The Fusion™ 4000 CNC saw/waterjet from Park Industries is designed and manufactured with a smaller footprint. The revolutionary design allows table access from the front or the side, resulting in a much more efficient material flow and greater machine productivity, reports Park Industries.

According to the company, the Fusion’s dynamic CNC duo results in faster cuts, lower production and labor costs and greater uptime. Additionally, one sawing head does double duty while makeing fast, straight cuts as well as complex curves with precision. The diamond blade cuts up to 180 inches per minute, and the waterjet cuts up to 17 inches per minute, reports the manufacturer.

With the easy touch-screen interface for the Siemens 840Di CNC control unit, the operator of the Fusion™ 4000 simply positions the material, scans a bar code to call up the program, and the machine begins its work.

The Fusion™ 4000 includes Park’s exclusive Nested Base Stone Fabrication™, which utilizes the common line cutting strategy and greatly reduces fabrication time and increases stone yield by nearly 10%. And the KerfPath™ Cutting Cycle blends the cuts between the saw and waterjet for significant labor savings and higher efficiency.