Marmo Machinery USA, one of North America’s leading granite and marble fabrication distributors, has announced the availability of the HTO-2/H bridge cutting machine. The HTO-2/H is a high capacity power cutter ideal for sawing large blocks of granite and other building stones into strips.

The main structure consists of two columns and a bridge on which the saw blade travels. A 100 HP disk motor provides precision cuts. Disk diameter ranges from 1600 to 2000 mm (63 to 79 inches).

The completely automatic machine features a state-of-the-art swing arm control panel for user-friendly operations, and individual programs to cut different blocks can be stored. All movements are motorized and controlled by an electronic speed inverter by means of a potentiometer located in the control panel. It can incorporate the following options:

• Electronic speed variation

• Laser

• Automatic programmer for passing cuts

• Disk motor power increase

• Useful cutting length

The HTO 2/H is sold and serviced by Marmo Machinery USA.<