The HTO-XALOC-Rbridge sawfromMarmo Meccancia with 360-degree turning, a manually inclinable head that tilts from 0 to 45 degrees, a stationary tilting bench and four controlled axes (X, Y, Z, and R — head rotation) running on precision tracks protected by sliding belts.

Thanks to a user-friendly touch-screen control panel and the technical features in place, the HTOXALOC-R is a very quick and precise machine, able to cut even superimposed slabs (625-mm maximum disc) in manual, semiautomatic and automatic mode.

In automatic mode, the machine can execute many different jobs with standard and optional features, such as parallel cutting, cutting programs for kitchen tops and fan-shaped stairs, curvilinear cutting programs by disc and/or by vertical milling tool (when equipped with a second mandrel) and programs for non-rectilinear frames — with roughing out and finishing by “spatula” movement of the disc.

Many extra features are available on demand, such as:

• Motorized and controlled head inclination from 0 to 45 degrees (5th axis)

• Second electro mandrel for milling tools with boring and milling programs

• Program for rectilinear and non-rectilinear frames

• Laser scanner, detecting flat profiles by spots

• Slab-scanning camera