In addition to squared or inclined flat edges, the new Marmo Meccanica edge polisher LCT 521 can polish torodial edges on slabs of marble or granite, avoiding the use of shaped diamond wheels. A single cup-shaped diamond wheel copying the supplied shapes carries out the shaping. This way, the already small dimensions of the LCT machine have been further reduced, as well as power and water consumptions. Like the “old” sister LCT machine, the LCT 521 is automatic and can work continuously - as long as the edges to be polished have the same thickness, the pieces can be inserted one after another, reports the manufacturer. With the LCT 521, the slabs of marble or granite are placed vertically, in the way they are normally handled. This system, in addition to avoiding possible breakages of the material, enables the machine to occupy less space and to reduce considerably the working area required.