Mayor of Elmwood Park, Richard A. Mola, sitting with Lotus Exim International owner Rajendra Kankariya

Lotus Exim International staff

Lotus Exim International, a leading natural stone distributor, recently opened the doors to a 20,000-square-foot closed-in warehouse attached to its Elmwood Park, NJ, location.

The Mayor of Elmwood Park, Richard A. Mola, attended and initiated the opening along with Rajendra and Judy Kankariya, the owners of Lotus Exim.

Lotus Exim International opens new warehouse at its Elmwood Park, NJ location

“I would like to thank Mayor Mola for coming today; this is a very happy day for me, my family and my staff here at Lotus Exim International,” said Rajendra Kankariya on opening day.

The facility carries more than 100 colors of marble and granite along with a full range of travertine, limestone and onyx in the form of slabs and tiles. The warehouse displays the slabs with detailed information as customers walk down each aisle, which has been carefully lit with spotlights to enhance the beauty of each individual stone. Exotic stones from across the world have been stored based upon customer demand.

Lotus Exim Int owner, Rajendra Kankariya and the Mayor of Elmwood Park, Richard A. Mola

The facility houses two roof-mounted cranes, five trucks, three forklift trucks and a workforce of 20 people.

Lotus Exim International has five strategically located branches with onsite warehouses in New Jersey, Michigan, Florida, Arizona and Ohio.