Domain Industries has introduced a new sink to its popular Brighton line - the Winchester. This 50/50 acrylic sink with integral faucet deck features a full 30-year warranty and is guaranteed to never stain. Durable and scratch resistant, Brighton acrylic sinks are crafted to last a lifetime and deliver superior performance than traditional solid surface sinks, Domain reports.

Appealing to various preferences in today’s countertop design options, Everlife by Innovative Stone has introduced a new sophisticated color - Peach Red - to its natural stone countertop collection.

“We are constantly evaluating our product offerings as we aspire to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and design options imaginable,” said Karen Pearse, founder and CEO of Innovative Stone. “The new Peach Red stone offers homeowners a beautiful and unique design option for their surface decor. And the product is offered at an outstanding price.”

The Peach Red is a part of Everlife’s Vitality collection, comprised of a global collection of designer-selected granite, marble, quartzite and soapstone colors. All Everlife countertops are stain resistant and protected by Innovative Stone’s breakthrough PermaShield technology, reports the company. Additionally, these environmentally friendly countertops do not require sealing, which is required for most natural stone countertop surfaces.

The Peach Red stone comes from China and is considered to bring promise of hope and prosperity to the home, reports Innovative Stone. In addition, Peach Red will work well with various design options, including bleached gray, chestnut stain, taupe stain and white woods.

Effective February 2009, Everlife’s Peach Red comes with a 15-year stain-resistant warranty and is available from select kitchen designers across the U.S who offer over 45 different color options of Everlife, according to Innovative Stone.

Everlife has received industry certifications from NSF International and the Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI). Both of these independent, non-profit organizations have classified Everlife natural stone countertops to be safe and sanitary for use in the home due to the materials ease of cleaning and preservation of indoor air quality.

New World Stoneworks has recently introduced its stonework design software plug-in, which will be previewed at the upcoming AIA 2009 National Convention and Design Exposition, which will be held from April 30 to May 2 in San Francisco, CA. The new product enables architects to design and render the exact stone pattern for a project. Once the design is complete, the file is exported to New World Stoneworks, where natural stones are shaped with water, exact to the architect-approved rendering.

The new software module installs to run within the architect’s CAD program and provide an intuitive drop-down menu that specifies every detail of natural stonework during the pre-construction design phase rather than leaving stone design to chance in the field. Architects are able to work through the details such as pattern, stone sizes, mortar joint size, color blends and edge finish, then view a photographic sample board of each resulting stone combination to achieve the exact look desired. With this information, the software then creates a custom pattern that is generated within each area of the drawing where stone is applied. Unlike a repeating hatch graphic, the pattern is a live file, in which individual stones can be edited and moved.

With a focus on constructability, the software tracks the square footage of stone applied on the drawing and calculates the exact cost of the material to ensure the stonework is designed within the targeted budget, right from the start.

“Architects have long been restricted when designing projects with stone because there was little control over the execution at the jobsite, which is why we created this software module to enable the detailed specification of stonework details,” said Ken Jackman, New World Stoneworks’ founder and president. “Plus, the new software integrates seamlessly with our natural stone building system which further simplifies the stone sourcing process. Once the stone design is complete, the architect has an option to have the stone specifications sent directly to New World Stoneworks for an immediate price quote and delivery timeline.”

The company will unveil many aspects of the new software with virtual guided tours and digital renderings. In addition, there will be ongoing in-booth demonstrations of how the New World Stoneworks natural stone building system installs 90% faster than traditional methods.

Artisan Manufacturing’s premium undermount sinks offer a 16-gauge, 304 commercial grade stainless steel. This new sink collection, with its high-luster satin finish, is recognized to be durable, practical and very stylish, complementing the latest trends in kitchen design, according to the manufacturer. The superior craftsmanship gives long-lasting beauty with resistance to both stains and corrosion.

Artisan offers 13 styles and 22 sizes with depths up to 10 1/8 inches and widths to meet every design and functional requirement, including single, double and extra deep bowls, offset sinks and bar sinks. The proprietary V-Therm Shield provides sound deadening results, reducing noise and vibration, and offering thermal retention qualities, reports Artisan Manufacturing.

Blanco, quality innovator of German-engineered sinks and faucets since 1925, has launched a new category of sinks - MicroEdge - a sleek overmount sink that creates the illusion of an expensive flushmount installation. Designers and homeowners can now achieve the highly coveted flush look for less time and money, as MicroEdge can be installed over virtually any counter material, reports Blanco. MicroEdge’s unique ultra-fine (1.25 mm) rim gives this sink its near seamless edge.

“Our MicroEdge sink is the first breakthrough in stainless steel sink design since the introduction of the undermount sink more than 10 years ago,” said Tim Maicher, Director of Marketing for Blanco. “These new models offer an elegant alternative to traditional undermount or overmount styles.”

The first offering in an expanding range of MicroEdge sinks is Blancoprecision™ MicroEdge, handcrafted by Blanco’s revered Steelart division. Blancoprecision MicroEdge reflects a long tradition of award-winning design and enduring performance.

Made with the finest grade 18-gauge stainless steel, Blanco offers nine different Blancoprecision MicroEdge models that are enhanced with crisp geometric shapes and zero radius corners (another Blanco innovation). The MicroEdge top-mounted sinks can be positioned easily and secured with mounting clips or alternatively, can be installed as a traditional flushmounted sink by an experienced solid surface specialist.

Each MicroEdge sink is created with a cutting-edge sound-dampening pad that reduces the overall noise as water from the faucet hits the bottom of the basin. These distinctive sinks are highly polished for a smooth finish meant to enhance the appearance and maintain the longevity of the sink, according to the manufacturer. Additionally, MicroEdge sinks are designed with a striking ‘x’ pattern drain groove on the bottom of the bowl, helping to quickly remove water from the sink.