CLEVELAND, OH -- When the safety of granite countertops was unfairly attacked recently, the Marble Institute of America (MIA) -- a leading authority on natural stone -- acted quickly to defend the industry. A new consumer brochure and video are now available to natural stone retailers and fabricators to balance the unfortunate negative publicity.

"The Truth About Granite & Radon/Radiation" consumer brochure has been updated to include frequently asked questions and statements from leading authorities on indoor environmental exposure. This brochure is available as a free download (for review and/or duplication by a printer) or it can be ordered in printed, full-color copies from the MIA bookstore (available in packs of 25, with volume discounts available with orders of four packs).

The Truth About Granite video debunks the unscientific testing and misleading statements made about granite in recent news stories to provide viewers with the true picture of why granite is as safe as it is beautiful, durable and practical. The eight-minute video can be accessed three different ways:
1. View the video or link the video to a Web site for free (via the YouTube link at
2. Stream it from a Web site (cost is $50 annually).
3. Order a looping DVD video to showcase in showrooms. The DVD is $25 and customers will receive 25 copies (free) of "The Truth About Granite & Radon/Radiation" brochure with each order.