NAPERVILLE, IL - Stone Habitat, a leading supplier of natural and engineered stone products, has announced a new program, “Eight Steps to Home Elegance,” starting with Step One: Granite Kitchen Counters, Profile Edges and Back Splashes, in an effort to educate designers, homeowners and remodelers on the time and money-saving benefits available by partnering with a full-line retailer.

Stone Habitat has planned this eight-step approach for designers to perfectly coordinate any residential space, starting with the kitchen, which is considered to be the most functional center of a family home. Each step was developed to help remodelers find the most exquisite products in one convenient location. Step One suggests using Stone Habitat’s granite, travertine, limestone or engineered stone countertops to add a touch of opulence to any kitchen space.

At Stone Habitat, every stone is unique. A plethora of colors, patterns, trimming and borders can be used in a variety of combinations for functional and decorative applications. Stone Habitat’s expansive line of classic, premium and elite kitchen countertops and backsplash creations are offered in conjunction with round, bullnose, bevel and flat profile edges.

“When purchasing the décor for an entire kitchen, there is no need to go to separate stores to find good deals on kitchen counters, vanity tops, tile flooring, sinks and faucets,” said Nicole Juarez, group marketing manager. “Stone Habitat has designed this program to assist its customers purchasing all these items in combination for a valued savings price, in order to save time and money.”