Stoneready has introduced the Stoneready System - framed, poster-sized photos of a range of kitchens, bathrooms and floors with cutouts in areas where the natural stone or tile would be. The concept provides an affordable and convenient way for showrooms and slab yards to sell natural stone and tile, according to the company.

“Everyone in the natural stone business face the same dilemma,” said Stoneready System creator and Brazilian granite expert, Marcio Campos. “Each shipment or batch of natural stone has its own unique shade, veins and patterns, so it is very difficult for the customer to use one small sample or simply “shop for a color” and feel confident about a particular stone’s finished look after installation. With the Stoneready System, natural stone dealers have a visual tool at hand so they can stop selling color and start selling their individual slabs or tiles.”

The new Stoneready System currently offers three kitchen layouts, two bathrooms and one floor option to help give customers an array of choices and style options when testing a stone for a match. The three different sizes include:

• Slabyard size - measuring 36 x 36 inches and framed in a sturdy black, anodized aluminum, different photo cutouts can be placed side by side to compare cabinet color and style choices.

• Warehouse size - 24 x 24 inches, the ideal size for prefabs. It is also framed.

• Showroom size - 12 x 12 inches, which can fit over individual or smaller tile and stone samples, and can even be taken to the customer’s home along with stone samples.