Achilli MBS 3000-ce

The Achilli MBS 3000-ce, available from Braxton-Bragg of Knoxville, TN, has established a solid record of reliability in the industry. In 2007, Achilli of Italy celebrated its 56th year in business. Since the beginning, Achilli has strived to manufacture dependable equipment that meets or exceeds the customer’s needs, including the incorporation of new designs on the saws.

Recently, Braxton-Bragg announced the development of two new optional features that can be included with the purchase of a new Achilli MBS 3000-ce. The first feature includes a front-loading, hydraulic-powered tilt table that measures 8 feet, 4 inches across. The table tilts to an 80-degree angle for easy loading and unloading, and it also incorporates 54 fixed rollers to position the slab on the worktable surface. This new feature provides the practicality of a traditional hydraulic tilt table found on typical bridge saws, but at a lower cost, Braxton-Bragg reports.

The second optional feature available on the MBS is a wireless pendant control, which can also be used to stop the saw. Both features are also available options on the larger Achilli ABS saw. According to Achilli and Braxton-Bragg, these design features were incorporated to stay current with the market’s evolution.