Lotus Exim International Inc.’s new branch and warehouse in Cleveland, OH

ELMWOOD PARK, NJ - Lotus Exim International, Inc., one of the leading suppliers of natural stone, has announced the grand opening of its new branch and warehouse in Cleveland, OH, and the purchase of its new 30,000-square-foot headquarters and closed warehouse in Elmwood Park, NJ. The company has further plans to expand both on the Eastern sea front. After major planning and developing all the branches across the U.S., the company will stock more than 80 colors of marble, 100 colors of granite and a large selection of other natural stones. The most popular colors will fill up most of the warehousing space, based on market demand.

Lotus Exim International, Inc. is geared towards meeting the needs and demands of fabricators, stone dealers, designers, architects and builders who are welcome to visit all of the company’s locations. The company reports that it has exclusive alliance with major manufacturing facilities in Brazil, India and Spain. “It excites me to see my business expand,” said Mr. Rajendra Kankariya, CEO and owner of Lotus Exim. “Each time I open a new branch it motivates me the most to watch a location grow right from the start.”