ANAHEIM, CA -- Luiz Jordao has announced the opening of his new company called Principal Stone. For over 18 years, Jordao has been in the natural stone industry specializing in Brazilian stones. Together with Sean Plotkin as his partner and CFO of Principal Stone, both men are very enthusiastic about the new business. With offices in Brazil and with its strong connections with most of the major producers of Brazilian granite, Principal Stone will be an important source of granite for distributors in the Southern California growing market, according to Principal Stone.
“We believe that there is still a huge demand for Brazilian granite slabs in our market, and we are committed to offer excellent quality with very competitive prices,” said Jordao. Located at 1230 N. La Loma Circle in Anaheim, CA, the 18,000-square-foot warehouse carries the most exotic varieties of granite slabs. For more information, visit