We recently announced our 2022 Fabricator of the Year. While I congratulate Don and Angela Conte of Structural Stone LLC in North Kingstown, RI, who are this year’s recipients, I would also like to congratulate the other worthy nominees. Each year, the competition seems to get stiffer, which I think is very telling that we have some wonderful industry members who are not only devoted to running a successful fabrication operation, but are also dedicated to sharing information to educate their peers for the better of the entire stone industry. There was a great deal of activity on our voting page throughout the month of December, which we owe to our followers. Thank you for taking an interest in our Fabricator of the Year Award and casting your vote.

Like everything, our Fabricator of the Year Award has evolved due to the capabilities technology affords us. In addition to the nomination write-ups that were submitted, we shared short Q&As with each candidate, which we hoped gave you a better idea who each person was if you weren’t familiar with them. We also will be publishing a podcast soon with Don and Angela, so stay tuned for that. And with March being Women’s Month, we once again plan to share stories through writing, podcasts and video interviews of successful women in our industry. Angela shares her story of growing up with her father in the stone business and how she came back around to work in it.

Before I sign off, I would like to thank our first-time sponsors of our Fabricator of the Year Award, Park Industries, Porcelanosa and Vermont Quarries. We appreciate your support. And as always, we appreciate our longtime partnership with Jonathan Mitnick of CCS Stone in Moonachie, NJ, who graciously makes the beautiful award.