Following a meeting with leading Italian granite companies that expressed concern about the media attacks in the U.S. about the allegedly negative health affects of granite, the Board of Administrators of Internazionale Marmi e Macchine (IMM) immediately approved the unscheduled funding of $20,000 to support a promotional campaign with the correct information as to the characteristics of the material.

“The Italian companies operating in this industry are very worried about what has been happening over the last few weeks in the U.S., where there is currently a campaign underway declaring that granite is actually bad for your health,” stated Giorgio Bianchini, IMM Chairman. “This message jeopardizes the entire sector and affects all producers all over the world, including Italian companies. In order to fight this very well organized media campaign, very substantial funds are necessary since a marketing project is required not only to contrast the wrong or distorted information, but also to re-launch the ‘Made in Italy’ products in the U.S., which is fundamental for Italian companies.”

Additionally, the Italian granite companies are also working on strategies in defense of Italian stone products -- channelling substantial amounts through the Marble Institute of America (MIA) to correctly communicate their message “Granite is safe” to emphasise the safety of granite. This is being done through all media -- including trade reviews, newspapers, radio television and the Internet.”