The GMM Rotex 39, available from Salem Stone, answers the need for high-speed, high-accuracy applications such as automated production lines, complex interior work, spiral staircases and other architectural pieces. This versatile saw is capable of producing accurate non-parallel, orthogonal and oblique cuts as well as complex profiles and circumference cuts all with a blade, the company reports. It features a rotating head rather than a rotating table, brushless motors, and linear bearings on the X-axis slide. The control accepts DXF files and can be loaded via a LAN network. The Rotex utilizes an innovative “Slab-Cam” technology to electronically select and position the cut to capture a desired area of the slab or to “nest” multiple cuts to optimize the slab with state-of-the-art “drag-and-drop” operation.


  • X axis travel: 3,900 mm
  • Y axis travel: 2,500 mm
  • Z axis (horizontal) travel: 350 mm
  • W axis (head rotation): 180 degrees
  • Blade diameter (max.): 625 mm
  • Depth of cut (max.): 200 mm
  • Table dimension (with eight side shelves):
  • 1,720 x 35,000 mm
  • Blade motor: 30 horsepower
  • X axis travel speed: 0 to 30 m/min.
  • Y axis travel speed: 0 to 22 m/min
  • Z axis (horizontal) travel speed: 0-3.5 m/min.< /li>
  • Total weight: 5,500 kg