The technology available for today's stone fabricators has grown tremendously over the past few years. From templating to stoneworking to inventory control, new products have entered the marketplace and have allowed fabricators to increase their overall efficiency as well as the quality of their finished work. The following is a look at some of the latest advancements in stone fabricating technology. For more information on any of these items, circle the corresponding “Circle Number” for any product on the Reader Service Card attached to this issue.


The new Advanced Industrial Machinery MasterJet 3600 series of waterjet cutting systems -- available from AGM -- was developed specifically for the stone industry. The series features a heavy industrial cantilever design, which allows loading from three sides and above. All motion platforms ride on oversized, preloaded, permanently lubricated linear bearings and are driven by brushless AC servomotors through ultra-low backlash gearboxes with helical rack and pinion. All axes are enclosed by heavy industrial bellows type way covers.

The 50-hp intensifier is large enough for the most demanding jobs, AGM reports. This intensifier has an extremely low stroke rate (23 strokes per minute at 50 hp) and an extra large accumulator. Slower strokes and a large attenuator mean less fatigue and longer life for all high-pressure components. A large 800-pound hopper holds enough garnet for a full shift of continuous operation and is equipped with a low level alarm (2 to 3 hours of garnet left). An adjustable mini-hopper mounted on the cutting head insures the right amount of garnet for all cutting conditions.

The unit also features custom tooling and cutting routines that set the tool standoff precisely and consistently, allowing inexperienced operators to work with precision, AGM reports. Five-inch-tall stainless steel slats in the oversized tank support the largest slabs available. One-inch slats and waterjet brick are included for cutting small fine artwork.

A garnet removal system complete with self-dumping hopper on casters removes excess garnet and kerf material.
Circle No. 298

AGM's new Optimaster CNC saw is fully automated and uses a CAD-CAM system to write and store programs. AGM's CNC saw was engineered to allow fabricators to design and operate an automated shop, with the saw also increasing productivity because of its highly automated nature. AGM reports that the unit is programmed similar to a CNC router and uses a CAD-CAM system to locate and optimize cuts on slabs.

According to AGM, the unique advantage of the Optimaster is the seamless connection between the CNC saw, routers and waterjet, as each machine uses the same CAD-CAM system. This simplifies operator training and streamlines production, since only one CAD-CAM system is needed. The Optimaster also uses a camera system, which helps operators to optimize cuts and material, saving time and money. For special cuts and small quantities, the saw can also be operated in manual mode.

AGM also offers a turnkey solution that includes the Template master templating system, the Intermac Master 33/43 CNC router and the AGM Masterjet 3600 waterjet. By combining the templating system and the Optimaster, fabricators will be able to reduce templating errors, reduce production times and increase production efficiency, AGM reports.

Technical Data

  • Horsepower: 20 hp
  • Level of Automation: Fully automatic - 4-axis CNC controlled
  • Machine Size: 16.4 feet x 8.9 feet
  • Control Description: CNC Osai Series 10 controller
  • Turntable Description: By head of machine
  • Blade Size: 400 mm
  • Production Rate: Up to 5 m/min.
Circle No. 298

AccuGlide Stone Saws deliver fast, smooth and accurate cuts to 6 cm deep and up to 11 feet, 1 inch in length. Built for heavy production use at the shop or on the job, AccuGlide Saws have an industry proven workhorse for the past nine years, the company reports. AccuGlide's unique track-to-stone calibration system provides cut setup time of just seconds, without guesswork, according to the manufacturer, and no clamps or suction cups are needed. The patented precision tracking system harnesses the power of a 3.1-hp-equivalent motor to track a blade with optimum precision.

Now, with the new MiterMaster and VersaTable System, an AccuGlide operator can quickly transform his full slab production saw into a mitering and beveling saw. The rigid design of the MiterMaster ensures high-quality glass cuts, minimizing polishing on bevel and miter profiles.
Circle No. 297

A revolutionary system is now available from Breton for cut-to-size operations in marble, granite and engineered stone. The new Combicut DJ/NC500 combines the speed of a regular saw with the flexibility and capability of a waterjet. In fact, with the Combicut DJ/NC500, it will be possible to execute all of the straight cuts with the blade, while the corner will be finished with the waterjet. The Combicut DJ/NC500, already patented by Breton, will minimize the waste of material by eliminating the overcuts, at a fraction of the operating cost of a conventional waterjet, the company reports. A user-friendly, Windows-based user interface allows the operator to import .dxf drawings, to optimally locate the desired pieces within the available slab and to program the cutting operation and record the technical characteristics of the material to be processed. This feature allows the user to make use of the current cutting speed and feed date for future use within similar material. The sink geometry can be imported in order to obtain a cut-to-size piece ready to be profiled by the CNC or by the edge profiler. The Combicut DJ/NC500 can be equipped with automatic loading/unloading station and a digital camera to detect characteristics of the image, in order to allow the operator to consider the dimensions of the slab and potentially avoid any defects.
Circle No. 296

The Antea-CN from CMS North America/Brembana is a one-of-a-kind fully automated CNC bridge saw for processing of slabs. The machine is designed to cut shapes from imported .dxf files. The saw's onboard software turns the .dxf into cutting instructions, and a spindle can be added for drawing and milling operations.
Circle No. 295

The Aquatek 1740 and Aquatek 2040 waterjet machines from CMS North America/Brembana are state-of-the-art units that can cut stone slabs between 16 and 20 inches per minute. The standard 60-hp intensifier pump with three parallel intensifiers can produce over 60,000 psi. The parallel pump system enables the machine to continue operation even if one of the pumps fails or is decommissioned for maintenance. The Brembana Aquatek waterjets come with a “dredge” for sludge removal, thus allowing the machine a much longer interval between cleaning of the tank. The onboard software allows .dxf files to be imported and nested onto the slabs. Aquatek is available in two sizes: Model 1740 with a work area of 1,700 x 4,000 mm, and Model 2040 with work area of 2,000 x 4,000 mm.
Circle No. 295

The HammerHead™ from Calypso WaterJet Systems, Inc. is a waterjet cutting system designed to address the specific needs of the stone and tile industry. Available in a 10- x 5- and 12- x 6-foot table size with a unique elevated cutting surface, the HammerHead allows large slabs to be handled with ease, the company reports. The HammerHead delivers up to 60,000 psi of cutting power using a mixture of water and abrasive and comes with either a single or dual auto abrasive cutting head. With the dual-head model, “Dual Head Mirrored Image” cutting can reduce individual part processing time by up to 40%.

With the HammerHead, stone and tile fabricators can cut countertops, tabletops and shapes, and they can create intricate inlays eliminating the need for multiple cutting tools. The versatility of waterjet cutting allows a wide variety of materials to be cut, including granite, marble, tile, metal, plastics and glass. Calypso software is designed to be easy to use and automates the cutting process. The HammerHeadâ„¢ is available in several pump sizes.
Circle No. 294

The DL 7000 saw from Diamond Tech helps fabricators meet the current trend of jobs using high-end materials and specialized inlay installations, the company reports. Designed for the shop setting, this ¾-hp wet band saw makes precision cuts through natural stone, porcelain, glass and ceramic tile. It can even handle slab materials up to 1 ½ inches. Its durable metal construction stands up to the heaviest shop use, Diamond Tech reports, and easy-to-use adjustments allow installers to cut quickly. A large, two-wheel design creates a 13-inch throat depth for deep diagonal cuts. The DL 7000 includes an instructional manual, toll-free technical support line and one-year warranty.
Circle No. 293

With its ability to cut through hard stone, glass and porcelain, Diamond Tech reports that its Diamond Laser 5000 (DL 5000) is helping today's fabricators meet new challenges in the field. According to Diamond Tech, the key to the DL 5000 is its three-wheel system. The top wheel assembly pivots on a separate bearing with suppressors controlling its motion. By absorbing more vibration, the saw is capable of extremely effective blade-material contact, and with the blade-tensioning knob directly connected to the top wheel assembly, accurate adjustments can then be made.

Precision cutting is accomplished with a 61.5-inch, diamond-coated steel blade, and it features a 15- x 13-inch work surface and “block-and-bearing” guide system, which adjusts to the thickness of the material being cut. The DL 5000 saw, which has a ½-hp, variable speed motor, also has the advantage of being portable. It weighs just 55 pounds and has its own carrying handle.
Circle No. 293

Edgemarc is now offering the Swarm 2500 HT bridge saw, which was developed for the professional fabricator. The combination of the touch-screen, spinning table, hydraulic tilt and the spinning head make the machine easy and efficient, according to the manufacturer. Precise automation of cut dimensions saves the operator time and money. Utilizing the combination of spinning table, laser guide and the hand-held remote operator makes set up effortless. The easy-to-use touch-screen allows for full motion control of X, Y and Z axis. Use the touch-screen to program multiple cuts of the same size or various sizes in seconds.

Technical Specifications

  • Horsepower: 10 hp
  • Machine Size: 72 x 120 inches
  • Blade Size: 12 to 16 inches
  • Table Lock: 0 to 360 degrees
Circle No. 292

Flow International Corp. offers a range of waterjet cutting technology to help stone fabricators diversify their operations. These units can be used on granite, marble, slate, limestone, soapstone, travertine, or other material for floors and counters, as well as porcelain or ceramic tile for inlays or medallions. The abrasive waterjet was engineered to cut very intricate designs at high speed without breakage, Flow reports.

In order to make the units simple to use, Flow has developed FlowMaster® 6.0 software, which can execute advanced architectural and design concepts. Users simply import digitized images, computer-generated designs, or scan hand-drawn designs directly into FlowMaster, enter basic cutting parameters, and FlowMaster does the rest.

Flow waterjets require minimal fixturing and tooling to save time on the shop floor, the company reports, adding that the accurate, clean edges allow for tight nesting and reduced scrap, which will save money through greater material utilization. Flow's Vacuum Assist option further reduces expense by piercing brittle and laminated materials without breakage.
Circle No. 291

The Alum-100 Aluminum Stone Saw from Granite City Tool weighs only 158 pounds, which is far less than the 264-pound steel model it replaces, and is very durable, the company reports. The unit has a 3-hp, 120V, 2,800-rpm motor, 45-degree easy tilt, and a turn handle to raise and lower the motor. A new “easy wheel” transport system with folding legs allows for one-person transport.

Additionally, the Alum-100 features diagonal square service wrenches and a waterfeed pump. It cuts stone 40 inches long x 4 ¼ inches thick, and it can also cut 3-inch material at a 45-degree angle. The saw can accommodate 14-inch blades with a 1-inch arbor.
Circle No. 290

Granite City Tool also offers the Patriot J126-18 bridge saw. Standard features include touch-screen control, a hand-held control pendant, a laser alignment guide, auto-cut sequencing and travel speed read-out. The cross travel drive is rack and pinion with variable speed, powered by an AC motor with VFD control. Cross travel movement is on precision linear ball bearings and hardened, ground steel rails. Retractable bellows/way covers protect linear bearings, and flange mount bellows offer vertical screw actuator protection.

The machine also features an auto solenoid for water activation when the blade starts, a digital ammeter for the main motor, a manual water shut-off valve and an aluminum blade safety guard. The saw head functions are controlled from a main control panel, and the unit features safety switches for saw head protection. The hydraulic-controlled tilt table offers up to a 75-degree tilt, and it is controlled from a hand-held pendant.

Technical Specifications

  • Premium Efficiency Arbor Drive Motor: 10 hp
  • Cutting Length: 10 feet, 6 inches
  • Lateral Travel: 10 feet, 6 inches
  • Blade Diameter, Maximum: 18 inches
  • Locking Flange Diameter: 6 inches
  • Vertical Travel: 16 inches
  • Height from Floor to Table Surface: 32 inches
  • Overall Height: 9 feet, 10 inches (approx.)
  • Rail Height from Floor: 50 inches
  • Overall Width: 17 feet, 6 inches
  • Overall Length: 16 feet
Circle No. 290

The internationally patented Prussiani Champion 5 -- available from IGE Solutions -- is a 5-axis CNC cutting saw specifically designed for high-production kitchen counter fabricators. This saw was engineered to minimize unproductive downtime to allow the operator to program the saw and/or move pieces around in order to cut complex shapes. Suction lifters pick up and move cut pieces for maximum efficiency. The Champion 5 is designed to work completely automatically, cutting all types of shapes, including radius cuts, inside 90-degree angles and more. In addition, it also automatically cuts the reinforcement rod channels with a second blade. The Champion 5 uses a true Windows open architecture environment that handles .dxf files, allowing the saw to cut even while programming. The saw only stops cutting to load and unload stone, and the operator requires no previous software programming experience. The Prussiani Champion 5, as well as other Prussiani equipment, is available in North America exclusively from IGE Solutions, Inc., which also provides full support, service and a stocked inventory of spare parts.
Circle No. 289

IGE Solutions also offers the Elite automatic bridge saw as a value option. This saw builds on IGE Solutions' goal of embracing the latest software and equipment technology to maximize productivity and profits, while reducing labor, handling and waste, the company reports. This saw features heavy-duty construction for extra-long machine life and is built to ISO 9001 standards. It also has a corrosion-resistant, powder-coated finish and proven reliable standard electronic components. The saw weighs 11,000 pounds, with a 6,000-pound bridge. The bridge is fully automatic with arbor and miter adjustments. The IGE Elite also features a fully automatic 360-degree rotating table with eight locking positions and smooth hydraulic movement and braking. The head is adjustable and tilts from 0 to 45 degrees. The speed of the saw is adjustable, and it uses laser-assisted cutting for improved accuracy. The IGE Elite is available in North America exclusively from IGE Solutions, Inc.
Circle No. 289

Pedrini manufactures multiple bridge saws with various capabilities for different applications and fabrication shops, available from IGE Solutions. The base models are the M920 and M940, but each of these come with many options. All the Pedrini saws are highly advanced, precision machinery with heavy-duty cast iron construction. They are designed for maximum flexibility, as well as reliability and long life. Some models are equipped with CNC control and are easily programmed by color touch-screen monitors. Some machines use an electro-spindle, which is appropriate for machining with shaping tools, and some models serve as a lathe to manufacture columns. Step cutting is possible in 0- to 90-degree tilting positions. Also, these machines are designed with a high resistance to cross stresses, so they are excellent for spatula cutting applications.
Circle No. 289

The IMC Turbo 525 from International Machine Corp. offers a broad range of benefits for the stone fabricator, including manual blade miter from 0 to 90 degrees, a laser sighting system, a movable remote control panel arm automatic program system, hydraulic tilting turntable, a two-speed motor that allows it to efficiently cut marble and granite, an electro water valve and six steel columns for rail support.

Technical Data

  • Main Motor Size: 20 hp
  • Main Motor: direct drive
  • Main Motor Power: 220v 60hz
  • Blade Capacity: 525 mm (20 inches) max. customer supplied
  • Maximum Sawing Depth: 80 mm (5.2 inches)
  • Rise and Fall: 400 mm (6 inches) (Motor Driven)
  • Saw Travels on a Precise “V” Guide
  • Cutting Length and Width: 149.5 x 149.5 inches
  • Powered Gantry (variable seed)
  • Powered Cross Travel (variable speed)
Circle No. 288

The B-300 bridge saw from Johnson Marble Machinery was designed as a high-volume workhorse. It was designed for the fabricator's ease of operation and accuracy.

With fingertip controls, the B-300 saw can cut a 12- x 13-foot slab with ease, the company reports.

The direct-drive arbor motor can be tilted to 45 degrees for miter cuts, or a profiling wheel can be used at 90 degrees. The control panel -- with joystick and emergency stop button -- allows variable speeds on elevation as well as cross-feed and gantry movement. It has digital readout and laser alignment for more accurate cuts and easy adjustment. The unit is made in the U.S., and it features a two-year warranty.
Circle No. 287

The Loeffler Continuous Processing System (CPS), available from EuroStone Machine, has now evolved to its Second Generation (CPS-G2). After more than 10 years of proven performance, the new Loeffler CPS-G2 offers a fully integrated turnkey plant, starting with Microsoft®-based Galileo software for template design, job management, office functions, through to final manufacture.

The system works with one machine for layout, sawing, drilling (faucet holes, return corners, pilot holes), automatic rodding, automatic slab loading via vacuum system, and unloading of completed parts. It even provides automatic waste removal with table washing, to prepare it for the next slab. The Loeffler CNC machine can be purchased as a single-table unit (LBZ), dual-table (LBZ-DT) or single table convertible (LBZ-CV), with the option to add a second table at some future date. Loeffler Edgers (KSL and Vario) provide consistent and high-quality edge polishing as part of the system, the company reports.

Loeffler CPS is a modular, expandable and flexible system, ranging from entry-level equipment to complete manufacturing plants with automatic slab storage and retrieval systems. Users may also integrate Loeffler components into an existing structure with help from our engineering staff. The Loeffler design is engineered to reduce manpower, process error and human error, while at the same time creating a faster job turn-around.
Circle No. 286

The Sebring bridge saw from Matrix Stone Products is constructed using the highest grade components, such as a powerful 20-hp, direct-drive Italian motor, precision ground saw bridge, German-made laser, amperage meter for maximum cutting efficiency and direct-drive, DC-Electric motors with fingertip speed control for all drive motions. The heavy-duty rotary saw table features four positive position stop locks for accurate angle cutting and the “Any Angle Position Lock” for easy angle set-up. Additionally, remote control pendant, digital read-out and electric water control valve makes operation convenient for the operator.
Circle No. 285

Marmo Machinery USA has announced the availability of the HTO-Garbi bridge saw, capable of performing precision cutting of marble and granite. The HTO- Garbi is a medium-duty bridge saw featuring motorized bridge movement and a rotating table, as well as adjustable cutting and movement speed.

Marmo Machinery USA's new bridge saw is constructed of heavy metal with a single beam bridge. The table measures 118.19 x 63 inches, and it can be manually rotated and pneumatically locked in any position, in addition to the fixed positions of 0, 45 and 90 degrees. Bridge movement is on cylindrical rollers contained in a covered oil bath. All saw functions on the HTO-Garbi are incorporated in a swing arm control panel.

The HTO-Garbi's blade diameter can range from 13.79 to 19.70 inches. Adjustable cutting and movement speeds are accomplished by means of an inverter. Longitudinal guides, combined with a ribbed belt transmission, provide a high-precision, fluid cut.

Other machine specifications include a 10-hp motor, a water requirement of 3.96 gpm, and a weight of 5,732 pounds.
Circle No. 284

Marmo Machinery USA's HTO-1B is a fully automatic bridge saw that is ideal for quickly and accurately cutting granite and marble slabs. The HTO-1B is an extremely heavy-duty, well-built machine designed for the toughest cutting jobs. It is made with a double-beam bridge and oversized steel construction. Bridge movement is on cylindrical rollers contained in oiled guides. Rack and pinion gearing with helicoidal teeth ensure smooth movements.

The bridge saw is programmable, which allows the operator to program its movement in manual, semi-automatic and automatic cutting mode. It can program up to 792 different cuts for maximum flexibility. The controls are designed to be easily understood and simple to operate.

A 20-hp motor provides cutting speeds of approximately 120 lineal feet of 3 cm material per hour. The motor is connected directly to the cutting blade without the use of V belts, which allows the HTO-1B's motor to obtain the characteristics of a 25-hp, belt-driven motor.

The unit's cutting blade head can tilt from 0 to 90 degrees, and each HTO -1B is equipped with a hydraulic tilting table that assists in loading slabs on the cutting surface, greatly reducing manpower requirements and potential injuries to shop personnel, Marmo Machinery reports. A rotating table is lockable at any angle position, and the table was designed to be easily rotated. The angle shot indicator displays the angle at which the table is being rotated through. The bridge saw is built for U.S. power standards of 230 v. 60 Hz.
Circle No. 284

Marmo Machinery USA has announced the availability of a CNC waterjet, which is capable of cutting complex granite and marble countertops in a single pass, the company reports. The CNC waterjet cuts at 11.8 inches/minute on marble and granite thicknesses up to 120 mm. These cuts are made by high-pressure water mixed with garnet, requiring no tools to change or stock. Electronic metering provides the correct mixture of abrasive and water for optimum machine cutting performance. The waterjet can cut complex interior pockets, and all tool movements are precisely controlled by a user-friendly CNC.

The machine has a welded steel frame. It features a working table dimension of 10.5 x 6.5 feet and handles a load with maximum dimensions of 9.8 x 5.2 feet. Linear guideways provide axis movement and are powered by precision ball bearing screws.
Circle No. 284

The Laser 4000 portable electric diamond cutter from Marmoelettromeccanica is a unit for straight and curved cuts capable of cutting up to 5-cm-thick material in one pass without the need for a template. The machine utilizes neoprene roller balls mounted in a multidirectional rotating plate.
Circle No. 283

The single-blade PW1TK600.1 saw by Midas Stone Machinery is suited for new shops as well as increasing production at existing shops, the company reports.

The saw was engineered for optimum efficiency and prevision, and features include a heavy-duty steel structure, variable-speed forward and reverse, motorized left and right movement, motorized up and down movement, automatic head tilting to 45 degrees, a blade diameter of 16 inches, capacity of 11.5 x 6.25 feet, a rotary, tilting table that stops at 45 and 90 degrees and digital readout. The machine also features automatic cutting of slabs, with a setting of five different widths repeated up to 99 times. A touch-screen panel is optional.
Circle No. 282

The Northwood StoneJETâ„¢ abrasive waterjet series was developed to complement the manufacturer's Northwood CNC Stone Machining Centers. The StoneJETâ„¢ machines were designed from the ground up for the stone industry, reports the company. It started with an extremely rigid computer-designed (F.E.A.) machine frame with Northwood's most sophisticated drive systems. A state-of-the-art GE Fanuc machine control -- featuring fiber-optic technology -- was added. Additionally, Northwood integrated its exclusive StoneLaser and StoneScan technologies to make the entire system user friendly. The manufacturer then added KMT's latest high-pressure technology to complete the most advanced abrasive waterjet system ever developed, according to Northwood.

Technical Specifications

  • The GE Fanuc machine control, including a Windows® GUI and touch-screen LCD
  • StoneScan barcode data input virtually eliminates operator error
  • The Streamlineâ„¢ S/L-V Plus Series available in 50 hp, 60 hp and 100 hp models (60,000 psi)
  • The KMT Feedline III System provides a constant flow of abrasive to the KMT Autolineâ„¢ abrasive cutting nozzle
Circle No. 281

The Ogyu Verti-1500 automatic shape-cutting diamond wire saw is able to cut stone to 1 foot in thickness and 5 feet in diameter. The automatic shape-cutting device works with Ogyu's paper template system, where an optical sensor follows the edge of a paper template (½ of actual cut size), and the movement of the machine synchronizes this sensor's movement. The diamond wire is perpendicularly installed, and the stone is set horizontally. This structure helps to cut the shape out of slabs. Among other advantages are a small size, low noise level and simple structure design at a competitive price, Ogyu reports.
Circle No. 280

The Ogyu HDW-15 horizontal diamond wire saw for slab production cuts stone with a maximum size of 5 feet wide x 9 feet deep x 4 feet high. During cutting, the diamond wire remains at the same position, and the stone is moved from inside the loop of diamond wire to outside the loop to cut. With this cutting direction, the bend of diamond wire is much less than the opposite, which results in the long life of diamond wire, Ogyu reports. Additionally, horizontal cutting helps to cut the stone with greater speed, according to Ogyu, because the diamond wire cuts the shorter side of the stone and gets less stress. Among other advantages are a small size, low noise level and simple structure design at a competitive price, Ogyu reports.
Circle No. 280

The Park Industries Predator II provides exceptional precision and high production capabilities, the company reports. Powered by a 60-hp motor, the Predator II's arbor drive can use 32-, 36-, 40-, 48-, 60- or 64-inch diameter diamond blades. With a rise-and-lower speed up to 90 inches per minute, a cross-travel speed up to 30 feet per minute, and a gantry speed of up to 40 feet per minute, this high-production saw is designed to cut stone up to 24 inches thick. This represents an increase of over 100% in travel speed compared to the Park Predator.

The Predator II's simple touch-screen interface is designed to allow operators to do unattended operations with ease and precision. No previous computer control or software experience is needed, as the control steps the operator through set-ups and cutting cycles faster than manual processes.

In addition to the state-of-the-art features of the Predator II, operators also receive Park's customer service benefits such as a “Next Day or No Pay” parts guarantee; a full two-year warranty program; and 24-hour troubleshooting customer support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Circle No. 279

The Park Yukon brings programmable precision computer control and automated cycles to dimensional sawing. The easy-to-use, touch-screen computer control guides operators through a wide variety of production steps. The Yukon may be operated in fully manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic models.

The Yukon was designed to deliver durable, versatile cutting capabilities with rigid, high-tolerance construction of 16 feet, 6 inches in length x 18 feet, 4 inches in width x 9 feet in height. The powerful 20-hp, arbor-drive electric motor powers diamond blades up to 24 inches in diameter. In addition, the new 1-hp motor runs up to 3,600 rpms and has doubled the rapid traverse rate, now at 1 - 50 feet per minute. The Yukon's ample cross travel and rack-and-pinion drive system aids operators in processing full slabs of material with greater accuracy. A laser saw blade alignment indicator also improves set-up for long passes.
Circle No. 279

The Pedrini GS131 80-blade gangsaw was designed for fast cutting of marble blocks. The four groups for guiding the blade-holder frame are composed of two opposed swinging arms hinged on the column and connected by a rocker arm, where all articulations move on pairs of high-resistance tapered bearings, which ensure extremely high capacities, outstanding smoothness and no vertical and/or cross clearance.

The working stresses are evenly distributed on eight swinging centers, which are thus subject only to rolling friction and guarantee a straight stroke without friction from the blade-holder frame, even with asymmetric blocks.

The blade-holder frame is composed of a very rigid composite structure, which is able to withstand high tension of the blade pack. A 290-mm diameter shaft, made in high-resistance steel, supports the heavy eight-spoke flywheel, ensuring perfect dynamic balance of the frame. The unit was engineered for minimal downtime due to repair and service.
Circle No. 278

The Arco di Trionfo M596 cutting center for granite, manufactured by Pedrini, is a machine composed of three large-format gantry systems and two block-carrier trolleys moving on parallel rails, which produce strips (billets) and deposit them on pallets with a maximum width of 460 mm and thickness from 10 to 80 mm.

The block-carrier trolleys move and alternatively position under the gantry system for vertical cuts or under the two combined gantry systems for the horizontal cut and unloading on the pallet. The result is a continuous cutting cycle capable of sawing 52 tons (20 cubic meters) of granite blocks per day, equal to over 1,000 square meters of strips per day.

The operating units were engineered with optimum sturdiness and precision to reduce the consumption of diamond tools and maintenance intervention.
Circle No. 278

The Universal M960TG, produced by Pedrini, is a NC bridge saw with an extremely sturdy bearing structure and tool-holding head with multiple features, including a vertical stroke of 700 mm; the capacity of mounting discs up to 900 mm in diameter and a spindle for shaping tools with a vertical axis; tilting up to 90 degrees; and rotation up to 360 degrees.

The brushless drive on all movement axes results in fast movements and accurate positioning. The triangular section of the cast iron bridge and the trolley guide system positively react to operating stresses from any direction and aid the tool action in cross, oblique and longitudinal thrust.

Universal M960TG also features the possibility of interpolations on different axes, which allows users to obtain a wide range of shapes and profiles. The saw carries out step cutting for processing the hardest materials.

The wide range of options includes fixed benches or benches with motorized rotation, with and without tilting, an inverter for adjusting the disc rotation speed and a lathe for producing columns.
Circle No. 278

Regent Stone Products has introduced the Express 3200 bridge saw as an addition to its existing line of equipment. Designed specifically for the stone countertop fabricator, the Express comes standard with many features, including a heavy-duty cast iron bridge; a cast iron, fully synchronized and oil-filled, rack-and-pinion gantry system that is sealed from the elements, and a direct-drive, 20-hp motor with hand-held remote control. The Z axis tilts to plunge cut to 45 degrees, with a motorized hydraulic tilting table that automatically turns to 45 and 90 degrees with digital readout of position. Rounding out the list of standard features is an automated cutting program. The Express 3200 is professionally installed and serviced by the factory-trained technicians at Regent Stone Products.
Circle No. 277

The Storm+ is the newest addition to Regent Stone Product's line of bridge saws. The Storm+ can be mounted on two support post structures, or it can be installed on block walls. Some of the standard features offered by Storm+ include: a fully automated computer to allow programmable cuts; a double-beam bridge; motorized saw head and bridge movements; a 20-hp, direct-drive saw motor with laser; and a 45-degree manual tilting saw head. A tilting saw bed makes for easy loading and unloading of slabs, and the rotating and locking turntable has stops at 0, 45 and 90 degrees, or it can be manually locked at any other position.
Circle No. 277

The GMM Rotex 39, available from Salem Stone, answers the need for high-speed, high-accuracy applications such as automated production lines, and complex interior work, spiral staircases and the like, Salem reports. It features a rotating head rather than a rotating table, brushless motors, and linear bearings on the X axis slide. The control accepts .dxf files and can be loaded via a LAN network.

Technical specifications

  • X axis Travel: 3,900 mm
  • Y axis Travel: 2,500 mm
  • Z axis (Horizontal) Travel: 350 mm
  • W axis (Head Rotation): 180 degrees
  • Blade Diameter (Maximum): 625 mm
  • Depth of Cut (Maximum): 200 mm
  • Table Dimension (With Eight Side Shelves): 1,720 x 35,000 mm
  • Blade Motor: 30 hp
  • X axis Travel Speed: 0-30 m/min.
  • Y axis Travel Speed: 0-22 m/min.
  • Z axis (Horizontal) Travel: 0-3.5 m/min.
  • Total Weight: 5,500 kg
Circle No. 276

The Marquee is a new concept diamond gantry bridge saw from Sawing Systems Inc. The ways (metal guide surfaces) and drive components are shielded from dust and water, and they are designed to stay clean and lubricated for long life. The ways are replaceable, giving the saw virtually unlimited life, Sawing Systems reports. Rather than the traditional screw or rack-and-pinion carriage drive, this saw utilizes a Kevlar belt for smooth, accurate movement. The main rail is constructed from heavy-wall rectangular steel tubing for high bending resistance and torsional rigidity.

Standard on the Marquee is a 15-horsepower primary motor and an 18-inch blade capacity. A 20-horsepower motor and 24-inch blade capacity are optional. There is 8 inches of power raise-and-lower, 144 inches of saw travel and 120 inches of power gantry travel. There are options for a 45-degree powered blade tilt (shown), and additional gantry travel. Also available are three levels of automation and a wireless pendant control.

Sawing Systems reports that the precise and rugged design -- as well as the frame and drive systems -- will be basis for Sawing Systems' upcoming Marquee CNC Architectural Router. The Marquee Router will be a 3-axis, servo-motor driven machine, and will be an affordable piece to complement the company's CNC line.
Circle No. 275

The Tri-Axe Warrior II from Sommer & Maca is an automatic, computer-controlled bridge saw with a tilting head and a worktable that tilts for loading and rotates a full 360 degrees. This fully rotating table allows the saw to cut circles. The saw blade is driven by a 15-hp motor, and blades from 12 to 20 inches in diameter can be used on material up to 6 inches thick. Rip cuts of 136 inches can be made, and the computer control allows precise placement of cuts as well as programmable step cutting, Sommer & Maca reports. With the optional steel legs, the saw weighs 14,000 pounds, which makes it a solid, stable machine capable of fast, smooth, vibration-free production cutting. A laser guide makes precise placement of cuts possible, and the remote control box allows the operator to monitor and control cutting from any position.
Circle No. 274

Superior Stone Products' equipment division recently unveiled its new Superior Force 5000 bridge saw at the ITSS show in Las Vegas, and it reports an “overwhelming” response. The saw features a cast iron, split-bridge design, heavy-duty stands, direct-drive, 25-hp motor, oil-bath drive systems, touch-screen controls and a 7- x 12-foot tilting table with pneumatic brakes for locking at any angle. The Force 5000 is offered as a true turnkey solution, with the saw, stands, riggers, installation, training and poured concrete table included in the price. Finally, Superior is also offering its customers this turnkey bridge saw solution with a deferred payment lease program in which customers can have no payments on the saw for the first three months.
Circle No. 273

Thibaut's TC series of bridge saws, available from EuroStone Machine open the way to high-quality, precision sawing, the company reports. The TC04 is a solid mono-block bridge saw with a space-saving footprint. This machine and its CNC version require no foundation. As such, these saws can be configured in a pass-trough (roll-on/roll-off) continuous sawing line. Slabs are loaded on a tilting roller table on one side, where they can be digitally imaged with an overhead camera to allow nesting of the pieces to be cut. They are then rolled under the saw for cutting. Cut pieces are rolled off onto the exit table and can then be transported to other machines (edge polisher, machining center) also available in the Thibaut range of equipment.

To further enhance integration, the control panels of all Thibaut machines are very similar to each other and can share the same software, a clear advantage for CNC equipment.
Circle No. 272

The Z-Series waterjet from WARDJet, Inc. is specifically designed for waterjet cutting within the stone industry. The unique JETSLAB® concrete cutting bed option allows even the smallest parts to be cut, while reducing the chance of them falling into the tank, yet still provides full support for cutting larger materials.

The Z-Series waterjet uses the same concept of cutting over a concrete table with a bridge saw, which is familiar to all stone fabricators. This also reduces the price of grating for companies specializing in stone and tile. The Z-613 model has a single-head cutting envelope of approximately 73 x 145 inches.

Adding an optical tracing eye (CCD Camera) to a WARDJet waterjet allows the controller to work as a large digitizer. The camera is mounted next to the cutting head and will follow any black line, drawing the shape traced onto the screen of the controller. This shape can then be exported to the CAD / CAM software, modified, checked, dimensioned, and then sent back to the controller to cut the desired material. This is ideal for tracing large templates like kitchen countertops or for parts that do not have drawings available, the company reports.
Circle No. 271

The Z. Bavelloni Sharp/500 has a strong cast-iron structure that is ruggedly constructed, yet easy to use. The machine, fit for cutting stone slabs, uses a rotating support table and is equipped with a cutting saw inclination enabling several working combinations. The bridge moves along two guides, which are fixed on retaining walls in reinforced concrete. A durable shaft, with up to a 90-degree incline, enables a slant cut and supports the 20-hp cutting spindle head. The spindle motor has a power of 15.1/13.5 kW, allowing for the user to select two rotation speeds. The worktable is capable of rotating 360 degrees with a hydraulic tilt to simplify loading. With one pass, a 130-mm-thick slab can be cut. For additional convenience, the numerical control can simply and easily store scores of cut programs. Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Cutting Depth: 130 mm
  • Spindle Power: 15.1/13.5 kW
  • Spindle rpm: 1435/945
  • Adjustment of Working Table Inclination: hydraulic
  • Working Table Dimensions: 3,200 x 1,900 mm
  • Height of Tilting Working Table: 615 mm
  • Axis C Rotation: from 0 to 360 degrees
Circle No. 270


The Comandulli “Speedy System” edge polisher, available from AGM, is a single-head profiling machine designed and manufactured according to the most up-to-date engineering standard. The unit can be outfitted for processing both flat and bullnosed edges, and the high speed of the spindle-holding carriage and automatic devices allow it to achieve very high production levels, AGM reports.
Circle No. 269

The Comandulli Omega 60 and Omega 100 edge polishers from AGM were also designed and manufactured according to up-to-date concepts and structural principles. The Omega series of automatic multi-spindle belt polishing machines were engineered for optimum performance and production on every kind of marble and granite, AGM reports. They are able to perform: calibration, flat edge, bevels, all types of cuts, round regular profiles (creation and polishing) and some irregular profiles (creation).
Circle No. 269

The Comandulli Penta edge polisher from AGM can perform finishing operations such as calibration, straight edge, bevels, lower and upper grooves and edge profiling with shaped wheels on marble and granite slabs.
Circle No. 269

The Comandulli Synthesis PNC from AGM is an automatic multi-spindle belt polishing machine. The unit is equipped with an independent oscillating generating spindle, and it is able to perform: calibration, flat edge, bevels, all types of cuts, round regular profiles (creation and polishing) and some irregular profiles (creation).
Circle No. 269

The new “EasyEdge V7” from Breton represents the ideal vertical edge profiler for any shop. The machine has been designed and built in collaboration with Breton's customer base, and it has a powerful 7.3-hp motor suitable to use shaping or calibrating tools. The unit's seven oscillating 2-hp heads allow for optimum polishing of flat edges, and two additional 2-hp heads execute the beveling operations.

The machine is ideal for polishing backsplashes, but its sturdiness also allows it to polish the flat edge on kitchen counters. Additional edges can also be performed on the same machine.
Circle No. 296

The Ghines Sector Triplespeed electronic portable shape-milling machine takes its name from the three distinct rotation speeds. The advent of synthetic materials has made it necessary to incorporate an intermediate speed that will not overheat the resin-bonded components.

Each speed is geared for a specific function. The maximum speed of 10,000 rpm is for stock removal and finishing of natural materials; the intermediate speed of 6,000 rpm is for stock removal and finishing of synthetic materials; and the minimum speed of 2,600 rpm is for polishing all materials (natural and synthetic) using vulcanized Ghines Tools wheels.

Other features include high power and constant torque, and the Triplespeed is equipped with an electronic vectorial inverter to optimize the supplied power, maintaining constant torque at any rpm. It also has universal supply tension; even though it is equipped with a three-phase motor, the unit is supplied with single phase 230V/50-60Hz, therefore it can be plugged in standard single-phase outlets.
Circle No. 295

The Galeski Contour-Cat KS80, available from Granite City Tool, is a German-built, 2-hp, variable-speed industrial router. The unit was engineered for countertop work, and it is suited for edging countertops up to 2 inches thick, using GCT diamond router bits. Also, the unit is small enough to clean up, edge and polish inside sinkholes, Granite City Tool reports.

The unit features a height adjustment plate and splash guard as well as central and external waterfeed. Technical specifications

  • 5/8 -inch-11 threaded arbor
  • Voltage: 115V - 56/60 Hz
  • Power Input: 1,500W
  • Horsepower: 2.0 hp, 12.5 AMP
  • Max. Tool Diameter: 5 inches (120mm)
  • Variable Speed: 2,400 to 6,800 RPM
Circle No. 290

The Dia-Pro X-treme machines are now available from Granite City Tool in two models: the original 3-hp variable speed, and the new 1 ½-hp single speed. Both models are heavy-duty and made for extreme industrial usage, Granite City Tool reports. Both models are made in the U.S. and include a full one-year limited warranty. X-treme machines have easily adjustable height knobs and lockknobs to ensure accurate edging. Both models come standard with a hydroplaning base to prevent scratching of the stone surface and allow effortless operation.
Circle No. 290

The power, durability and reliability of the Stinger router from Hard Rock Tool have made it extremely popular, the company reports. The solid cast aluminum body and powerful continuous-duty motor can handle the rigors of the most demanding fabrication shop, according to Hard Rock Tool.
Circle No. 268

The CMPI Mini 60 machine -- available in North America from IGE Solutions, Inc. -- is automatic and suitable for every type of roughing and polishing of sides, according to the company. This machine was engineered for optimum speed, and it can execute 18 to 24 inches of 3-cm bullnose edge per minute. The Mini 60 includes the following wheels: six polish, two high chamfer, one lower chamfer, one swinging out and one gauging. A unique feature of this machine is the adoption of grinding wheels for polishing the sections, as this type of machining makes it possible to achieve long-lasting ground polished surfaces. This machine is suited for all types of profiling, and IGE Solutions, Inc. also provides full support, service and a stocked inventory of spare parts.
Circle No. 267

Keystone Tools Co. offers the Avantiâ„¢ router, a variable-speed unit manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. Features include a powerful 3-hp motor. The transformer converts 220-volt, single-phase power into three-phase power to run the continuous duty 60 hz motor, and the energy-efficient motor gives 8 amps at start up and 6 to 7 amps with no load at 10,000 rpm.

Features for easy operation include: automatic shutoff if the bit jams; an easy-to-use spindle height adjustment and spindle height lock; industrial-grade machine protection; and a ground fault current interrupter.

The unit weighs only 80 pounds, and has a patented hydroplate with injected ball transfers. This results in easy operation and scratch control, as the unit glides on .015 inch of water. It also allows the operator to transition through corners without losing elevation, due to the triangulated “roller balls.”

Computerized controls auto-matically turn the motor off if the bit jams against the stone, and a LED readout enables precision rpm control. The high speed is suited for fast cutting and stock removal, while the low speed is ideal for polishing.
Circle No. 266

Marmo Machinery USA announces the availability of the LCT 522 CAI edge polishing machine, which features a user-friendly operating system that ensures a high rate of production at a low cost per lineal foot, the company reports. Its small footprint, combined with its high reliability and low cost, make it well suited for granite shops in North America who want high-quality processing of marble and granite.

The LCT 522 produces 30 to 60 lineal feet of 3-cm bullnose edge per hour with no human intervention. Processing is continuous, as different pieces of identical thickness can be inserted sequentially without the need to change forming or polishing heads.

Granite and marble slabs are vertically inserted into the LCT 522 CAI. Handling slabs vertically not only reduces the possibility of material breakage, it also considerably reduces the floor space and work area requirements, Marmo Machinery reports.

Many types of edge treatments can be processed on the LCT 522. In addition to squared off or inclined edges, it polishes toroidal edges, rounded and other convex shapes on slabs of marble or granite. The LCT is designed to be user-friendly, as the operator needs only to input the thickness of the material as well as the appropriate angles for the type of edge being processed. Typically, this is 7 to 173 degrees for full bullnose and 7 to 90 degrees for a half bullnose. Machine dimensions are: 3,700 mm (12.14 feet) long x 1,200 mm (3.94 feet) wide x 1,500 mm (4.92 feet) high. Its weight is 2,300 kg (5,071 pounds).
Circle No. 284

Marmo Machinery USA also offers the LCV edge polishing machine that produces perfectly polished flat edges in one pass, according to the company. It features a high rate of production at a low cost per lineal foot. Many types of edge treatments can be processed on the LCV. The LCV machine polishes straight, flat-squared 1- to 6-cm-thick marble or granite edges. It also automatically chamfers upper and lower edges if desired.

Production speeds are up to 100 lineal feet per hour, and edge processing is continuous. Different pieces can be vertically inserted sequentially and move past a series of mandrels so that they come out completely finished.

The LCV's supporting structure consists of a steel body of suitable thickness with tubular reinforcements and a finely milled bench protected by wear-resistant material, on which the conveyor belt runs.
Circle No. 284

Another unit offered by Marmo Machinery USA is the LTT 621, a horizontal, compact, straight-belt continuous processing polishing machine for round and flat edges up to 6 cm (2.36 inches) thick. At 3,704 mm (12.15 feet) long x 1,408 mm (4.6 feet) wide, it has a small footprint, taking up minimal shop space.

The LTT 621 is operated by a programmable controller, which makes operation user-friendly. The operator inputs the radius of the workpiece, and a beam automatically finds the centerpoint where polishing should begin. Workpiece minimum length is 270 mm (10.6 inches), and minimum width is 200 mm (7.87 inches). Workpieces travel on a conveyor belt at 45 to 60 feet/hour for efficient processing.

The LTT 621 offers many features, including a calibration mandrel to gauge thickness at an adjustable depth (maximum 6 cm). The mandrel can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. It can rotate 0 to 90 degrees and can be used to carry out slotting for the drip stone. Motor power is 3.6 KW (5 hp) and rotation speed is 1,400 RPM.

Also included are six oscillating mandrels for shaping, grinding and polishing. The first two mandrels are ready to be equipped with cup-shaped diamond grinding wheels to carry out the shaping of the rounded profiles or grinding flat, squared-off or inclined profiles. The other four mandrels are equipped with polishing and smoothing abrasive grinding wheels.
Circle No. 284

The Marmoelettromeccanica Master 3500, available from Regent Stone Products, is a portable electric contouring machine with a “Water System” gliding plate. This is the latest machine in the Master series, and the Water System plate allows the machine to glide on a water film, assuring the operator of not scratching the material.
Circle No. 283

Matrix Stone Product's Daytona XL automatic edge profile system is a blend of technology and simplicity wrapped up in a heavy-duty package. The Daytona XL is capable of producing a variety of popular edge profiles to a high luster polish by simply recalling one of the pre-programmed edge profiles. In addition, custom shapes can be quickly created by the operator and added to the recall list.

Matrix placed a high priority on ease of programming and operation of the Daytona XL as well as fast travel speeds, which result in efficient output and an effective learning curve for the operator.

The Daytona XL uses brushless servo motors for both axis of motion. Servo motors are commonly used on most CNC machines due to their high degree of accuracy, high-speed capability, and high-torque ratings. The benefits of using this technology allow greater flexibility in the design of the machine and very high repeatability of motions, reports Matrix Stone Products.
Circle No. 285

Midas Stone Machinery offers its single-head edge profiler B1PK200. This unit was engineered to be simple to operate with optimum efficiency. It does the milling and then polishing of pieces in shapes as defined by the program, and a “measuring mode” measures the length of pieces you intent to fabricate. The unit can work many pieces of the same thickness, up to 10.5 feet long. The unit features digital readout, variable-speed forward and reverse and an optional touch-screen panel.
Circle No. 282

Park Industries' new Velocity decorative edge shaper and polisher was engineered to profile and polish edges of exceptional quality. It has a 13-spindle system, and with just a touch of the screen, fabricators can profile seven different programmed edges while having the flexibility of adding additional profiles into the directory. The Velocity's seven heads will grind and polish a flat edge, as well as a flat edge with radius top and bottom, a bullnose, a half bullnose and a wide variety of other convex shapes.

The Velocity can shape and polish 2-cm to 6-cm of natural stone or quartz materials that can range up to 12 feet in length and width. With just a single pass, the Park Velocity will profile (bullnose) and polish a 3-cm slab of Dakota Mahogany at 12 inches per minute, resulting in over 400 linear feet per eight-hour shift.
Circle No. 279

From Regent Stone Products comes the EdgeMaster 3600 single-head profiling and polishing machine. The EdgeMaster 3600 is a one-piece steel structure (monolithic) that is designed for high production, while using less shop space. The hinged table pulls out to accommodate larger pieces when required. The table is lined with multidirectional wheels that allow for easy manipulation and placement of workpieces.

The electrical control panel with hand-held remote is strategically located on the end of the machine, allowing for greater flexibility and precision by the operator. The EdgeMaster 3600 comes preprogrammed with nine standard edges. In the manual mode, any variations on these edges may be accomplished. Loading work-pieces is designed to be quick and easy with the rapid pull-out fence system. The operator loads the work until it contacts the fence, engages the adjustable front side pneumatic locking units, selects the program, and starts the machine. Production rates of 12 to 40 lineal feet per hour are possible with the EdgeMaster 3600.
Circle No. 277

The Splash from Regent Stone Products is a multi-head flat polisher designed for high-production backsplash polishing. It uses a vertical feed, which allows pieces as wide as 48 inches to be processed. The Splash is a compact machine (7.2 feet long x 3.6 feet wide x 4.5 feet high) that has a wide range of applications. It has a 4-hp multi-function spindle for the first position that can gauge the thickness of the stone or provide a drip edge. The second position ensures that the edge is flat and honed sufficiently, allowing the five 2-hp polishing motors to quickly do their job. All five polishing motors have individual pressure gauges, assuring optimum polish quality, Regent reports. Two beveling wheels at the end of the sequence provide the final touch to the job. The unit is capable of polishing at a rate of 1 foot per minute.
Circle No. 277

The 1T-Touch, available from Salem Stone, is an automatic edge polishing machine designed to produce and polish bullnose edge profiles on stone from 2 to 15 cm thick. It is also capable of producing: quarter and half bullnose, double bevel and many other special profiles as well as polish straight profiles and bevels from 2 to 12 cm. It is constructed of heavy-duty steel to eliminate vibration, ensuring quality surface finishes, Salem reports.

This versatile machine is equipped with a color “touch-screen” to easily navigate through the programs to create and polish designed profiles and to also save profiles for future reference. The computer controls most aspects of edge profile set-up, from “centering” the workpiece to regulating spindle pressure and positioning. The 1T-Touch computer also monitors the process and will alert the operator of any possible failures.

Technical Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions: 6,400 x 2,800 x 2,300 mm
  • Useful Working Size: 3,500 mm
  • Spindle Speed: 1,400 to 12,800 rpm
  • Total Power: 5.5 kw
  • Pneumatic Cylinders: 6
  • Weight: 3,800 Kg
Circle No. 265

The Luna 740 is the latest model of edge polishers from Montresor, available from Salem Stone. At the heart of the Luna 740 is Montresor's unique polishing head rotation system. This design has greatly simplified this typically complicated area by eliminating the majority of expensive moving parts, Salem reports.

Five diamond heads, six polishing heads and an underside honing head are the typical configuration. A Siemens controller is at the heart of the Luna, offering almost instant changeover of profiles. Sealed and pressure-lubricated polishing heads use either conventional bricks or diamonds and are designed for minimal maintenance in the industry.

Diamond calibrating and facing heads process laminated edges in one pass. The calibrating head produces a uniform thickness, and the facing head squares the edge and cuts back into the glue line, eliminating “blow outs” and the double-handling of taking the slab back to a saw. This feature is especially popular in California, Florida and Texas, where most edges are laminated. The company has also incorporated a bottom honing head as a standard feature, eliminating the need to hand-finish the underside of the slab.

Technical Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions: 5,780 x 1,980 mm
  • Useful Working Length: Limitless
  • Useful Working Width: 180 to 2,400 mm
  • Useful Working Thickness (bullnose): 15 to 40 mm
  • Useful Working Thickness (half bullnose): 15 to 60 mm
  • Useful Working Thickness (straight edge): 10 to 60 mm
  • Production Speed Per Minute: 200 to 2,000 mm
  • Total Power: 30 kw/40 hp
  • Weight: 5,500 kg
Circle No. 264

Thibaut's T55 Advance edge profiling and polishing machine, available from EuroStone Machine, is the latest evolution of the T55 machine. This unit has been totally redesigned to offer the user an element that can be part of a fully integrated production line.

The T55 Advance features an automatic tool changer, where the tools are mounted on standard cones, as used throughout the Thibaut range of machines, whether manual or CNC.

All convex shapes, such as bullnoses, are produced with flat wheels, while concave shapes are produced with shaped CNC wheels. Programming is facilitated by an icon-driven touch-screen, which is also found throughout the Thibaut range. Piece alignment is automatic, and distances can be input using a laser pointer (or entering them on the screen). The T55 Advance can also trim before forming and polishing an edge, with this operation being part of a fully automatic sequence. With an available turntable, sawing and edging circular pieces can also be done.
Circle No. 272

The Sassomeccanica TE Experience polisher and the Flying Flat vertical side polisher -- available from U.S. Granite Machinery -- were prominently displayed at the 2005 Verona Fair.

The TE Experience is capable of finishing slabs between 2 and 10 cm thick in 10 of the most popular edges. The machine features eight polishing and shaping heads, four beveling heads, a calibrating head and a drip edge spindle.

The Flying Flat includes horizontal translation of the presser bar, which makes replacing tools simple and quick. The Flying Flat can process a minimum breadth of 100 mm and a minimum thickness of 20 mm and maximum of 60 mm. Additionally, the machine has 15.5 total hp and overall dimensions of 2400 x 1200 x 1500 mm.
Circle No. 263


Granite City Tool offers a complete polishing package for stone fabricators. The package includes: a Makita PW5001C 4-inch variable-speed electric wet stone polisher, a set of 4-inch DX diamond polishing pads, including final polishing pads, a 4-inch rubber backing pad, Dia-Pro 4-inch diamond cup wheel and a Makita canvas carrying bag.

The Makita polisher has a 120-volt/7.9-amp motor with a ground fault interrupter included. It runs from speeds of 2,000 to 4,000 rpm, with “Soft-Start” technology for smooth start-ups. Electronic speed control maintains speed under load, and the common fitting accepts the most popular water hose connections.
Circle No. 290

The International Machine Corp. (IMC) radial arm polisher is equipped with a two-speed motor and overload protection. It features an articulated arm with 360 degrees of extended reach and has a 92-inch maximum working length. The unit was engineered with sturdy construction for smooth movements and operation, and the polishing attachments can be adjusted for different applications. The unit has pneumatincally adjustable down pressure and 10 hold down plates. Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Working Height Adjustment: 900 mm
  • Main Motor: 2.8kW; 975 rpm/4.3 kW; 1460 rpm
  • Weight: 2,700 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.10 feet (height); 12.5 feet (length)
Circle No. 288

The Galaxy B220 slab polishing machine by Pedrini is equipped with a powerful “touch-screen” PC that aids the programming and managing of all operating, diagnostic and statistical functions. The machine is available for marble or granite processing, and it has a capacity of polishing up to 2,200 mm in width.

The rotor spindles that operate the polishing heads feature direct motorization, eliminating radial stress on the bearings and increasing their life significantly, while also eliminating maintenance interventions, Pedrini reports.

The beam movement, with speed adjustable up to 60 meters/minute, is achieved by the gearless mechanism, composed of two high-power toothed belt/pulley systems, controlled by two synchronized epicyclic ratiomotors.
Circle No. 278

Pellegrini processing line Master, available in North America from EuroStone Machine, has been developed to furnish the new surface treatments required today, including antique brushing, honing, leather-look, flaming, flaming and brushing combination, bushhammering, sandblasting, high-pressure water-storming, etc. This new line from Pellegrini can furnish any or all of these slab surface treatments for all types of stone.

The Pellegrini line can create a light antique look (“leather look”) by simply removing the polish from a slab and brushing, or a deep antique look by flaming (granite and similar types of stone) or bushhammering (roller plate or pneumatic hammer), and then follow this with brushing. For honing, another popular finish, the Pellegrini line can remove the existing polish with an abrasive spindle, followed by brushing to remove the swirl marks. It is also possible to work the backside of the gangsawn or wiresawn surface to create these textures.

The lines are modular, flexible, expandable, with possibility to program “recipes” for each texture in each material, so results will be consistent from slab to slab or bundle-to-bundle. If a particular polished slab is of second quality, it may prove perfect for texturing.
Circle No. 262

The LM 2100 RX is the polishing machine for marble slabs that is the product of 35 years of Simec S.p.A. research and experience in the field of polishing stone materials. Directly derived from the acclaimed NP 2200 RX, this polishing machine employs technical solutions already utilized on granite polishing machines, thereby ensuring an unprecedented productivity and reliability on marble.

Available in versions from 4 to 16 spindles, LM 2100 RX is completely new in the design, in the ergonomics of its function, in its performance and in its safety.

The novelties are therefore numerous and substantial, starting from the useful working width that now reaches 2,100 mm.

The bench has been made heavier and stiffened, by utilizing a “comb diaphragms” structure, which guarantees a better absorption of vibrations, reports Simec.

The control panels of the working pressure -- associated to every spindle, with possibility of excluding the single head -- are now inserted on the joist, in order to be more readable and handy to the operator. The front protections are a sliding type, made in shock-resistant and acoustic insulation plastic material.

The dressing/polishing spindles are now equipped with new plates for marble with a diameter of 480 mm and six concentric abrasive sectors, three on the edge and three towards the center. This solution gives a better polish and eliminates the “shades” -- especially in dressing. Also, each spindle has its own general lubricating system and can be equipped with an abrasive consumption control system (optional).

On the LM 2100 RX electronics plays a leading role. All functions can be recalled in an instant from the control panel, which allows the user to adjust every aspect of the work as he pleases, in an intuitive way -- belt speed, beam speed, slowing on slab edge, any areas for a second polishing run, etc. On request, the machine can be equipped with a touch-screen control panel with color-graphic interface.
Circle No. 261

Since 1953, Thibaut has specialized in polishing machines for the stone trade. Now, building upon this know-how, the new Thibaut T-500, available from EuroStone Machine, has evolved into a multi-purpose surfacing machine for polishing granite or marble, re-polishing slabs, calibrating any stone to precise thickness, honing slabs by removing polish without leaving swirl marks, or honing from a gangsaw or wiresawn surface. The unit also features antique brushing to various degrees to artificially “age” stone for a new aesthetic. Brushing can be light or shallow, or it can be deeper and more pronounced. Color levels can be controlled by the grit of brush used.

Thibaut offers variable pressure, rpm and traversing speeds, and the unit can be programmed to follow unusual shapes. The machine can also be programmed for unattended nighttime operation. It can also be used for convex or slightly concave surface polishing, honing, or brushing.
Circle No. 272


The Master 33 is the latest development in CNC router technology from Intermac, available from AGM. The new CNC router offers many new features, such as its new PC-based controls. This is a big advantage, as costs are drastically reduced since the CNC is loaded by CD on a PC. This eliminates the need for costly replacement industrial controls. The motion control and I/O is totally digital, ensuring the highest possible level of reliability. The machine is fully networkable, comes with remote diagnostics and runs under the familiar Windows XP environment, making it very user friendly to the operator, AGM reports.

The Master 33 also has a new high-power (20-hp) electrospindle, which includes a stack of four ceramic high-speed spindle bearings -- dramatically increasing electrospindle life and reliability. The electrospindle comes equipped with a closed-loop cooling system, allowing for 24-hour operation. In addition, the new rotary tool changer allows operators to load tools from outside of the machine, which intends to save time and improve operator safety.

The doors on the Intermac are misalignment-free, thus increasing operator safety. From a safety point of view, they were designed for OSHA compliance. Optional rear doors are also available. The exterior of the machine has a ceramic-based finish, increasing the resistance to abrasion by four times, AGM reports. The water tanks are stainless steel -- avoiding the typically rusty look. Stainless steel guards completely seal the tool racks and tooling from exposure to gritty water.

The Master 33 also has some unique options such as an on-board tool presetter, which enables operators to save time on wheel setups; and a tool changer on the head of the machine, which reduces the time between tool changes and increases machine productivity.

Units are equipped with three, four or five axes, and a variety of worktable sizes are available.
Circle No. 298

Alpha® Contour, together with AWS-125 Stone Cutter, allows fabricators to cut a sinkhole along the cut line quickly and safely, according to Alpha Professional Tools. In order to shape the edge to a desired profile, Alpha introduces the Profiler Z-30, a vertical grinding wheel. Profiler Z-30 is also known as “Zero Tolerance” or “Drum Grinding.” As opposed to a sintered bond, which would eventually change the shape of the wheel, the Profiler Z-30 maintains a very aggressive cutting performance and its original shape for a long time. Alpha recommends the vertical grinding wheel along with a “Corner Ruler” to make uniform exterior corners.
Circle No. 260

CAM Tech's new Laser Master L30v has the power to blast material with the utmost precision, according to the company, which reports that the standard 70-watt laser cuts through thicker materials than any of its previous Laser Master models, as well as producing the finest-quality, deep-relief etching. The L30v is built to accommodate up to a 250-watt laser, mounted vertically. Up to 300 watts of laser power can be used on the L30 by replacing the vertical mount gantry with the L30 flying-optics gantry system. The flexibility of the Laser Master L30 platform assures enough laser power well into the future, CAM Tech reports. For convenience, all machine parts are wired to be fed by a single 220V plug.
Circle No. 259

The Concept-Y1700 from CMS North America/Brembana comes with 3 axes, a 18.1-hp/13.5 kW spindle, an automatic tilting head, telescopic spindle extension, EasyStone CAD/CAM software, seven days training at CMS, one-week on-site training, special voltage, a manual tools presetting device, a 26-position tool station with 26 tool holders, 12 vacuum cups, four supports, two clamps and three reference stops, delivery and installation, and a one-year full warranty (all expenses included).

Available options include a fourth axis with a 90-degree blade, a 30-degree blade, tools (per complete set) and digitizers. The machine has a working area of 142 x 66 inches, with maximum machinable pieces up to 137 x 62 inches. The footprint is 20 x 24 feet, and the weight is 13,450 pounds.
Circle No. 295

A customized high production system configuration from CMS North America/Brembana, the Continuous Production Module “CPM” is a single production line consisting of various modules to achieve high production with a minimal amount of manpower. This line works with the full integration of software and hardware. The CPM can be configured with both manual and/or automatic conveyors for movement of the materials. The CPM line can also be expanded with additional modules to accommodate increasing production needs.
Circle No. 295

The Speed TR from CMS North America/Brembana is for intricate working of stone materials. The solution is a prodigious system for pendular working of large-sized workpieces (up to 3,600 mm) with total safety and for minimizing unproductive times in loading/unloading operations, the company reports. Speed TR has all the standard features of the Speed 2.35 and Maxima machines with the addition of a very large circular rotating table with two working areas that allow material to be loaded and unloaded during the machining process. The positioning of vacuum cups is achieved by laser projection. Supplied with a 26-station tool rack, a GE/FANUC numerical control, and EasyStone software, the Speed TR brings the latest technology and most productive process to the stone materials market, according to the company. The machining center is able to carry out any sort of cutting, shaping and grinding operations. It accomplishes inclined recesses, pockets, grooves, inlays, sculptures and profiles, as well as polishing, circular cutting, drilling, engraving, and three-dimension machining operations.
Circle No. 295

The Hydrocutâ„¢ cutting system from ESAB, available from Salem Stone, has the patented ability to combine thermal and non-thermal processes on a single gantry. ESAB offers a low-rail-style Hydrocut gantry that can also combine a stone router station and waterjet cutting capability. The waterjet easily cuts sink drains, faucet fixtures and other precise interior cuts, while the stone router can be used to neatly process bullnoses and other edges, all without moving the workpiece. Stone router systems are also available as a standalone process on the gantry.

Both stations feature a programmable Z-axis control to accommodate non-flat processing, and to extend bit life of the router process on straight edges. Automatic height control for waterjet helps automate the process and allows for unattended operation.

ESAB's unique Programmable Cutting Parameters feature is built into the Vision PC CNC control. This feature allows the user to select the material type, thickness and desired edge quality. The control calculates and creates a parameter file with all of the necessary processing parameters, including such conditions as pierce time, speed, kerf and corner speed. These files can be stored in the control for future use, reducing set-up time. Special piercing routines for waterjet allow piercing and cutting without chipping or cracking stone, tile, glass, and other fragile materials.
Circle No. 259

The Ghines Systhema is stoneworking unit combining the functionalities of a table saw (cross, longitudinal, inclined and circular cuts, slot-on edges), an edge-polishing machine (honing and polishing of horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces) and a multifunctional router (passing holes, cuts with bit, shaping and polishing, round works semi-automatically processed).

The operating head allows the unit to work in every direction and offers inclination with diamond blades, shaped wheels, bits, core drills and any type of tool. Longitudinal and transversal travels are visualized on digital displays with a 0.001-inch tolerance. The built-in turntable can process round works semi-automatically, and a vacuum unit takes advantage of the Venturi exhaustion system to lock the slab on the worktable.
Circle No. 295

Komo Machine has brought its extensive knowledge of CNC machines to the stone industry. The Summit is built on 40 years of experience, and with over 15 tons of machinery, it can handle any CNC profile with ease, the company reports. Even with the size and weight, the Summit still boasts an extremely fast traverse rate of 3,150 inches per minute. Dedicating full time personnel, Komo has educated itself for the needs of stone fabricators, and it has developed machinery with optimum accuracy, rigidity and speed.
Circle No. 258

Marmo Machinery USA offers the C-Tech 3 CNC stoneworking center, a numerically controlled 3-axis machine based on the traditional moving bridge architecture. This machine was designed for optimum versatility, ease of use and affordable stone fabricating. The unit processes kitchen countertops, sink holes and tabletops, and it can accurately router, profile and polish any edge style or carving design. The large table has a 124- x 66-inch useful working area that can process slabs up to 12 ½ inches thick. Moveable aprons provide easy loading and unloading of slabs of all sizes.

Axis movement is on linear guides and skates. The movement of the X and Y axis is transmitted by precision screws, while the Y axis is transmitted by tempered racks and pinions. All moving parts are lubricated by oil, which is controlled by the CNC, and the mechanical moving parts are protected from dust and humidity by protective covers.

Changing tools on the C-TEC 3 was also designed to be easy, as the machine has indicator lights to alert the operator when a tool change is needed. Once the machine is stopped, the operator presses the release valve and installs the next tool. This process only takes 10 seconds, Marmo Machinery reports. Once the tool has been changed, the operator is ready to process again. The machine comes with diamond cutters, polishing wheels and contouring tools.
Circle No. 284

The Multinova WMKK01 from Midas Stone Machinery is a multifunctional machine for milling, grinding, drilling and polishing. Using this machine, operators can do the edge profiles, polish them, open the sink cut out and drill the faucet holes, making the workpiece ready for final installation.
Circle No. 282

In designing its CNC Machining Center, Northwood paid close attention to the ergonomics of the machine's design. The CNC Machining Center is equipped with the company's StoneLaser system and StoneScan system, to eliminate the operator “fumble-time,” according to the manufacturer. The company also merged the science of tool set-up with laser technology to develop its new LTC System (laser tool calibration) to maintain those “perfect” tool set-ups throughout the life of the tools. The machine also features Northwood's StoneVisionTM software. Technical Specifications

  • StoneLaser pod and part placement
  • StoneScan barcode data input
  • LTC System (laser tool calibration)
  • StoneVisionTM software that can detect clashes between tooling and pods even before the machine codes are created
Circle No. 281

The Mill 4X is Omag's latest and most economical model, and the answer for the smaller American fabrication shop, available from Performance Stone Systems. It is also an ideal second CNC for larger shops looking to cost-effectively increase production of their most simple products, reports the company. The Mill 4X offers all of the safety and convenience with a price tag that is nearly one-half to one-third the average price for most CNCs on the market, reports Performance Stone Systems.

The Mill 4X is constructed of two electrowelded steel shoulders, electrowelded bridge, aluminum worktable, temperature-controlled electrical cabinet and safety-locking front enclosures. The milling head is a quick release, ISO 40 spindle with the same high-torque Omag spindle motor used in more expensive Omag models with 12 hp and 9,000 rpm that reaches maximum torque and horse power at 1,000 rpm, continuing to 9,000 rpm. The Mill 4X also includes Omag's most convenient feature: the automatic tool presetter which completely automates the tool loading process and CNC tool library for new tools to be stored in a 24-position tool rack. The presetter will also measure tool profile and automatically compensate for diamond and abrasive wear.

Other features include 24 ISO 40 tool cones, 10 double effect vacuum cups, and an optional angular blade head. The work envelope is 126 x 59 x 19 inches. The Mill 4X includes Omag's standard CNC conveniently located on the end of the electrical cabinet. Operator, maintenance, CNC and software training are also included in the economic price, reports the company.

Circle No. 257

The Profiler is Omag's CNC machine designed specifically for the modern American fabrication shop. The Profiler is configured and equipped to produce the most popular products for the U.S. consumer such as countertops, kitchen islands, vanities, furniture tops as well as fireplaces, memorials, architectural pieces and stone carvings. Operations for carving, engraving, contouring, polishing, drilling and sawing are made simple with powerful CNC and 2D/3D CAM software. Safety, convenience, ease of operation, long-term durability and user-friendly technology were the focus of this model.

For safety, the machine is completely enclosed on all sides with extra-tall and wide doors with safety locks and completely contained for water collection and effective drainage. The CNC is mounted on a swivel pendant arm so it can be moved to the most effective area for the operator. The most convenient feature is the automatic tool pre-setter, which completely automates the tool loading process and CNC tool library for new tools to be stored in the 35-position tool rack. The pre-setter will also measure tool profile and automatically compensate for diamond and abrasive wear.

Other features include double-effect vacuum cups with reverse airflow, Windows-based color CRT, automated vacuum cup placement, angular blade head and spindle inclination for drainboards. Omag is the only manufacturer in the industry using an ISO 50 spindle, which maximizes rigidity for a better finish and longer tool life, according to the company. Profiler's powerful 15 hp, 9,000 spindle reaches maximum torque and horse power at 1,000 rpm, continuous to 9,000 rpm. Omag is represented in North America by Performance Stone Systems.
Circle No. 257

Park Industries has introduced the Park Discovery CNC Stonecenter, a 50-tool CNC machine that is guaranteed to increase productivity and enhance operator efficiency with a two-table set-up. While the Discovery is profiling curved edgework or producing complex shapes on one table, the stone on the second table can be positioned, enhancing the operator's efficiency by close to 25%, Park reports.

The Discovery's Siemens® CNC controls have accessible control screens at both tables. The simple touch-screen stoneworking system interfaces with the Windows®XP operating system, allowing operators to program the 50-tool Discovery without needing to memorize G-codes. In addition, the powerful StoneCAM operating system allows operators to set-up complex processes at a remote CAD/CAM station.

The Discovery's 200-tool library allows operators to create customized profile edges. In addition, the Discovery's built-in laser templating system allows operators to create tool paths from templates that would be difficult or impossible to draw in a CAD system. The additional laser projection system allows efficient and accurate vacuum pod placement and outlines the toolpath -- saving set-up time.

The machine can route, edge and polish straight and decorative radius shapes 1 cm (3/8 inch) to 6 cm (2 3/8 inch), with high efficiency.

The cross-travel movement of the X axis is 13 feet, 2 inches (1,000 inches/min.); the Y axis gantry movement is 19 feet, 7 inches (1,000 inches/min.); the Z1 axis spindle rise-and-lower movement is 12 inches (500 inches/min.); the Z2 saw rise-and-lower movement is 12 inches (500 inches/min.) and the C axis saw rotation is 360 degrees.
Circle No. 279

Park's Infinity CNC Stone Profiling System is ideal for stone columns, archways and other intricate designs completely unattended. This multi-function machine produces precision sawing with the ability to change over and do complex shaping with powerful industry standard milling attachments.

Users can create curved and straight stone profiles such as archways, coping and column caps by selecting the saw blade profiling mode, or use standard ISO-40 milling bits or shaping tools to produce an endless array of intricate designs, the company reports.

Run by a 30-hp, variable-speed arbor drive, the spindle runs at 300 to 6,000 rpms, powering up to a 48-inch-diameter blade and profiling stone up to 18 inches thick x 20 inches high.

A lathe attachment is available and can be programmed to make sculpted columns using either the Z axis or X axis, simply by changing the blade. The Lathe cuts the stone by using a step-and-drop process (Z axis), or a drop-and-sweep process (X axis). The lathe can cut rough stone pieces 11 feet in length, rotating at a speed of 5 to 82 rpms. The new lathe can produce finished products 10 feet long with a swing diameter of 24 inches.
Circle No. 279

Ravelli srl produces numeric control machines for contouring, shaping, drilling, milling and polishing to produce bathroom and kitchen countertops, tables and sinks. The Teorema XB ¾ axes features a workbench that is disjoined from the bridge to allow the operator to enter inside the machine for loading. The machine has been engineered for optimum precision, minimal tool wear and fast executing time, with the possibility to add a lathe (fifth axis) and waterjet. The X stroke is 126 inches; the Y stroke is 79 inches; and the Z stroke is between 12 and 19 inches. Spindle power is 17 hp.

The Teorema XE 3/4 is a monoblock version of the unit.
Circle No. 256

The Ravelli Teorema B22-B26-B35 features a bridge structure with a wide range of customization possibilities, with the possibility to add a lathe (fifth axis) and waterjet. The X stroke is 157.5 inches; the Y stroke is 104.5/124/157.5 inches; and the Z stroke is 20/28.5 inches. Spindle power is 17/30 hp.
Circle No. 256

The Ravelli Teorema B 6 axes is for large-scale processing requirements in reduced times and with optimal reliability, the company reports. Its six axes can all be interpolated with each other. The 6th axis is represented by a lathe used to perform process on columns and capitals of large dimensions and sculptures on non-flat surfaces. The X stroke is 3,700/4,500 mm; the Y stroke is 3,700/4,500 mm; and the Z stroke is 1,000/1,300 mm. Spindle power is 30 hp.
Circle No. 256

The Compact CNC workstation from Regent Stone Products is a numerically controlled machining center with three interpolated axes for stone cutting, milling, drilling, polishing, and for manufacturing bath and kitchen countertops. The spindle can be rotated in regard to the Y axis, allowing the execution of inclined surfaces (spindle inclination 5 degrees). The Compact features a PC interfaced with Microsoft Windows 98 or later versions; a color monitor LCD TFT with membrane keyboard, hard disk, floppy disk; software module for managing 256 tools; high-level programming language, expert for CAD/CAM, on-line assistance; and automatic lubrication of the moving parts. Other features include a 12.5-hp main spindle motor; a working area of 130 x 58 inches, and a 25-position tool holder.
Circle No. 277

PetraDAM is a numeric control machining center specifically designed for the stone industry and available from Salem Stone. It is designed to yield unprecedented versatility and flexibility for work on granite, marble natural stone and compounds, according to the company, which adds that it is a sturdy unit with an extremely powerful headstock, quality mechanical elements and protective devices, creating maximum profitability on the customer's investment with a longer service life.

PetraDAM was designed to perform a wide range of operations, including drilling, milling sawing, sculpting, drawing, writing, surface polishing, edging and polishing without moving the workpiece. The tool magazine holds 24 tools.

The design also takes ergonomic concerns into consideration, and it is designed to be easy to learn for those who have never used numeric control units or CAD drawing. This makes it suitable for both unit production and large-scale manufacturing applications. Technical Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions: 12.42 x 20 x 9.8 feet
  • Weight: 24,475 pounds
  • X axis Stroke: 11.8 feet
  • Y axis Stroke: 5.25 feet
  • Z axis Stroke: 1 foot
  • Spindle Power:17 kW/24 hp
  • Spindle Speed: 0 to 16,000 rpm
Circle No. 255

The Sommer & Maca Warrior Merlin CNC machine has a 25-tool interchange capability and can handle profiling and production from start to finish.

This machine allows for slabs to be worked with the polished side up for a clear view of work in progress. A full multi-function, three-axis CNC machine, the Merlin also has a fourth axis for cutting drain boards into countertops. The large, 135- x 70-inch work surface is ¾-inch-thick aluminum plate and makes for a very stable machine. The computer-controlled, variable speed 12.5-hp spindle is durable and efficient. Computer controls are mounted on the operator station as well as on the remote. Overall dimensions are 17 feet wide x 9.5 feet deep x 8.5 feet high. The machine has a 12-month warranty, and parts and service in the U.S. are provided by Somaca.
Circle No. 274

The Thibaut lineup of countertop machining centers, available from EuroStone Machine keeps growing. Ever since its introduction, the T108S has been improved in response to the market. The T108 is now in its fourth incarnation (T108Sv4). Its “big brother,” the bridge-mounted T108L, has followed the same evolution. The machine features a new larger, granite-covered table with a vacuum clamping system. The radial arm sweep has been enlarged, and the new control panel now features a full color touch-screen. Tool changing is simplified with CNC-type mounting cones. All T108s have adjustable air pressure on the spindle for surface polishing, which offers better control in polishing than spring loading or even gravity, Thibaut reports.
Circle No. 272

The flagship of the Thibaut CNC line, the T818, is designed from the ground up as a stoneworking machine, not a retro-fitted glass or metalworking unit. As a result, all exposed surfaces are stainless, galvanized steel or fiberglass, while bellows protect the guide rails. The tool magazine is also protected.

The machine comes standard with 45 tool stations, a “walk-around” table, and an air pressure controlled spindle for surface polishing. A dual table with center magazine is also available as is a fourth axis.

TIBOCAD/TIBOCAM, (a version of TAGLIO®), is universally accepted as the software. It is easily mastered and versatile. The tool library stores 150 tools, including all their parameters.
Circle No. 272

Vytek offers the FX2 to its line of F/X laser systems. Like its predecessors, the FX2 is a fully portable and enclosed laser system with cutting and engraving capabilities. The FX2, with its redesigned appearance, has a smaller footprint of 41 x 48 inches, but does not compromise the large work area within. The FX2 boasts a work area of 36 x 24 inches with a Z-axis adjustment that allows the table to be raised or lowered giving up to 9 inches of clearance for larger objects.

In addition, the Vytek FX2 has an easy-to-read control panel that gives the user multiple line displays to view critical job information such as file name, laser power, speed, run time and resolution. The FX2 also has an expanded viewing area, a built in ethernet connection for PC-machine connectivity, a rear-mounted vacuum duct for fume and dust evacuation, sealed precision roller bearings for longer life, and easy access to all areas of the machine.
Circle No. 254

Material handling and storage

For lifting and maneuvering slabs around the fabrication shop, Anver offers a full range of vacuum lifting equipment. Included is an electric-powered vacuum generator with EZ-Tilt adapter, Offset Bale adapter and Custom Eight-Pad lifting frame.

The unit is capable of lifting and tilting rough and smooth granite slabs from 10 x 6 feet (3.0 x 1.8 m) up to 1,200 pounds (544 kg), according to the company.
Circle No. 253

The Barklow 500 series of interior stone carriers for cargo vans provide safe and secure interior storage for stone vans. Available in a variety of sizes, these carriers can be shipped to the customer for simple do-it-yourself field installation, and custom sizes are also available. Features include 1 ½-inch-square high-tensile tubular steel uprights; steel longitudinal slats with snap-in Barpads® on 8-inch centers; a 5-inch useable ledgeboard; three 1 ½-inch-square high-tensile tubular steel stakes with three Barkleats® each. The units are crated for shipment or installed at Barklow's plant at no charge.

Depending on the vehicle, lengths are 96 to 120 inches and heights are 46, 60 and 72 inches.
Circle No. 252

Barklow Stone Carriers mount approximately 18 inches off the ground, which is the ideal height for loading or unloading stone onto a dolly. Stone, marble or granite is firmly secured by Barklow's exclusive Barpad®, Barkleat® and Stake-LocTM features. Construction is 1 ½- x 1 ½-inch structural tube framework, and it includes removable stakes. The most common size for a stone carrier is 120 inches long x 72 inches high, although everything the company manufactures can be made to custom specifications. Standard 5-inch useable ledgeboard allows up to four 1 ¼-inch pieces of stone, and the carrier is easily field-installed, with no welding required. The unit is manufactured in high-tensile steel, aluminum or stainless steel, and overall payload should not exceed 1,000 pounds per side.
Barklow Stone Carriers
Circle No. 252

A popular stone truck is the 9- or 12-foot Barklow Workhorse, an enclosed aluminum and fiberglass body built on a cab/chassis. Features include interior storage bin with shelves, folding worktable, optional bulkhead toolbox, heavy-duty aluminum step bumper, and rear walk-in doors. The Barklow Workhorse offers security on the jobsite or in the company's lot, as well as a comfortable interior work space for unpleasant climate conditions.

Standard features on the 9-foot Workhorse include: aluminum stone carriers measuring 108 inches long x 96 inches high, 6-inch useable Ledgeboards with a double row of stake slots, six stakes with Barkleats® and hardware, Stake-Loc® self-locking stakes, rubber baseplate pads every 12 inches, full-height locking walk-in doors, heavy duty aluminum step bumper, intermediate rear step between bumper and floor of body, ship-lapped hardwood floor and a translucent roof for interior light.

The granite countertop is loaded on the lower ledgeboard of the stone carrier, and using “Barstack,” the backsplash is loaded just above it.
Circle No. 252

Breton has developed a multi-level magazine for the automatic storage of the slab to be processed as well as for the cut-to-size pieces waiting to be processed on CNC, edge profiler or manual station. The magazine can be equipped with several loading/unloading stations, each one usually utilized by a working center. Along with a bar-coding unit, the system not only eliminates the requirement for manual carts for staging material from the shop floor, but it also moves the pieces automatically to the working stations where they have been requested by the operator. Each working station is equipped with a labeling machine and bar code reader in order to keep track of the pieces and their status (cut, edged, profiled, etc.). This type of system was engineered to be extremely beneficial to those shops producing a high volume of kitchens per day, allowing them to be produced on double or three shifts a day without using hand labor for virtually unattended operation.
Circle No. 296

The new JME slab racks, offered exclusively by Granite City Tool, offer a solution for storing stone slabs. The outside rails are designed to hold 2- x 4-inch wood boards that will protect the racks and stone bottom from scratches. Rubber post caps are available for the posts to further prevent slab scratching.

The rails are made of heavy-duty steel and are blue powder coated. They are 12 inches wide x 5 3/8 inches high x 120 inches long. Each rail has 15 holes that are spaced 6 3/8 inches apart. Four types of 2-inch-wide round posts are offered for various size slabs -- 63 inches, 63 inches-H, 50 inches and 40 inches. The 63-inch-H post (not pictured) has an extra support beam for extra heavy loads, or provides extra safety for the end caps.
Circle No. 290

The 96- x 72-inch, hand-crank worktable from Granite City Tool is built solid and able to handle large pieces, as it has a 1,500-pound capacity. Height Adjustment is 40 to 36 inches, with a hand crank to help lower stone slab onto a saw table. Middle stabilizer bars are spaced 36 inches apart to do sink cutouts, and the unit comes with four 8-inch rubber-cast tires.
Circle No. 290

The GranQuartz “Total Solutions” system for material handling has been conceived to increase productivity by up to 25%, with just one person moving slabs during fabrication. The system utilizes overhead Gorbel workstation cranes, Manzelli vacuum lifters and the selection of Aardwolf booms, lifters, racks, dollies and carts.

Gorbel workstation cranes and Manzelli lifters are a proven way to improve productivity, increase quality, and provide a safer work environment, GranQuartz reports. Whereas, past methods required up to four people to move a piece of stone during fabrication, this is now reduced to one.

Gorbel workstation cranes are engineered for easy installation, and they are available in steel or patented aluminum. Custom-built to the size of any shop, the free-standing overhead cranes weight capacities range from 250 to 4,000 pounds.

Manzelli lifter models range in capacities of 1,100 to 4,400 pounds and include many standard features, which as automatic safety alarms for sufficient vacuum power, adjustable vacuum plates to fit different pieces such as L-shape tops, rubber gaskets to lift polished, honed or some rough-cut materials (may reduce load capacity), vertical/horizontal tilt from 0 to 90 degrees, an emergency backup reservoir if the primary air supply is interrupted, a vacuum line filter to trap dust and moisture, an overhead hooking eyebolt and an electro-welded and corrosion-resistant steel frame.
Circle No. 251

Groves Inc. has a wide variety of stone handling and storage systems available to the industry. New heavy-duty bundle racks, designed for jumbo slabs, hold up to nine slabs or 9,000 pounds between two pair of posts.
Circle No. 250

Groves standard bundle racks will hold up to 6,000 pounds per opening. The rails have a patented designed slot in the bottom rails, which holds 2- x 4-inch wood boards for protecting the bottom edges of the slabs. A new rail connector tube connects the rails together in a straight line for added safety.
Circle No. 250

Groves transport racks are specifically designed to handle the required sizes and weights. The company has two sizes rated at a 4,000-pound capacity, used for safe transporting of fabricated stone. Both racks feature hold-down bars to secure the load, removable casters, forklift hoops and a galvanized finish.

New transport racks with a 10,000-pound capacity are used for transporting full slabs, holding up to 5,000 pounds per side. Ratchet straps hold the load in place while transporting. For added safety, removable tubes are placed on the outside of the slabs when removing the hold down straps.
Circle No. 250

Groves' new display rack is designed for showrooms and will hold eight full-size countertops. The heavy-duty framework holds up to 3,000 pounds, or 350 pounds per top.
Circle No. 250

Single- and double-sided shop carts from Groves are used in the shop or on the jobsite, and the company has a variety of A-frames, stacking racks, tilt and fabrication tables, as well as stone-lifting slings and other products.
Circle No. 250

Countertop installers can create tight and level seams possible with the Seam Master from Hard Rock Tool. Dual leveling adjustments allow for four-way adjustment at the front and back of a seam. Heavy-duty pump actuated Wood's Powr Grip suction cups securely hold pieces in place while the adhesive sets. For best results, two Seam Masters should be used, according to Hard Rock Tool.
Circle No. 268

Dal Forno handling equipment from International Machine Corp. represents over 30 years in the field of lifting and handling equipment. The company is a supplier of: jib cranes, including column and bracket models; electric chain hoists and rope hoists; over-head suspended installation and lifting units; closing pliers; suction pads; manipulators; and vacuum pumps.

Vacuum suction pads are available in load capacities ranging from 125 to 4,000 kg. A vacuum lifting unit -- combined with lifting equipment -- allows the handling of solid materials (marbles, glass, wood, metal sheets, etc.) using the suction force created by a vacuum generator and limited by the area of the suction pad. The Dal Forno unit is designed for versatility as well as ease of use.
Circle No. 288

The Parallign Gorilla Grip clamping system for stone products is available from Monument Toolworks. Seams are quickly opened or closed just by running the palm of your hand over the roller nut. Ball bearings and a polished thread acme screw push or pull on the connecting rod. This system provides speedy and powerful clamping with a minimum of effort.

The two clamp halves are aligned with precision ground steel guide rods. These rods are anchored to one side, and slide in precision bronze sleeves on the other side. The photo at left shows two pieces of engineered stone with one Gorilla clamp over the seam. These pieces are supported only at the ends.

An electric vacuum pump is used to insure reliable, consistent and powerful clamping of the pods to the deck, according to Monument Toolworks.
Circle No. 249

Regent Stone Products features the Abaco A-Frame. From raw material to finished piece, the material stays on the A-frame right to the front door. It comes standard with four ratchet-style, rubber-lined bars, which secure and protect the material during transport. The frame may be lifted with a forklift, and it has two eyelets for use with an overhead crane. It has removable wheels so workers can easily move the loaded A-frame around the shop. The Abaco A-Frame is ideal for moving and storing material within the factory, or for transporting finished material to building sites, Regent reports.
Circle No. 277

The Sommer and Maca Warrior heavy-duty rocker table features all-welded steel construction with four 5-inch casters and lets workers load and move large pieces of stone, work on edges, sink cutouts and corners without removing the stone, and then load the material onto the truck. The table has a 32-inch working height when horizontal, and includes removable stops and casters with foot-operated brakes to hold the table in position. The table has a working surface measuring 60 x 72 inches, and it tilts from 19 to 90 degrees.
Circle No. 274

The Lam-Clampâ„¢ by Omni Cubed Design, available from VIC International is a fabrication tool designed specifically for laminating natural and engineered stone. Lam-Clamps are designed for optimum speed, seam quality and durability, VIC reports. The longer lengths feature a spring-loaded holding claw, which keeps the clamp in place during stone alignment. The Lam-Clamps are made from aluminum, stainless steel and zinc-plated steel, and they are available in lengths of 5 and 10 inches as well as 2, 3, 4 and 6 feet - -offering a clamping range of 36 to 66 mm (1.4 to 2.6 inches).
Circle No. 248

Wood's Powr-Grip manufactures a variety of hand cups, below-the-hook vacuum lifters and other products for lifting stone and related products. Powr-Grip's hand-held vacuum cups provide a convenient handle on smooth, nonporous surfaces. Hand cups are used to lift and position stone slabs, facades, countertops and flooring, as well as to move appliances in and out of work areas. Features include a red-line vacuum indicator and rust-resistant components, designed for conditions normally associated with stone processing.

Powr-Grip's below-the-hook vacuum lifters are available in a variety of models, including rotators, tilters and rotator/tilter combinations, specially designed for the installation and fabrication of stone products. Lifters feature conveniently located handles and controls, vacuum filters and corrosion-resistant materials, and are available with AC, DC or compressed air vacuum systems. Load capacities range from 300 to 1,500 pounds.
Circle No. 247

Tooling and accessories

Abrasive Technology's latest High Output Diamond CNC Edging System is designed for optimum production. Operators may use all five steps for complete, automatic machine processing through final polish; or use three steps for manual polishing for the final polish. The five-step system is devised of metal, brazed and all-diamond resin tooling for an array of fully interchangeable diamond tools. The initial shapes offered are arris, bullnose, straight and ogee in 3-cm stones using 35-mm bore tooling. Abrasive Technology offers a strip and replate program for the brazed P.B.S.® tools.
Circle No. 246

Abrasive Technology's Super-Rok™ P.B.S.® diamond discs are extremely rugged and are designed for use on granite, marble, limestone and concrete. Suited for installation crews and fabrication shops, these discs are used for grout chasing, fitting and shaping edges, roughing, texturing and surfacing. Super-Rok™ was engineered for rapid material removal, making them well suited as all around grinding tools. The discs can be used wet or dry. The discs are available in 4- and 7-inch diameters in formed or mounted configurations. Grit sizes include 40 extra coarse and medium 100.
Circle No. 246

Abrasive Technology's 5-inch Super-Edgeâ„¢ discs are designed for use on multi-head in-line automated edge-polishing machinery. These discs are engineered to polish marble, granite, synthetic and agglomerated stones with ease. They can be installed immediately after a metal bond forming or shaping tool. A final buff is generally not required, the company reports. These 5-inch snail-lock discs come in grit sizes from 50 to 3,500.
Circle No. 246

Abrasive Technology's Super-Edgeâ„¢ 5-Step Polishing System is designed to increase production on C-frame edge polishing machines. The first two metal bond cup wheels have been reformulated for free-cutting action, enabling faster edge shaping and honing. The system is designed to increase production by decreasing the number of passes required to achieve a polish. To take full advantage of the increased performance, users should adjust the operating parameters of their machines, such as miter angles, traverse speed and stop settings. All the tools are snail-lock mounted for quick changeover. A new, thicker 8-mm thick snail-lock backplate for the resin grits saves time by eliminating the need to adjust and lower the hard stop when switching from the metal cup wheels to the resin polishing discs.
Circle No. 246

Abrasive Technology's 4-inch Straight-Edge™ Diamond Discs are designed for polishing straight edges using C-frame automatic machinery. The discs eliminate workpiece end scratches and polish flat edges with fast results in an unsurpassed finish quality, the company reports. The system includes six steps from calibrating to final buff. It is ideal for edges ¾ inches or thicker, and includes a buffing disc for an extra high-gloss finish on granite.
Circle No. 246

Now on sale at Braxton-Bragg, the new Terminator Xtreme Blade offers patented Array Technology that has not been introduced to the stone industry until now, the company reports. This new technology results in a cut of exceptional speed. The blades are available in 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 24 inches in silent core, sandwich segments. The Terminator Xtreme also offers a 15-mm-height rim with extraordinary life, Braxton-Bragg reports, staying true throughout the life of the blade and able to rip a backsplash in just one pass. The blades also offer proven Terminator design, quality and long life.
Circle No. 245

Braxton-Bragg profile and polishing wheels are designed to give professional results when used with a single-speed router. The special manufacturing process uses an extra thick layer of resin-bond diamond abrasives to achieve a professional polish in only six steps. Other special features include Position 1 wheels that are very aggressive, a built-in “tracer eraser” and a 6-mm-thick resin bond on Position 6 wheels.
Circle No. 245

Braxton-Bragg now offers the Terminator Inline Polishing System for multi-head machines, available in 4-, 5-, and 6-inch snail-lock wheels, for use on both engineered stone and granite. The same pads can be used for bullnose and flat edges, and they provide a high-quality polish in six or eight step systems. The wheels require very low pressure, which reduces stress on spindle heads for longer life and work great on a broad range of multi-head machines.
Circle No. 245

Consolidated Diamond manufactures CNC tooling in any custom shape for all popular machines. The company uses a sequence of precision-matched CNC routers bits to shape and put on a full polish on granite, marble and engineered stone. Products are manufactured in the U.S., and the company reports that it is able to design, produce and deliver in as little as 10 working days.

Consolidated reports that it manufactures over 400 different shapes of router bits for granite fabrication, including common edges as well as unique unusual requests. Some custom work includes special edging tools to complement woodwork or an antique edge from a custom cabinet or furnishing.
Circle No. 244

Diamant Boart has created a complete new range of blades, simplifying and improving the existing range in order to give a clear choice to its customers. Commercial brand names include the Euroserie, which covers the range of standard blades for marble and granite cutting, with a diamond height of 5 or 7 mm for marble and 12-mm pagoda segments for granite. This range is available with electroplated continuous rim, with Turbo segments, and segmented blades with narrow or wide slots.

The Magnum XL covers the range of segmented blades used exclusively for granite cutting. It has a higher segment height than Euroserie 10, 12 and 20 mm with Creneaux segments. Diamant Boart reports that the Magnum is the best investment for anyone seeking the lowest price per cut.

All of the new blades feature a new design, diamond height and packing.
Circle No. 243

Diamax Industries Inc., the creators of Cyclone, has improved upon its existing technology to create that same high-luster shine in a new extended version called Cyclone HexaDry. The all-new Cyclone HexaDry polishing disc is designed to be the longest lasting dry polishing disk on the market. With an increased life by 20%, users can still count on achieving a high-gloss finish, Diamax reports. Cyclone HexaDry is now available at Regent Stone Products and VIC International.
Circle No. 242

Diamond Productions Canada's True-Form profile tools, designed for use on hand-held grinders, are a “quantum leap” in efficiency and cost saving in making profile edges. These tools are made with built-in rotating spacers at the top and at the bottom to stop grinding once the desired profile has been attained, preventing error during operation. The profile tools are engineered to maintain their profile throughout the life of the tool, and the high diamond exposure results in fast, aggressive shaping of granite, marble and other natural stone materials. The workpiece is left with a gentle scratch pattern ready for final polishing, extending the life of the diamond resin polishing discs.
Circle No. 241

Diamond Production Canada's standard profile wheels are designed to grind, shape and polish. These wheels provide a complete system to bring the workpiece to a final shape and polish, and they are available in all shapes and heights required. The profile wheels come in Position 1 segmented for rough shaping and grinding; Positions 2 and 3 for final grinding and shaping; and Position 4, 5, 6 and 7 for final polishing. Available shapes are full bullnose, demi-bullnose, Ogee, Dupont, bevel, etc.
Circle No. 241

Diamond Productions Canada's Turbo cup wheels are fast, aggressive and smooth running. The aluminum body results in a light, easy-to-handle tool, the company reports, and they are available in a 4-inch - 5/8 - thread and coarse, medium and fine grits.
Circle No. 241

Diamond Productions Canada's engineered stone/dry granite polishing pads polish engineered stone to a high gloss when used wet and polish natural stone when used dry.
Circle No. 241

Diamond Productions Canada's Shine Pads are uniquely blended for flat and edge polishing. These pads are particularly effective on both half and full bullnose shapes.

Shine Pads are suited for granite and engineered stone. The Shine Pads bring out the natural color of the stone, preparing the stone for final polishing and leaving a brilliant color, the company reports. These pads grind very quickly and smoothly, lasting longer than resin pads in the rougher grits. Using Shine Pads in the rough grits will extend the life of the resin pads in the final polishing grits. All Shine Pads are Velcro backed to attach easily to the grinder. The pads are available in 4- and 5-inch diameters and grits of 30, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1,500 and 3,000.
Circle No. 241

DS Dong Sin North America manufactures drum wheels for granite counter fabrication. Used on all popular portable hand-held grinders as well as workstation type machines, they enable shopworkers to shape sink bowls and other curved edges. Designed with safety in mind, they are waterfed to eliminate dust and provide for longer tool life. Quality slanted segments eliminate bouncing and give a smoother feel to the tool. The wheels are now available in sizes of 2, 3 and 4 inches with heights of 35 and 45 mm.
Circle No. 240

Ghines offers shaped wheels for CNC and portable machines. The company has taken advantage of each diamond processing technique (sintering, vacuum-brazing, electro-plating, vulcanization) and obtained a premium set of shaped wheels.

The segmented-sintered green wheel allows a rough shaping of the workpiece, ensuring easy and quick stock removal. The vacuum-brazed black wheel was engineered to always keep its true shape and ensure an accurate and unchanging shaping. The electro-plated red wheel is designed for optimum honing, never losing its shape. The metallic yellow wheel was designed with fine diamond application and high mechanical precision to offer optimum finishing quality.

The vulcanized wheels, manufactured under a Ghines patent, incorporate the diamonds into a rubber strip devoid of any irregularities. They have a controlled expansion that allows a perfect contour with no pressure, according to the company, matching until the desired polishing is achieved.
Circle No. 295

Ghines has also updated its Flat Line series for processing and polishing flat surfaces. In this series, the well-known Ghines Tools philosophy remains unchanged: the progressive cutting capacity is identified by a sequence of different colors (green, black, red, yellow, white, blue, orange). The sintered green tools allow a stock removal on the workpiece. The vacuum-brazed black tools ensure accurate shaping. The electro-plated red tools are for optimum honing, while the yellow, white, blue and orange tools allow users to achieve the desired polishing level.

The Flat Line series works both on the flat surface and on the inclined edge.
Circle No. 295

Ghines has also introduced a new set of discs for processing and polishing grooves on the slab. Again, the well-known Ghines Tools philosophy remains unchanged: the progressive cutting capacity is identified by a sequence of different colors (green, black, red, yellow, white, blue, orange). The vacuum-brazed black tools ensure accurate shaping. The electro-plated red tools are for optimum honing, while the metallic yellow tools allow users to achieve the desired polishing level. The vulcanized white, blue and orange tools incorporate diamond into a rubber strip with no irregularities, with controlled expansion allowing for a perfect contour.
Circle No. 295

New Blue Diamond router bits from Granite City Tool are designed for aggressive performance that will hold their shape using advanced electro-plate technology. These bits are designed for longevity and can be sent back to Granite City Tool for re-plating.
Circle No. 290

Granite City Tool worked extensively with a diamond tool producer to develop its DX Diamond Polishing Pads, based on fabricator requests for a pad that gives superior performance and long life on a wide variety of natural stone. They were also designed to avoid falling off their backer pads before the diamond wears out, with high-quality hook-and-loop backing. As a result, the company reports that the DX pads have become its top seller. The series includes grits from 50 to 3,000, plus both the black-and-white and the final polish pad.
Circle No. 290

Blue Diamond Slasher blades are sold exclusively by Granite City Tool to cut both granite and marble with optimum speed. They are offered in a variety of sizes from 6 to 24 inches, all with silent cores. The company will re-tip blades sized 14 inches and higher to save money for its customers.
Circle No. 290

GranQuartz has announced the latest innovations to its line of CNC tooling from ADI. The first innovation is a new, patented line of small-diameter profile CNC tooling. The second innovation is a revolutionary, new finger bit that features a patented water-cooling system.

ADI has designed and patented a solution for profiling sink cutouts and other small radius curves: a new line of 20-mm-diameter profile wheels. These new profile tools offer the precision control and accessibility of a 20-mm tool, GranQuartz reports. ADI's small-diameter tools come in seven positions, four sintered metal wheels and three abrasive polish wheels. These new profile tools are currently available in the following profiles: AR20, AR30, AR40, T20, T30, Z20, Z30, Z40, ZR20, ZR30, ZR40, ZS20, ZS30 and ZS40.

The ADI Goldfinger finger bit combines a unique segment design (for speed) and a patented water-cooling system. The Goldfinger offers optimum speed for engineered stone as well as granite, and it is available in 35-mm and 48-mm lengths.
Circle No. 251

The latest GranQuartz technology in bridge saw blades is the Black Magic Duo-Cut, which was designed with multi-material fabricators in mind. This blade cuts both natural and engineered stone, and it will cut up to 16 feet per minute in engineered stone and up to 10 feet per minute in granite, the company reports. In addition, the Duo-Cut blade has shown double the life of the standard Black Magic blade for users cutting engineered stone, according to GranQuartz. The Black Magic Duo-Cut blade takes the precision cutting, long life, and speed of cut from the standard Black Magic Blade and brings it to the engineered stone fabricator. Each blade is built around a high-quality silent core with full 20-mm segments. The segments are arranged in a split design for fast-cutting action. The Duo-Cut is available in 14-, 16-, and 18-inch diameters with a standard 60-mm arbor. GranQuartz offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on these blades and also offers arbors to fit any saw at no additional charge.
Circle No. 251

The hot new design trend of “antiquing” or “river washing” marble and granite to create a soft textured surface is now available in the standard shop, due to new brushes from Hard Rock Tool. These unique brushes fit on polishers, radial arm and floor machines and are available in 46, 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, and 500 grits to help produce a custom surface.
Circle No. 268

The Hard Rock Tool Mach5 router system transforms air polishers or electric grinders into lightweight, compact and easy-to-use profiling machines, the company reports. The small footprint of the Mach5 was designed to make it an affordable solution for shaping and polishing the inside of sink cutouts, backsplashes or even as an extra router.
Circle No. 268

Italdiamant specializes in cutting saw blades from 7 inches to 11 feet with high-quality silent and solid cores. Diamonds are provided in a large specification of heights, including 10, 15 and 20 mm for saw blades from 10 to 36 inches. The company maintains a technical personnel to guarantee the necessary expertise needed to support its distributors nationwide.
Circle No. 239

Keystone Tools has introduced the new Combatâ„¢ silent core diamond blade, which is engineered for cutting a wider variety of granite, marble and other natural stone. They can be used with low- or high-horsepower bridge saws.

Available in both 14 and 16 inches, these fantastic blades feature a 20-mm-tall diamond segment, high diamond concentration, fast-cutting, long-life and consistent performance throughout the entire blade life, Keystone reports. In addition, the blade is designed with a special matrix that eliminates the need for redressing.
Circle No. 266

Keystone Tools also offers a turbo blade that was designed for optimum speed with a competitive price, the Reconâ„¢ Turbo Blade. Designed with an 8-mm-high diamond rim and available in 4 through 7 inches, the Keystone Tools Recon blade is designed to cut granite extremely fast with little to no chipping. The special matrix and cooling holes keep the blade cool while cutting, thus increasing blade life and eliminating the need for cooling intervals.
Circle No. 266

The Hogger 45 CNC tool from K-Logic was designed for fast stock removal on granite, marble and other hard stone varieties. This tool removes a large quantity of material from the start, allowing for ogee, half bullnose, cove, Dupont and other edges. It can operate at 7,000 rpm with a feed rate of 2,000 mm per minute.
Circle No. 238

Marmoelettromeccanica USA/Regent Stone Products offers a line of diamond tools for manual and CNC machines. Complete sets include the Frangistone/Position 0, a unique rough-shaping wheel that uses a series of horizontally placed diamond discs that cut and break the stone surface, as opposed to pulverizing it. This method of rough grinding of the edge decreases the time it takes to prepare the stone for the shaping process, the company reports.

The three sintered bits that shape and hone the edge are continuous-face diamond wheels that leave the edge free of linear lines and ready for the polishing process to begin. The Longlife polishing wheels consist of three bits, and feature a unique diamond surface that covers the entire face of the bit. The Longlife bits are designed to last three to four times as long as traditional bits that use diamond strips, in addition to providing a perfect line-free polish, according to the company.

The Zenith Position 1 and 2 sintered diamond wheels offer a long lifespan and optimum grinding power. The Bipower Position 3 tools is a diamond rectifying wheel, while the Longlife Positions 4, 5 and 6 polishing wheels were designed to have a long lifespan, impact resistance, and they eliminate linear lines.
Circle No. 277

Metabo Corp. now offers a 7-inch polisher that provides 40% more torque and 70% more rated input power than the previous model, the company reports. The new PE12-175 features a contoured, ergonomic grip on the gear housing, allowing for comfortable and continuous use in a variety stoneworking applications.

The polisher's 1,200W motor provides optimum overload capacities and a longer life expectancy. The increased torque of 124 inch-pounds provides more power and control, enabling more efficient tool use. Additionally, with Vario Tacho Constamatic speed control, the polisher's speed can be infinitely varied from the lowest to the highest value, while maintaining the tool's no-load speed of 700 to 2,200 rpm. This enables consistent polishing across an entire surface as well as from job to job.

The tool's spindle stop enables quick and easy disc changes, the aluminum gear housing ensures a long tool life, and the side handle gives users more control when maneuvering the polisher, which weighs 4.8 pounds.
Circle No. 237

Metabo has also introduced a variable-speed grinder with a wide speed range. The WE14-125 VS 5-inch angle grinder is ideal for both grinding and cutting stone when full speed, and can also be dialed down to low speed for stone finishing and polishing.

The new unit is powered by a 12-amp motor, with special winding protection that prevents damage from dust for longer motor life. Disc speed is variable from 3,000 to 10,500 rpm (no-load). Vario Tacho Constamatic (VTC) electronics provide speed stabilization under load for efficient material removal. Maximum torque is 29 inch-pounds.

The grinder features Metabo's “Quick” wheel-change system, enabling rapid tool-less changes for increased productivity. The wheel guard can also be adjusted without tools, allowing operators to quickly shift from grinding to cutting. The unit is equipped with the Metabo S automatic safety clutch, which prevents sudden reverse torque in the event of a jam. The electronic thermal overload protection shuts down the tool if it gets too hot while operating at reduced speeds, which can cause increased temperatures. The grinder also features current interruption protection, a spindle lock, a low profile aluminum die cast gear housing, an electronic winding temperature monitor with LED display and auto-stop carbon brushes.
Circle No. 237

The APEXX Router Bit from Ocean Diamond Tools features a metal-bond matrix, optimum diamond concentration and high-grade diamond grits. This assures optimum speed and durability, the company reports, and the brass core will not ruse, making it easy to change the bit. Ocean reports that any special profiles can be custom made and delivered within one to two weeks.
Circle No. 236

After nearly two years of product development, Pearl is pleased to announce the arrival of Pearl Fusionâ„¢, an extensive line of completely re-engineered diamond blades, cup wheels, core bits, polishing pads and abrasive products. A new revolutionary AMPTM bonding system offers optimum performance, especially when used on harder surfaces, the company reports.

Pearl has replaced traditional production lines with highly efficient “Cell-Based Manufacturing Centers™,” which enables the company to provide quality products with lower production costs. This has also enabled Pearl to develop a “Batch Testing SystemTM,” for optimum quality control. Moreover, using automated testing equipment, Pearl has made thousands of cuts and has precisely measured cutting performance.

Products in the Fusion Series include the Professional Series of granite turbo blades, which have a 10-mm matrix for superior life and AMP5 bonding for an ultra-fast cut. It also includes the Professional Series of granite turbo blades, which have an 8-mm matrix for long life and AMP4 bonding for a fast cut.

Other products in the Fusion Series include electroplated marble blades, professional wet core bits, granite cup wheels, hook-and-loop abrasive discs, PVA silicon carbide polishing discs and diamond polishing pads.
Circle No. 235

Pearl Abrasive Co. has also introduced new diamond blade technology called SPEEDRIVERâ„¢. Diamond blades and grinding cup wheels manufactured with this new technology are designed with a special enhanced matrix that allows them to cut or grind at incomparable speeds compared to traditional diamond products, Pearl reports. A new proprietary bonding process enhances the way the metal bond and diamonds merge, and has allowed for a significant increase in diamond concentration without an increase in cost, according to Pearl. This new-engineered matrix technology allows for the modification of diamond matrix for specific applications.

The blades also feature a special steel core engineered to withstand tremendous heat, resulting in improved cutting stability even at increased cutting speeds. A higher diamond concentration also dramatically improves the cutting speed.

The first product line manufactured with the SPEEDRIVERâ„¢ technology is the new GRTX series of granite blades. Available from 4 to 7 inches, this new diamond blade is designed for use on granite and other hard natural stone materials. The GRTX blade has a full useable 8-mm diamond rim height, and is available in standard arbors as well as a four-screw hole configuration for flush cutting.
Circle No. 235

The next line manufactured with the SPEEDRIVERâ„¢ technology by Pearl Abrasive Co. is the Multi-EFX, cup wheel and turbo blades for general purpose use. It has tested to work well on hard materials such as granite, marble, hard brick and concrete. Available in 4 inches in coarse and medium grits, the new Multi-EFXâ„¢ cup wheel has a variety of features, including an extremely fast grinding and cutting speed; the ability to be used on variety of materials such as granite, marble, brick, concrete and more.

The Multi-EFX turbo blade is available in 4 through 7 inches and has holes in the steel core for user-friendly cooler grinding or cutting.
Circle No. 235

Primax Diamond Tool, Inc. introduces its “Premium” line of Caiman® wet polishing pads, which feature a 3-mm diamond height and come in a 4-inch diameter. All Caiman polishing pads are color coded and are available in the following grits: 50-lime, 100-white, 200-yellow, 400-blue, 800-orange, 1,500-green, and 3,000-red, final-black & white.
Circle No. 234

Primax Diamond Tool, Inc. offers a new five-step polishing system for single-head C-frame edge polishing machines. The Caiman line polishing system includes an 8-mm-thick Position 1 and 2 (metal) for high-speed stock removal. The system also features rigid resin polishing pads in Positions 3 to 5, including an optional Position 6 for a premium shine on dark stones. The system is engineered to achieve a superior glossy shine on all flat or curved edges.
Circle No. 234

Primax Diamond Tool, Inc. offers Caiman diamond blades with an extra-rigid core for increased durability, a 10-mm diamond rim height for longevity, and narrow teeth to ensure a chip-free, fast-cutting performance. Each blade comes with cooling holes and a four-screw configuration for easy mounting a quad adapter. These blades are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 8 inches in diameter.
Circle No. 234

In 2005, Primax Diamond Tool, Inc. launched its line of Caiman sintered router bits for profiling natural stone, which were engineered for fast grinding and profiling for the most common shapes. The router bits fit all industry hand-held routers, the company reports.
Circle No. 234

The Craftsman Choice line of tooling from Regent Stone Products has been expanded and improved to include polishing pads for both natural and engineered stone; turbo blades; segmented and thin wall core bits; cup wheels; silicone carbide abrasives; bridge saw blades and dry diamond polishing pads. All of these items have been field tested under the most demanding conditions to insure their performance so the fabricator gets consistent results every time, according to Regent.
Circle No. 277

Sommer and Maca's diamond saw blade, Warrior Platinum Plus blades will cut most natural and engineered stone with ease, the company reports. Fabricators can choose Supreme (the highest quality blade available from the company) Premium (with high quality and price) or Standard (offering performance and value).
Circle No. 274

Warrior Ultra 7 Pads from Sommer and Maca feature unique bonding technology that hold diamonds intact longer and do not sheer the diamond, resulting in better cutting and polishing results, the company reports. They are extremely flexible and work well on natural and engineered stone. The results on hard-to-polish surfaces like Ubatuba and Black Galaxy are particularly efficient, according to Sommer and Maca. The final polish step is best done with a dry pad and a fine water mist.
Circle No. 274

The Panther Boss line of products from Stone Boss offers a full line of inexpensive high-quality diamond products for all your stone-working needs. Included are Panther 4-inch wet pads, the Panther 5-inch blade for dry cutting and XL blades, among many others.
Circle No. 233

Tenax patented the Filiflex and Airflex brushes in September of 2004. These brushes leave a smooth finish and bring up the color of the stone. The resulting finish can be used also for countertops. They come in a range of different styles: 14-cm fickert, Frankfurt style, 4-, 5- and 6-inch snail-lock or Velcro-backed attachment.
Circle No. 232

Finegrain polishing diamond abrasives from Tenax are available in 4, 5 and 6 inches. They usually last up to 10 times longer than regular magnesite bricks, according to Tenax, and they work well on any kind of edge polishers. The abrasives come in different grits as well as a special version for quartz surfaces (engineered stone).
Circle No. 232

Trow & Holden's new Stone Buster has both a carbide-tipped blade for splitting stone and a specially tempered striking head for use with hand tools. The heavy-duty carbide blade can also be placed on the stone and the head struck with another hammer for even more powerful splitting action. The Stone Buster is available with either a vertical or a horizontal blade.
Circle No. 231

The carbide Comfort Grip Hand Point is Trow & Holden's heaviest carbide-tipped point, perfect for rugged work in hard stone. Its round shank and finger grips give it a secure and comfortable feel for more powerful blows, according to the company, and the carbide-tipped hammer point is mounted on a sturdy cushion-grip fiberglass handle. It can be swung or struck, delivering a powerful blow while keeping the user's hand away from the action.
Circle No. 231

The carbide-tipped mason's chipper from Trow & Holden has a sturdier blade design and a tougher carbide tip than a traditional chipper, the company reports, while the carbide-tipped Rocko hand tool feature angled blades that allow the tool to be held in a vertical position while pitching edges.
Circle No. 231

Whether it's surfacing, drilling, or anchoring W.F. Meyers polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools offer a quick cut and accurate results, the company reports, adding that with these PCD tooling bits, users get the same shape cut after cut, job after job. Routing bits, shaping tools and cutting tools perform with optimum efficiently, and W.F. Meyers can design and manufacture wear-resistant, form-holding tools for special forming and surfacing applications.

W.F. Meyers polycrystalline
diamond (PCD) tools
Circle No. 230

Diversified Shop Products

Braxton-Bragg introduces Instant Install 29 products for countertop installation, lamination and repair. Instant Install allows 29 minutes from application to drying, and it will not stick to polished surfaces for fast cleaning with a razor after drying. It has a simple 1-1 mix ratio with 14 minutes of slab adjustment time and rapidly dries in 15 additional minutes, summer or winter. Instant Install will not fall, crack, shrink or stain the stone, according to Braxton-Bragg. For indoor applications only, it is tintable, polishes easily and has no toxic fumes of odor, and it is packaged in easy-pour resealable containers to eliminate spills and messes.
Circle No. 245

Cemar Electro presents its model CL-830B laser, configured especially for bridge saw applications. With 30mw of laser power, it is the company's most powerful laser available and Cemar backs it with a solid warranty and service. The CL-830B features a patented “Linear Lens” and state-of-the-art “Powershift” technology. It also comes complete with a bracket which is simple to mount and easy to adjust and a power supply that wires directly into the panel and works with both 110 and 220 W power. Cemar Electro has a 48-hour turnaround and a two-year warranty on repairs.
Circle No. 229

For 15 years, ECS Water Treatment LLC has exclusively manufactured water treatment plants, which clean the water from production without using any chemical flocculants. During this period, the enterprise has acquired a lot of experience, and one solution is the VCM complete plant. This plant combines all components required for the operation of a closed water circuit in a single machine. The plant includes:

  • high-performance clarifier with a dirty-water pump for extremely clean water
  • chamber filter press for efficient sludge drying
  • pressure-increasing plant for returning the clarified water to the production machines
  • 1,200-gallon fresh-water storage tank
  • completely automatic Siemens control system with touch panel
  • overnight self-cleaning system.
High-performance pumps ensure trouble-free clarification and constantly high-water pressure for the machines. The clarified water is so clean that even CNC machines can use it without damage to the spindle, ECS reports. The plant requires a minimum of space of approximately 6 to 10 square meters, and can be easily integrated into any factory. Installation is simplified because the plant is supplied completely mounted.

This plant is offered in various sizes, no matter how large the shop is, and the company has established a branch in the U.S. to service American customers.
Circle No. 228

GranQuartz protective installation films protect countertop installers from paying home installation damages, with a wide range of protective films and covers. The countertop protective film is well-suited for natural stone and engineered surfaces. In a convenient 24-inch-wide and 600-foot-long roll, the 4-mil, adhesive-backed film is scratch resistant and easy to apply. Its protective strength even allows a portable router to be used on top without scratching the stone surface, GranQuartz reports.

Floors are protected with a heavy-duty absorbent runner. The reusable fabric runner absorbs liquids into the material and keeps floors safe from damage. Runners are 36 inches wide in a 100-foot roll.

The bathtub protector is a 40-mil poly liner with integrated foam padding for extra protection. It installs in seconds and protects against many installation hazards, such as paint spray, caulk or scratches.

Door jam protectors install in seconds without tools or tape, and offer low cost protection of wood doorways with reusable foam.

Keep thresholds and trim safe with threshold/trim protection tape. The tape prevents dirt and water damage with abrasion resistant PVC backing. The 6-inch-wide and 108-foot-long roll also has a UV inhibitor to withstand outdoor exposure.
Circle No. 251

The Dust Hive dust collection system from Hard Rock Tool has been engineered to create a cleaner and healthier working environment. The Dust Hive's high-volume capacity and easy-to-clean, reusable, dual-stage filters make it a valuable part of a shop's dust-control program, the company reports. The units are suspended from the ceiling and will not take up floor space.
Circle No. 268

U.S. Centrifuge and IGE Solutions are offering water recycling with centrifugal separation technology. This specially developed/pre-engineered water clarifying system, featuring the accelerated settling force of an automated self-cleaning centrifuge, is designed to clarify and recycle the water from a combination of stone fabricating machinery such as multiple saws, straight-line edgers, and/or CNC machines. This system features U.S. Centrifuge's new Duramatic Model A440 automatic self-cleaning centrifuge with separately driven plow system, PLC-based centrifuge/system control panel, heavy-duty steel machine support stand, integrated 1,500-gallon conical sedimentation tank with integrated centrifuge feed pump, 200-gallon clarified water receiving tank with automatic float switch-controlled life pump, and 100-gpm at 60 psi pressurized “on-demand” water return system.
Circle No. 289

Pedrini produces partially or totally automated resining lines for marble and granite slabs or strips, with productive capacity from six up to 40 trays/hour. The trays conveying slabs or strip sets feature a thick mesh surface to prevent fragments from falling along the line.

The operating components of the automatic loaders/unloaders -- with suction planes designed for loading and unloading slabs or strips -- move along overhung runways.

Motorized comb roller devices, installed on rotating supports, are available upon request and enable to overturn the slabs for applying a reinforcement mesh.

Horizontal handling is achieved by motorized roller conveyors supported by sides in very thick structural works. The vertical tray handling is achieved by sturdy lifts sliding along four columns and controlled by two synchronized ratiomotors, obtaining very fast and extremely controlled movements while accelerating and stopping.

The resin can be applied manually or by special robots, and the line can be equipped with a vacuum chamber to increase the resin penetration. The highly insulated drying and curing ovens have been designed for the optimum management of heat sources.
Circle No. 278

Right Manufacturing Systems Rock Tumblers are available in 14,000- (4DH) and 8,000-pound (3DH) capacity models priced very economically. Both models offer the following benefits:

  • Easy one person operation
  • Very low breakage
  • Portable and ready to tumble within 10 minutes
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Tumbles dimensional, flag and end cuts
  • Customizable options, including loading door, waste grate, drum thickness, and motors
Circle No. 227

Right Manufacturing's Vibratory Tile Tumbler has a 50-square-foot capacity and is able to tumble fragile stone and tile that is 11/2 inches or thinner. Additionally, it features very high recovery rates; water replenishment and filtration hook-ups; replaceable polyurethane liner; and an 8-foot-long drum. The company will offer 12-foot and 16-foot drums starting in the fall of 2005, and a flat table vibratory tumbler for large tile will be available 2006.
Circle No. 227

Right Manufacturing's Finished Product Chain Conveyor comes in 10- to 60-foot lengths and is easily adaptable to other machinery. The machine is engineered to increase production with flexible steel belting. It separates waste material from finished product, and moves tumbled product away from machine for stacking. It also reduces employee fatigue and injury, reports the company.
Circle No. 227

Fraccaroli and Balzan (F&B) manufactures a cost-effective, simple-to-use solids separator, available from Salem Stone. This unit is capable of efficiently separating stone particulate from the water used in any stone-processing application -- from sawing to CNC edge profiling. Reclaiming and recycling process water will greatly cut production costs to any operation and easily pay for itself in most applications just months, according to Salem Stone. The F&B unit employs a combination of a low-cost flocculent and simple mechanical filter press to “clean” water that can be recycled back through CNC spindles.

Wastewater coming from the stone-processing plant is collected in a pit or tank where a float-actuated submersed pump automatically pumps the slurry into the cylindrical decant tank. Before reaching the tank, a flocculant (settling agent) is automatically injected into the slurry. The chemical action of the flocculant accelerates the suspended solid particles “falling” out of suspension. The treated slurry is pumped into the decant tank in a way that minimizes turbulence to further facilitate the efficient separation process. The “clean” water flows to the top of the decant tank, overflowing into a surrounding chamber while the heavier solids collect in the bottom of the decant tank. The treated water is pumped from the “clean water chamber” back to the processing machine by a centrifugal pump. The mud collected in the bottom of the decant tank is discharged into a filter press where the water is finally filtered.
Circle No. 226

Tri-Mer Corp. has introduced a shop dust collector for fabrication shops that grind and finish stone, granite, quartz, composites and engineered materials. The Whirl Wet is manufactured from solid virgin polypropylene, making it well-suited for long-term service involving corrosive or abrasive dusts. It is 99%+ efficient for particulate 2 microns and larger.

Whirl Wet is unique in that it has no internal moving parts and does not use components such as spray nozzles, pumps or bags. Instead, it uses a proprietary process to create intense mixing of particulate and small amounts of water.

Whirl Wet is inexpensive to operate and maintain and is low-noise, according to Tri-Mer. It is available with an automated drag-out for collected particulate, a feature which allows the system to operate continuously without shutdown. Whirl Wet's construction makes it structurally strong and highly resistant to accidental damage. Systems are manufactured in capacities from 1,000 cfm to 60,000 cfm.
Circle No. 225

Water Treatment Technologies' patented EnviroSystem was designed exclusively for the stone fabrication industry and produces crystal clear recycled water, the company reports. The EnviroSystem is a closed-loop system allowing stone shops to recycle 100% of their fabrication water and to be in 100% compliance with state and federal discharge regulations. And, with water filtered to less than 2 microns and crystal clear, it is safe for all the equipment in a stone fabrication shop, according to Water Treatment Technologies.

Because the EnviroSystem is designed specifically for each facility, it can accommodate shops of all sizes. Water Treatment Technologies has systems in shops that range from one to two kitchens per day with demands as little at 7 gallons per minute to shops that demand over 250 gallons per minute.

With over 250 systems installed across the country, Water Treatment Technologies offers a broad collection of references for potential clients to speak to users of the product.
Circle No. 224

Software/Electronic Templating

The “bretonFABmaster” is the new software product conceived for integrated running of all Breton CNC and PC-controlled machines. The “bretonFABmaster” is composed of multiple modules that can be purchased separately, with each module performing the following tasks:
  • three-dimensional drawing of pieces to be produced, with graphic rendering of the selected material
  • an automatic networking program for all Breton machines connected with the “bretonFABmaster”
  • sorting of the slabs to be used for the intended work
  • optimization of the slabs after a digital scan has been carried out.
The “breton FABmaster” has been designed with open architecture that allows it to be easily linked to the MRP (Materials Requirement Planning) software used by the customer.
Circle No. 296

ETemplate BackPlotâ„¢ from ETemplate System offers the unique ability to overlay the finished CAD template onto the jobsite photos. This allows both the fabricator and the customer to see the design and fit and to make on-the-spot changes before the tops are manufactured, eliminating wasted time and materials due to customer changes after the fact. If the customer is not present, the BackPlot can be e-mailed before material is cut. The BackPlotâ„¢ verifies design and fit for the customer and the fabricator. It is a visual quality check to insure proper design, sink location, overhang, radii and fit.
Circle No. 223

Tom Harms, president of Fabricator's Choice, the North American distributor of PhotoTop® digital templating software, recently announced the release of Version 2.7, which is designed to be as much as eight times faster than the original version. Harms explained that the staff at Green Mesa, the software developers, wanted to bring the speed up to the point where the typical countertop could be processed on a laptop computer in the vehicle between templating jobs. This goal was accomplished by reducing the job image downloads to a time period of 2 to 5 minutes.

With further refinements to the auto-recognition and interface features of the PhotoTop software, the advanced speed further enhances the effectiveness of the built-in batch processing capability. “Unattended batch processing on PhotoTop gives fabricators the ability to prepare over 200 typical jobs overnight for CNC file finishing,” said Harms.

While improvements in the software continue at the developer level, Fabricator's Choice also works on a continuing basis to refine its hands-on training programs for both PhotoTop and AutoCAD. Harms explained that Fabricator's Choice is providing technical support for PhotoTop and is looking to offer training in various locations around the country. Upgrades to PhotoTop 2.7 are presently being shipped to the existing user group, and all fabricators adding PhotoTop to their production capabilities will start with the advanced, higher speed version.
Circle No. 222

The Digital Template FaroArm by Faro Technologies enables builders and fabricators to create and inspect electronic files for countertops, backsplashes, side splashes, windowsills, wall caps, breakfast counters and other common shapes.

Designed especially for the construction and home improvement industries, the Digital Template can be set up anywhere, and thanks to its quick-mount bi-pod or ultra-portable tripod, according to Faro, it can measure any length of countertop or complex cabinetry. Measurements are taken as the user guides the arm's tip along the surface and draws as the user measures, recreating a digital file of the countertop, cabinet, etc. within the template's user-friendly software.

When measuring is complete, the data can then be e-mailed to the fabrication shop and directly input to the CNC machine. The digital template creates an immediate return on investment (R.O.I.) by seriously reducing scrap and re-work costs, Faro reports.
Circle No. 221

Global E-Sourcing, Inc. offers Global StoneProâ„¢, a complete suite of business management software solutions for countertop fabricators and retailers. It combines Web-based and installed software with a SQL database to provide the most comprehensive system available in the marketplace today. The software may be purchased in several standard configurations, and also can be customized to the individual business need. Since Global StoneProâ„¢ is modular, additional modules may be added later as the business need arises for just the incremental cost.

The Web-based software, StonePro Webâ„¢, supports remote activities such as lead management, quoting, scheduling, subcontractor management, project management and order status. There is no up-front investment required. Monthly subscription fees start at $129 per month for a fabricator with one location, including an unlimited number of users.

The installed software features Stone Pro's easy-to-use drawing module. One seamless application is provided for quoting, processing orders, sending invoices and scheduling crews. Bar code inventory labels provide for locating and assigning slabs to an order as well as tracking the remnant inventory. In addition to slabs, other items, such as consumables and tools, may also be inventoried.

The system also allows integration of the shop floor with the front office. .dxf files may be imported from any templating solution and manipulated with the drawing module where pricing logic is then applied, which improves quoting accuracy. The .dxf files may then be passed through an interface directly to CNC machinery. A shop traveler containing a CAD drawing, fabrication instructions and machine routing is produced for each workpiece, reducing fabrication errors. Capacity of work centers is also calculated.
Circle No. 220

Komo Machine's stone productivity suite -- powered by CIM-Tech programming software -- is a complete machine- programming package for use in the Stone Industry. This versatile product combines the simplicity of industry renowned CIM-Tech machine tool programming software with the power of AutoCAD®, the world's premiere computer-aided design software. Now one complete package can take you from concept drawing to machine ready code automatically. Let Stone Productivity Suite software do the work for you.
Circle No. 258

The LT-55 Precision Laser Templator from Laser Products offers precision laser measuring in real time. According to the company, the unit provides field measurements in .dxf format with multi-color and multi-plane files, while offering low operating costs in the field and at the shop.

The software is loaded on the HP PDA, which is already attached and ready to go. In 1 ½ minutes, users can have a 50-point measurement on .dxf, Laser Products reports, and there is no extended download times. With the LT-55, users can see the drawing before you leave the jobsite and can e-mail it back to the shop.
Circle No. 219

Moraware JobTracker job management software gives users control over their growing fabrication business. With JobTracker, users can create a quote, turn that into a job, allocate material from inventory, schedule the measure, production, install, and any other milestones for that job. Since all of this information is located in one place, users have complete visibility into what's going on in the shop.

JobTracker eliminates searching for job information in folders, whiteboards and spreadsheets. This is formulated to make the office more efficient, and allow for better customer service and reduced errors. Everyone in the office can have instant access to the most up-to-date schedules and job details.
Circle No. 218

The DigiCoderâ„¢, available from Vic International, is a 2- or 3-axis digitizer for reverse engineering. If the user has master parts or patterns to be reproduced without the time-consuming procedures of point-to-point digitizing and G-Code programming, DigiCoder can protect these parts and patterns in storage by digitizing them and archiving the data.

DigiCoder, in combination with a personal computer, allows the user to trace parts and patterns with a probe and automatically generates the geometry and G-Code for that form. The algorithms, which generate G-Code and CAD (or other optional outputs), reflect true lines and arcs.
Circle No. 248

The Templamat, a new, advanced template tool kit designed for laying out stone or solid surface jobs, has been introduced through VIC International. The Templamat comes in a concise, convenient carry-on sized travel bag which contains all the materials necessary for measuring precise templates for stone or solid surface countertops. The portable patent-pending template system includes: 60 Templamat polyethylene strips (2 ¼ inches wide x 4 feet long), one pint of adhesive, one dispenser, one funnel and a pair of scissors.

Easily transported to and from jobsites, all the necessary components can fit into a bag about the size of a lunchbox. The Templamat was designed to be durable and flexible, and it can be used multiple times. It can be cut, written on, glued and used for wet cutting, and it can also be rolled up for transport, storage or boxed for shipping.
Circle No. 248