The multiple-wire saw range from Pellegrini Meccanica now includes a new model, the Polywire 32. Designed for fast and flexible production, the Polywire 32 allows an operator to cut 32 slabs at a time. According to Pellegrini, this allows the production of three granite gangsaws with a single machine. The block size can be up to 11 1/2 feet long (350 cm) x 6 1/2 feet high (210 cm).
The machine has variable diamond wire speed, which allows the user to set the ideal cutting parameters for any type of stone, and the patented Multi-Pull® electro-hydraulic wire tension system ensures ideal tension in each wire. This, together with the large-diameter flywheels, ensures long diamond wire life and fast, accurate cutting, the company reports. By cutting with diamond wire, the resulting slabs polish quickly and easily, according to the company, and the machine offers a quick turnaround time between blocks.
Pellegrini reports that the foundation of the machine is simple and low-cost, as operators simply need to ensure that the block carriages are under a gantry crane of adequate capacity. Additionally, if the local climate allows, the machine can be installed outdoors, thus eliminating the need for a building.