2009 model of Pro-Dolly

The Pro-Dolly by Omni Cubed provides easier transport of very tall, extremely heavy or extra-large countertops, the company reports, adding that the product is made in the U.S. The 2009 model of the product has been updated to accommodate even thicker countertops; the dolly now clamps tops up to 68 mm (2.67 inches) thick. Each dolly has a rated capacity of 750 pounds, and 1,500 pounds when used in pairs. The low-profile dolly - only 5 ¼ inches from the support rail surface to the ground - allows rolling of tall tops through doors. The dolly features four, 8-inch, flat-free, closed-cell polyurethane tires, which exhibit excellent shock absorption, according to Omni Cubed. The support rail is lined with durable rubber to prevent chipping, and countertops are secured with an integrated clamp, which proves useful when climbing stairs because the dolly stays attached.


Zenesis II bridge saw blade

The new Zenesis II bridge saw blade is available from Salem Stone. The blades are made from a patented diamond bonding technology that guarantees faster, smoother and straighter cuts, reports Salem Stone. In addition, the diamonds are held in the segments until they are completely used, at which time, the bond wears down to release the spent diamonds, exposing new sharp diamonds. This design ensures consistent high-performance while extending the life of the blade, according to the manufacturer. Zenesis II blades are available in 12-, 14-, 16- and 18-inch diameters.


Airlanco E-86 Cartridge Filters

Airlanco, the Nebraska-based manufacturer of air management systems, provides its customers with complete engineering of dust collection systems. The company’s complete line of dust control equipment - including Cyclones, Airlocks, Bin Vents, Pulse Jet Filters, Reverse Air Filters, Cartridge Filters, Filter Media and other equipment - can be customized to suit the application.

For general ventilation or dust control at the source, Airlanco dust collectors are designed for cost-effective dust, fume and particulate removal. For even more energy savings, customers can re-circulate the exhaust air, reports the company.

Among the products offered by Airlanco are the E-86 Cartridge Filters, which include pleated, washable Spun bonded polyester filters to provide very high filtration efficiencies in a compact unit. A slope-sided collection hopper mounted below the cartridge housing receives the dust and debris dislodged from the cartridge filter elements by the pulsed air.