TEQ-Grinder I with Dustmuzzle

DITEQ Diamond Tools & Equipment introduces a new line of professional-grade hand-held grinders as well as a wet stone polisher. TEQ-Grind hand grinders are designed to run cool and hold up under extended use in high-productivity environments, the company reports. Variable speed control enables operators to use a variety of accessories and cut or grind a wide range of materials from hard to soft. The long-life brushes are designed with the professional in mind, and are easy to change. Each features a spindle lock, heavy-duty construction and is engineered for optimum ergonomics with vibration dampening handles that provide the ultimate in operation comfort and convenience.
The TEQ-Grind TG5V features a powerful 750 W, variable-speed motor, making it ideal for a wide array of applications and accessories. It has a 5-inch capacity and comes with a 4.5-inch DXT turbo diamond blade.
The TEQ-Grind TG6V features a professional-grade 1,200 W, 12 amp, variable-speed motor and a pistol grip for added comfort and convenience. It has a 6-inch capacity and comes with a 5-inch DXT turbo diamond blade.
Each can also be fit with the patented Dustmuzzle dust containment system, also available through DITEQ, to meet pending OSHA guidelines mandating point-of-origin dust collection. The Dustmuzzle provides protection against harmful air-borne particles (silicosis) and saves time and money by capturing the dust created by grinding.