The Marmo Meccanica LTV, available from Marmo Machinery USA, is a vertical edge-polishing machine for flat and round edges from 1 to 6 cm in thickness. High speed, size flexibility and ease of use are the hallmarks of this machine, reports the company.

The LTV is fully automatic, which allows operators to quickly and easily select various edge details on granite or marble slabs by pushing a few buttons. Once an edge is setup, subsequent pieces can be fed through one after the other. Shaping wheels are a thing of the past, according to the company.

The new machine offers many features. Round edges are shaped by only one cup-shaped diamond wheel for all radiuses. The micro-oscillation of the polishing mandrels achieves flat edges and parts of flat edges. The LTV’s calibrating mandrel is horizontally and vertically adjustable.

Accessories include an automatic positioning device for the first auto-shaping mandrel and/or the chamfers and electronic starting for the pneumatic mandrels, which allows users to process non-squared pieces and to program the working start and end, with separate advances and delays for each mandrel.

The machine can be installed in any environment, due to its hull, which brings all the wastewater into a single collector and operates with low-power absorption.

The compactness of the LTV - only 4100 mm long x 1300 mm deep (13.45 x 4.2 feet), in combination with an affordable price and quality performance, makes this machine an exceptional value, according to the manufacturer.