The first Master portable routers fromMarmoelettromeccanica were built about 20 years ago, and more than 15,000 customers worldwide have been appreciating the high performance of the machines, which contributed to their success by providing increased output and quality.

The electrical conversion unit allows users to work in absolutely safety, converting the three-phase high voltage to 48V low-tension current. The low noise is practically unnoticed within the shop, Marmoelettromeccanica reports, and when used on the optional workbench, the operator and the environment remain clean and dry.

A sturdy 3.5-horsepower electro-motor allows the Master 3500 to achieve optimal results with Marmoelettromeccanica diamond tools on granite, marble and quartz up to 100 mm in thickness.

The patented water glide system avoids scratching the surface, and its many perforations and operations distinguish this water plate from other products.

Two different spindle speeds — higher for the metal bits and lower for the patented long life polishers — ensure a high-quality finish on the edge.

Nearly no maintenance is necessary, Marmo-elettromeccanica reports.