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Video: Seven Steps to Digital Wellness

Irene Williams, founder and lead educator of The Digital Life Academy, teaches methods for reducing digital clutter to benefit our overall well-being, while keeping us organized and efficient

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed with the number of emails in your inbox? Are you distracted by the continuous alerts that sound off on your phone? Most of us live in a digital world, and it is important to stay organized and not let email, social media, text messages, etc. consume us.

During Total Solutions Plus, which was recently held at the Hyatt Indian Wells Resort & Spa in Indian Wells, CA, Irene Williams, a longtime industry veteran who recently founded The Digital Life Academy, spoke during one of the breakout session on “Digital Wellness & Organization: The Most Essential Soft Skill for Success You Didn’t Realize You Need.” “The organization and use of technology is perhaps the least discussed but most essential soft skill for success and well-being in modern times,” she said.

Learning objectives included:

  • How to stop the frustration/self-judgement about tech overwhelm and disorganization.
  • Why you should prioritize digital wellness.
  • Three things you can do now to alleviate tech overwhelm and free your mind.
  • Three things you can do easily to improve your digital organization.

Williams ended the session with seven critical steps that can be taken to provide you with digital wellness – helping to declutter and eliminate stress. Take a look at what Williams had to say.

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