Marmoelettromeccanica produces full sets of wheels for the entire process - from fast grinding to brilliant polishing. For every CNC machine, it produces both profiling and polishing wheels in-house, which has the following advantages:

• Perfect alignment along the "Z" axis since all the wheels in the set have the same height

• Each wheel is printed with the diameter of the minimum radius to enable easy and rapid setting of machine parameters

• After initial set-up, sets do not require subsequent correction or rectification of the wheels throughout their long lives

According to the company, Longlife technology allows users to follow today's demands. This set of tools was developed specifically for working with the holes in sink tops, especially the inside corners, reports the company. Thanks to Zenith, Bipower and Longlife technologies, they can handle the entire hole-shaping process - from initial rough shaping to final polishing - at exceptional speeds. They are equipped with a ½ gas attachment and come in a wide range of profiles. Customs-designed profiles can be developed quickly upon request, reports Marmoelettromeccanica.