Custom® Building Products, an industry leader in high-quality tile and stone installation systems, recently introduced Crack Buster™ Pro Crack Prevention Mat Underlayment, an elastomeric, self-bonding crack prevention mat that is rated for extra heavy-duty commercial applications.

Manufactured from fabric and asphaltic compounds, Crack Buster Pro is designed to prevent crack transmission in ceramic tile or stone floors in high traffic, heavy point load environments such as airports, shopping malls, hotels and auto dealerships. It can be used as an anti-fracture membrane to bridge horizontal cracks of up to 3/8-inch in full floor thin-set applications, or as a crack isolation membrane when bridging an individual crack. Highly versatile, Crack Buster Pro can be used directly over any acceptable substrate, and is suitable for both interior and exterior jobs. Its high-strength, peel-and-stick backing makes application fast and easy, and reduces downtime by allowing for immediate tile setting, reports Custom Building Products.