Waterjet Powered by Mitsubishi Electric offers advanced programming capabilities that are an ideal complement to saw cutting and routing, and they enable straight-line cutting for countertops with the added flexibility of radius, reports the manufacturer. Users can preserve accuracy, while achieving more complicated, intricate countertop inlay designs.

Waterjet Powered by Mitsubishi Electric is available in three models to best fit the needs of fabricators. These include a 2-3-axis Classica, a 4-axis Suprema, and a 5-axis Evolution X5 as well as several variations in table size.

The machinery line is available with one or two heads, and it features stainless steel tables for easier maintenance and cleaner cutting conditions. Mitsubishi motors and drivers provide optimum performance, while the 60-horsepower pump delivers superior speed, according to the company.

The Mitsubishi 700 Series Control includes dedicated Nano control, which helps achieve high-precision machining. The unit is controlled on a 15-inch waterproof screen, with improved graphics and NC design to simplify operation.

The 2-axis Classica features 2D CAD-CAM software with nesting capabilities, and accuracy and repeatability of +/- 0.004 inch.

The 4-axis Suprema and 5-axis Evolution’s software features Intelligent Tapering Control, which correct tapering of the cut automatically. The CNC tilts the high-pressure waterjet +/-7 degrees, allowing for increased cutting speeds in a contour. Both can achieve accuracy and repeatability of +/-0.001 inch.

The Exclusive 5-axis Evolution 3D System uses a self-positioning rotation point device on the material to automatically maintain a constant distance from the nozzle to the workpiece. This protects the nozzle through a working range from flat work to a contoured interpolation of +/-69 degrees.