of a yellow/cream oolitic limestone, possibly from Europe, but the origin is unknown.

The sale is for the stones, as is, and there is no guarantee that all stones seen in the images are present. The attached photographs were taken before the room was disassembled in the 1950s. The walls were of scored stucco and are not part of the assemblage and neither are the stained-glass window panels or any wooden components. The condition of sale is that all stones must be removed from the storage site in Suitland, MD. The packing crates are in a fragile state, and the pallets used for moving the crates to grade for inspection are in most cases not reusable. It is recommended that care be taken in moving the crates for transport, and it may be necessary to repack on site. All debris, including damaged crates, is to be removed from the site. Movers must bring their own hoists, lifts, trucks and manpower. The area for maneuvering is somewhat restricted.

The crated stones are now available for viewing by appointment. It is recommended that all interested in bidding come to the site to review the scale of work necessary to remove these stones. The selected bid will depend on price offered, schedule and documentation outlining the ability of the company to handle this type of move. All bids must come with appropriate insurance certificates.

For additional information on access to the site and for turning in sealed bids, please contact Paul Westerberg at (202) 633-8822. Sealed bids must be hand delivered or sent by courier delivery by COB, August 17, 2009 to: Office of Planning and Project Management, MRC 511, 600 Maryland Ave. SW, Suite 5001, Washington, DC 20024, attention Sharon Park.