Custom® Building Products, an industry leader in tile and stone installation systems, has announced the new generation of backerboard with the high-performance, ultra-lightweight EasyBoard®. Engineered for strength and backed by Custom’s lifetime warranty, EasyBoard installs like other backerboards, yet a standard 3- x 5-foot, ½-inch board weighs only 6 pounds and cuts easily and cleanly with a simple utility knife, reports the manufacturer, adding that a fiber cement backerboard of the same size weighs up to 45 pounds and requires special tools for scoring and cutting.

EasyBoard is designed to function as part of a complete tile installation system, and it is manufactured using proven building materials from the construction industry. EasyBoard has been subjected to intense testing, both in the laboratory and in the field, in order to prove its durability and performance.

“The response from contractors is overwhelmingly positive, as they experience first-hand the incredible ease of carrying and cutting EasyBoard,” said Reeve Haldeman, Senior Marketing Channel Manager for Custom Building Products. “And contractors are understanding that EasyBoard is technologically engineered to gain additional strength from the entire system. When it’s installed with Custom’s thinset, tile and grout, you get a tile installation that is strong enough to be backed by Custom’s exclusive lifetime system warranty.”

Tile professional James Eaton, Vice President of Eaton Tile in Atlanta, GA, has been using EasyBoard on new residential projects and raves about its performance. “The ease of installing EasyBoard was almost as impressive as the durability of such a lightweight product,” said Eaton. “There was none of the usual cement dust, so clean up was a breeze. This is a great product, and we’ll be using it regularly from now on.”

“Forty years ago, Custom changed the industry with WonderBoard® as an easy-to-use alternative to the mortar float,” said Haldeman. “Now we’re bringing the next evolution to the industry with EasyBoard. Tile professionals now have a reliable, convenient alternative to heavy fiber cement backerboard - one that is incredibly easy to carry, cut and install.”

As with traditional fiber cement backerboard, EasyBoard is available in both ½-inch and ¼-inch versions and can be used for floors, walls and countertops in both wet and dry areas. It is protected by Custom’s exclusive MoldGard® Technology as well as Custom’s lifetime warranty when used as part of a qualifying system.

EasyBoard is an important part of Custom’s Build Green™ philosophy. Custom is committed to environmental responsibility, both in its products and its manufacturing practices. Under this philosophy, Custom searches continuously for ways to reduce the burden on the environment and promote sustainability.

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The U.S.-made Lam-Clamps by Omni Cubed are ideal for natural and engineered stone countertop edge laminations, reports the company. The updated model for 2008 features a new upper clamp jaw with concave sides, which lightens the product and creates an easy-grip surface. Six clamp sizes are available, ranging from 5 inches to 6 feet in length. The shorter lengths are used on curves, and all clamps are designed to laminate 4- to 6-cm-thick edges.

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