As I write this, I am in Jacksonville, FL, attending Total Solutions Plus 2021. The conference, which brings members of the tile industry together each year, provides a place for networking, socializing and education – with topics ranging from business issues to technical installation subjects.

This morning, I sat in on a very informative presentation about social media, which was led by Sharon LaRiviere, senior digital marketing & SEM strategist for Laticrete. While LaRiviere’s presentation was directed at tile contractors, it can also apply to fabricators. Therefore, I thought I would share a little of her discussion with you.

The session, entitled “How to Use Social Media to Differentiate Your Business,” focused on Facebook and Instagram. LaRiviere brought up five points that she stressed should be done immediately for those looking to grow their business through social media. They include:

  1. Make a plan
  2. Create great content
  3. Be consistent
  4. Measure/Analyze/Repeat or Adjust
  5. Continuous Education

“Content is king,” she said. “It is important to think about what you want to show upfront. Take time to do research. See what your customers want to see.”

LaRiviere also said a good tip is the 80/20 rule of thumb. Only 20% of posted content should be promotional or sales oriented. The other 80% should be educational or social. Share trends or post finished projects. “I recommend video posts,” she said. “People watch them more. They are very popular.”

LaRiviere encouraged participants to think outside the box. “Don’t be afraid to try new things,” she said. “Not everything will work, but that is the nature of social media. Consistency is queen in my book. Not necessarily how much to post, but post consistently. Show you are active.”

These are only a few points that were touched on during the presentation. The bottom line is that you might do incredible work, but if the public doesn’t see it you might be overlooked for that next job. Social media only continues to grow in popularity. Use it to your advantage to get ahead of your competition and grow your customer base. This is a topic worth talking more about. Look for stories to come on this subject soon.