Even with the many advances in stone fabrication technology over the past few years, the man-ufacturers of equipment and accessories are continually looking to upgrade their product lines. New introductions to the industry are speeding production times, cutting costs and improving overall efficiency.

In addition to new machines, equipment and tooling, manufacturers around the world are also making improvements to existing product lines. Again, these developments are being made with an eye on increased pro-ductivity in the fabrication shop.

The following is a roundup of some of the more recent developments for stone fabricators.


Marmoelettromeccanica USA/Regent Stone Products of Virginia Beach, VA, introduced its newest line of bridge saw equipment, such as the Dynamica, which is equipped with the most accurate guide system available. The high-quality linear slide with roller and ball bearing system is equipped on all axes (X, Y and Z). This new system guarantees precision, vibration-free cuts, increased blade life and reduced maintenance, the company reports. The design of this saw allows it to have a smaller footprint, reducing the space required in the shop while still allowing it to cut full-size slabs - due to a rotating enlarged bed and rotating head that can cut in multiple directions. The twin beam bridge structure optimizes the speed and accuracy of the saw.

Marmoelettromeccanica Dynamica

Circle No. 300

Terzago Macchine of Italy has upgraded its line of bridge sawing machines, produced in its Italian facilities. The newest version is the Omega, which has a blade capacity of 850 mm. The machine now is offered with some useful options, such as a head for tooling (electomandrel), brushless motors and computer numerical control. All these options change this automatic saw into a fully equipped milling machine. Terzago designed these features to allow for the production of countertops, vanities or other worked items with improved production.

Terzago Omega

Circle No. 299

Terzago has also designed upgrades for its Plana milling machine. This machine, which can be found throughout North American fabrication shops, will be upgraded with automatic tool change. It can be equipped with blades up to 900 mm, and it can execute specialized work such as stairs (winding and with step cuts from the block), fountains, vanities, columns (with the optional lathe) and statues (with lathe and laser readout).

Terzago Plana

Circle No. 298

The GSC-2001 bridge saw from Matrix Stone Products of Upland, CA, is constructed using high-grade com-ponents. A powerful 20-hp, direct-drive Italian sawing motor ensures no horsepower loss through V-belt and pulleys. The motors feature variable speed control with fingertip adjust-ability for precise control of each motion and smooth reliable operation and correct feed rates.

The heavy-duty bridge construction, with a precision-ground saw bridge, allows for straight cutting without vibration interference. Precision guideways allow for rigid, smooth up and down movement. A German-laser reduces layout time and maximizes use of the entire slab. Also, an amperage meter allows for maximum cutting efficiency, resulting in faster cutting speeds and longer blade life, Matrix reports.

The heavy-duty rotary saw table features four positive position stop locks for accurate angle cutting and the "Any Angle Position Lock" for easy angle set-up. Additionally, it features a remote control pendant and electric water control valve to make operation convenient for the worker.

The saw is installed by Matrix factory personnel, and the machine features a full 12-month warranty.

Matrix Stone Products GSC-2001

Circle No. 297

The Z-Max bridge saw from Matrix Stone Products features a sturdy steel construction and has a saw bridge length of 17 feet. The sawing head travels on precision ground steel guideways, and it can execute a 138-inch cutting stroke. A laser alignment system allows for optimum precision when cutting. The Z-laser, which was made in Germany, was engineered for high output.

The motor that powers the saw is an Italian-made, 10-hp arbor shaft style unit, and the cutting head can accommodate blades ranging from 14 to 24 inches in diameter. The gantry bridge has an overall length of 14 feet, and it is powered by a 1/2-hp, variable-speed motor with adjustable travel limit switch control.

The machine has a gantry travel of 138 inches in length and vertical travel of 10 inches. Vertical travel feed is powered by a 3/4-hp, variable-speed motor with adjustable travel limit switch control.

The rotary saw table is 10 feet in width, and features 360-degree rotations. There are four table-lock positions, which are located at 0, +45, -45 and +90 degrees.

Matrix Z-Max

Circle No. 296

Braxton-Bragg of Knoxville, TN, has announced the arrival of the Achilli ABS 3500 CE - the largest and most robust bridge saw manufactured by Achilli s.r.l. This saw is a larger cousin of the popular Achilli MBS 3000, and like the MBS, the ABS also features a mobile bridge with gantry movement, motorized for travel on 3 axes. The head tilts manually from 90 to 45 degrees for bevel cutting.

The ABS also incorporates an increased table size, which allows for a maximum effective cut of 12 feet (X axis) x 6 feet, 10 inches (Y axis). The ABS can use blades from 12 inches up to 20 inches in diameter (Z axis = 8 inches of vertical travel).

The ABS fixed worktable measures 15 feet, 4 inches x 7 feet, 4 inches, and it features a bed of replaceable marine plywood incorporating 54 hydraulically-operated Omni RollersTM for easy slab positioning. A 15-mw laser guide comes mounted on the blade guard.

The programming of the cut is executed by means of a CNC axis control unit, and the machine features head rotation stops and four fixed positions: 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees. The machine can also be equipped with an optional water tank that holds approximately 161 gallons (620 liters) with a built-in recycling pump.

Braxton-Bragg Achilli ABS

Circle No. 295

Sawing Systems, Inc. of Knoxville, TN, offers a gantry block saw constructed for durability in hostile working environments. This block saw has an 11-foot, 6-inch blade and 20 feet of gantry movement, although additional lengths can be furnished. The saw is equipped with a V-belt drive system and a 75-hp motor. Its maximum cut depth is 4 feet, 9 inches. Fully programmable with an automatic cutting cycle, the saw returns to the original position and shuts off automatically when cutting is completed.

Sawing Systems, Inc. Gantry Block Saw.

Circle No. 294

The Swarm 2000 9-hp heavy-duty bridge saw - distributed by Hard Rock Tool from its location in Anaheim, CA, and around the country - features a 16-inch blade capacity and a 101/2- x 61/2-foot cutting area. The saw is constructed in steel for vibration-free cutting, and the positioning of the X and Y axes is digitally controlled for greater accuracy.

The cutting motion is controlled by rack-and-pinion, and the saw is capable of miter cuts. The manual-to-computer set speed rate - called "Smart Speed" - allows the operator to slowly sink the blade into the center cut, and a combination slide/V-groove bearing guide system creates a smooth, yet rigid head travel. The machine has a remote positioning pad with kill switch, and it can be equipped with an optional laser.

Hard Rock Swarm

Circle No. 293

The Kolb Genius bridge saw, available from K.B. Diamond of North Hollywood, CA, is a multi-purpose processing center for making kitchen countertops, fireplaces and other architectural pieces. The machine's features include the following: core drilling from 8 to 100 mm; routing, edge profiling and polishing straight and round edges; grinding and polishing recessed drain boards and drain grooves.

Additionally, the Kolb Genius also features manual control, fingertip light movement, pneumatic locks for the X and Y axes, accurate positioning, stops at the front of the bench to align material, adjustable stops for each axis and availability of three different processing areas: 2000, 2500 and 3000 mm.

Options include free-standing roller tables, motorized raising and lowering with an oscillating head, digital display of vertical movement with a zero point setting, eight suction cups to fix material, tilting table for sloping drainboards, a pointed laser, and a fixture at the front of the machines to drill vertically.

Kolb Genius

Circle No. 292

Thibaut offers a complete range of bridge saws for all materials, available from Eurostone Machine of Atlanta, GA. The TC 04 can accommodate a maximum cutting disc size of 400 mm, with cuts of 200 mm. The machine features one-piece construction and fabricators can purchase the machine with the option of manual or semi-automatic work.

The machine has a programmable controller and mini interactive terminal, and the sawing head tilts from 0 to 50 degrees with rotation locks at every 90-degree position. Speed variation is possible along the X and Y axes, and the standard strokes are 1,800 mm for the X axis; 3,750 mm for the Y axis; and 200 mm for the Z axis. As an option, the stroke of the Z axis can be 350 mm, and the machine can be fitted with a blade as large as 620 mm.

Thibaut TC04

Circle No. 291

The Thibaut TSH 1800 is the first system for horizontal block cutting with a patented automatic wedging device between the slabs, according to the company, which adds that the system allows for optimum autonomy, productivity and security. Thibaut recommends that the machine be paired with the T500 flat polishing center - with or without automatic tool changing - for polishing granite, marble, limestone and other materials.

Thibaut TSH 1800

Circle No. 290

The Jaguar II S4000 diamond saw from Park Industries of St. Cloud, MN, offers exceptional sawing capacities with programmable straight line profiling abilities, the company reports. It accepts blades from 14 to 36 inches in diameter and can saw stone up to 13 inches thick with a 36-inch blade. A 25-horsepower TEFC AC motor drives a heavy-duty spiral bevel gearbox, and the blade may be indexed 0 to 90 degrees for arbor mitering. Cross-travel and rise-and-fall movement limits are set electronically at either the control or with a remote pendant. The S4000 control package allows operators to do straight-line profiling with the convenience of on-screen shape viewing and shape cutting progress monitoring.

Park Jaguar II S4000

Circle No. 289

The Yukon gantry diamond saw from Park Industries offers manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic cutting cycles. The powerful 20-hp, direct-drive electric motor arbor powers diamond blades up to 24 inches in diameter. The Yukon features ample programmable cross travel with a rack-and-pinion drive that helps fabricators process slabs with higher precision. The Siemens touch-screen control unit allows programming adjustments with operator-friendly ease and speed. The bridge may be indexed and locked from 0 to 47 degrees for miter sawing operations while retaining full step-cutting abilities.

Park Yukon

Circle No. 288

Park's Sierra bridge saw is designed to provide stone fabricators with an affordable, precision saw capable of handling a wide variety of materials. The Sierra can process full slabs up to 2 3/4 inches thick. The Sierra can use either a 14- or 16-inch diameter blade. A variable speed cutting motion - combined with the rack-and-pinion drive of the machine - provides cleaner cuts and extended diamond life in the blade. The entire bridge may be indexed from 0 to 45 degrees with hard stops for mitering of cuts without the need for repositioning or jig fixtures.

Park Sierra

Circle No. 287

The Park Hydrasplit QS-3000 is an affordable, heavy-duty splitter with over 300 tons of cutting force, the company reports. Park's exclusive dry wedge chisel equalization system provides optimal chisel positioning, assuring quality splits with minimal waste. The machine's 1 1/2-inch-wide, square-shank chisels provide maximum stone surface contact for cleaner arris lines. A top-mounted hydraulic fluid recovery reservoir speeds power ram refilling times, and the air clean system on the lower chisels keeps them free of dirt and dust for longer, more reliable operation. Control levers are mounted on an easily adjustable swivel bracket for greater operator comfort. Gravity and powered conveyors are available options for the QS-3000.

Park Hydrasplit QS-3000

Circle No. 285

The Eura 35a bridge sawing machine is an easy-to-use machine for small workshops and large plants. Manufactured by Gravellona Macchine Marmo (GMM), the flexibility of the Eura 35a makes both manual and automatic cutting possible by using the "multicut" program to execute parallel cuts with prefixed measurements. The main structures of the machine are made of high-strength cast iron with stainless steel protections. It includes a tilting head for marble and granite as well as a 0 to 90 degree stainless steel tilting table with wooden platform and hydraulic power pack as an option. The saw is available in North America through Bergman Blair Machine Corp. of Oyster Bay, NY.

GMM Eura 35a

Circle No. 284

The Denver Skema S bridge saw is available from Vic International Corp. of Knoxville, TN. This machine is designed to cut marble, granite and other stones. Italian engineering and design have resulted in a rugged saw with a competitive price, according to the company. The Skema, which is constructed of heavy-duty steel, features single-unit engineering, which means it only needs to be leveled, not installed by a technician.

The Skema operates with a blade ranging from 14 to 20 inches in diameter. The machine features manual head rotation of 0 to 90 degrees, along with a 90-degree head tilt.

Also available is the Denver Skema SL, which includes a hydraulic slab-loading device.

Vic/Denver Skema

Circle No. 183

Superior Stone Products of Byron Center, MI, recently introduced a heavy-duty bridge saw that balances performance with value, with a massive steel bridge and rugged 20-hp motor.

The machine features a 12-foot cutting length, 10 feet of bridge travel, and an automatic tilting head for miter cuts. Each machine comes with a hydraulic tilt table that extends to 85 degrees and holds up to 3,300 pounds. The machine includes heavy-duty steel stands, but can also be configured for block walls. PLC controls allow full programmability, and a German-made laser also comes with each unit.

Superior Stone Products heavy-duty bridge saw

Circle No. 283

The Cutting Edge of Diamond Blades is offering an Italian-made bridge saw for the small to medium-sized fabrication shop that specializes in countertops and fireplaces. The basic unit of the FSBV/500 features a 15-horsepower motor; computer programmable control; standard and metric cutting; 0-to 90-degree manual variable incline cutting; and a step cutting program. The blade size is as large as 20 inches, and the machine also has the ability to operate profile wheels. A heavy-duty bench allows for optimum precision and stability. The saw, which is manufactured by Bombieri & Venturi, is available with many options.

Cutting Edge FSBV/500

Circle No. 282

The B-250 bridge saw from Johnson Marble Machinery Inc. of North Hollywood, CA, offers a mix of durability and per-formance at a middle-of-the-road price, according to the company. The B-250 shares many of the productive features as the company's more advanced model, the B-300. It is capable of cutting both thick and thin material easily and accurately, according to the company.

The machine features steel beam construction; a manual slide rail with manual brake; a 10-hp A.C. arbor motor; variable-speed A.C. controls on the X and Y axes; a head assembly that tilts from 0 to 90 degrees; a control panel with joystick; a turntable with pneumatic stops and heavy-duty side rails.

Johnson Marble Machinery B-250

Circle No. 281

Pedrini has introduced the M940 CN bridge saw. The cast-iron bridge and shoulders constitute an extremely rigid assembly withstanding, without any deformation to trolley weight and cutting stress as well as allowing for the use of fixed covers for the protection of transversal sliding guides all along their entire length, the company reports.

The coupling surfaces for the shoulders and the housings for rack, guide rods and synchronization shaft have been machined directly into the bridge structure.

The large diameter, hardened, ground and chrome-plated guide rods, are fastened along the two distant bridge edges.

The pinion/rack couplings guarantee movement precision of the bridge, while the compensation elastic devices assure the perfect operation of the disk when carrying out slow lateral travel of "spatula" cutting.

Spindle supports, tilting slide, main slide and saddle - with relevant guides and motors - form the powerful assembly of the tool holder trolley. The trolley allows the "step cutting" with up to 90 degrees tool tilting. The electrical panel protected in the accordance to IP54 is equipped with an air-conditioning unit, which maintains a safe internal temperature.

The control panel mounted in a convenient and safe position on a revolving support, comprises the industrial PC. The machine is operable both with the automatic cycles supplied as accessories and with externally obtained ISO code programs (for example from CAD-CAM), transferable from floppy disk or through local net connections.

Proper software will enable carrying out curved trajectories on XYZ triad, by splitting them into interpolated linear sections.

Through the "Touch-Screen" or DXF files (AutoCAD), it is possible to insert the drawing of the shapes to be carried out.

Pedrini M940

Circle No. 280

Pedrini also introduced the M931 bridge sawing machine designed to execute cuts on granite and marble slabs. Lateral supports replace conventional cement walls on this machine. The cut and return movement is carried out on a rack and pinion system and controlled by a finely adjustable inverter. Trolley travels on stainless steel bars with adjustable opposing wheels eliminate play and guarantee longer disc life. The machine is available from U.S. Granite Machinery of Barrington, IL.

Pedrini M931

Circle No. 279

The Simec FP 500 bridge saw, available in North America from Eurostone Machine of Atlanta, GA, was created for the specific requirements of smaller fabrication shops. This new machine applies the most updated features of Simec's RX generation of machinery. The saw features optimum precision with rapid movement, and the disc can be inclined from 0 to 90 degrees.

Simec also notes that the machine was designed for simplicity of use, with a push-button control panel that rotates 180 degrees to allow the operator to work from the most convenient observation position.

Simec FP 500

Circle No. 278

AccuGlide Saws has introduced the new AccuGlide Stone Saw 2000QT and Bevel 2500QT Models, which feature a patent-pending Quiet and True (QT) Hub for 40% noise reduction and chip-free cuts with lower blade costs.

Developed by a tile contractor and stone fabricator, AccuGlide Stone Saws have consistently delivered seam quality cuts for fabricators and installers since 1996. This unique patented system sets up in 15 seconds with no clamps or suction cups required. The 12.5-foot stainless steel independent tracks are used for cuts up to 133 inches. Stainless steel racks are available in lengths of 7.5, 6 and 5 feet. Only the neoprene lining on the bottom of the tracks and the blade touches the stone. The saw assembly glides 3/8 inch above the stone for fast, smooth and accurate cutting.

Powered by an oil bath gear reduction motor and weighing only 29 pounds, AccuGlide Saws are engineered to be operator friendly, with ample torque to deliver precision cuts quickly in 2-cm and 3-cm stone.

The Bevel 2500QT Model also accommodates an optional Beveling Profile Wheel, an AccuGlide Saws exclusive from Pearl Abrasive Co. This V-shaped, 45-degree beveling wheel delivers two CNC quality bevels to 7/8 inch depth, providing benchmark chamfers for pre-shaping or perfect bevel profiles on granite, marble, and limestone.

AccuGlide Saws

Circle No. 277

Alpha Professional ToolsR of Wyckoff, NJ, introduces the AWS-110, Alpha Wet Circular Saw, the most powerful saw in its class. Designed for use by the stone, tile and glass trades for cutting perfectly straight edges, this saw accepts blades up to 4 1/2 inches and has a 20mm arbor.

The AWS-110 features an in-line GFCI and double insulated wiring for safety. The 11.2-amp, 1200-watt motor is powerful enough to easily cut through various hard materials. It weighs only 6.8 pounds with an arbor speed of 13,000 RPM. The built-in water feed system eliminates harmful dust particles common with dry cutting applications and increases the longevity of the blade. The AWS-110 also features a reversible guide which can be used in one of two ways. With the face down, the guide can run along the edge of the stone; with the face up, it can be used in conjunction with a straight edge. The saw can also be used free hand.

In addition, the AWS-110 will accept the carriage assembly designed for use with the Alpha Guide Rail System. By attaching this carriage assembly, the AWS-110 is capable of cutting straight and true with minimal effort. Afterwards, one can easily transition to the polishing phase by attaching the Alpha Edgecrafter to the guide rail system.

Manufactured with the highest quality parts and workmanship, the AWS-110 is competitively priced.

Alpha AWS-110

Circle No. 276

The Blue Ripper stone rail saw is available from Granite City Tool Co. This saw was fully manufactured in the U.S. for optimum performance. This portable rail saw is designed for cutting stone slabs in fabrication shops, or on-site locations. It has a 2-hp, 15-amp, 110-volt Lesson induction motor and takes a 14-inch blade. This saw uses an 8-inch stainless steel flange to hold the blade into place, which provides blade stability and prevents flexing when taking deep cut plunges into the stone. The 8-inch flange also reduces noise. Using a 14-inch blade increases the average speed of cut to 9 1/2 feet per minute, according to the company.

The Blue Ripper rail saw was designed for simple operation. Because the blade cuts right next to the rail, set-up is easy. The direction of the cut is counter-clockwise, which allows for faster gliding and reduced chipping, according to Granite City Tool.

The weight of the saw is 79 pounds, making it possible for one person to lift and move. The reduced weight also minimizes risk of cracking narrow or thin pieces of stone.

Standard items included with 110-V saw are a 25-foot industrial cord and GFCI; a drip-proof Lesson true 15-amp 2-hp motor; standard 3/4 quick disconnect water fittings with a 25-foot hose; and 12 feet of aluminum-anodized rail with quick disconnect at 6 feet.

Saws with a true 220-volt, single-phase, 15-amp, 3-hp motor are also available. Continuous length and stainless steel rails are available up to 24 feet. One-piece lengths over 6 feet are not anodized and will require truck freight.

This new rail saw is available exclusively through Granite City Tool Co. of St. Cloud, MN, and Barre, VT; Euro Asia of West Palm Beach, FL; and Omega Diamond of Loomis, CA.

Granite City Tool Blue Ripper

Circle No. 275

Diamond Tech International (DTI) offers the DL7000 saw. Designed for the standard fabricating shop setting, this wet band saw is capable of precise, intricate cuts through marble, granite and tile up to 1 1/2 inches thick. The DL7000 is engineered to speed production times for working in marble and granite.

The DL7000 has a sturdy design to withstand heavy use, and easy-to-use adjustment features allow the operator to quickly begin cutting. The large two-wheel design creates a 13-inch throat depth to accommodate tiles up to 2 inches wide.

All of the company's diamond saws come equipped with diamond blades, which are manufactured for maximum durability and efficiency. Each blade is made of strong stainless steel, selected for its resistance to corrosion and rust. The blades are then coated with the high-quality diamond abrasives.

The saw has a 3/4-hp, variable speed motor; a length of 38 inches (with table); a height of 48 inches; a weight of 162 pounds; a table size of 20 x 20 inches; a throat depth (depth of cut into field) of 13 inches; a blade length (continuous band) of 94.25 inches; a blade thickness (width of cut) of 0.025 inches (64 mm); a blade depth of 30 inches (7.5 mm); a minimum radius cut of 1/2 to 3/4 inches; a maximum recommended material thickness of 1 1/2 inches in marble and granite and 3 inches in limestone; a cutting speed of 8 inches per minute in 3/4-inch marble; and a blade life estimate of 40 to 50 cutting hours in 3/4-inch marble

The DL7000 includes an instructional manual, use of a toll-free customer service line and one-year warranty.

Diamond Tech International DL7000

Circle No. 274

The professional series Fein SuperCut - available from Abrasive Enterprises Inc. of Canada - is used for superior grout removal on straight, curved or corner joints. The operator simply plunges the diamond-coated saw blade directly into the grout joint and completes removal with optimum speed and precision without damaging the surrounding tiles.

By using an assortment of blades, the Fein SuperCut can also perform other tasks. Wood and metal door jambs can be trimmed with precision and accuracy, and the rigid scraper blade can be used to remove adhesive and coating residues.

The diamond-coated saw blade cuts through straight or curved thin marble joints, epoxy resin and trass concrete grout joints with minimal dust generation and without damage to the remaining tiles. Additionally, tiles can be broken up and removed without difficulty.

The tungsten carbide-coated rasp can be used to sand old flat tile adhesive or grout before retiling, and plaster remnants or lime residue in corners can also be easily removed.

Damaged silicone or acrylic caulking can be removed quickly and thoroughly using the mushroom-shaped cutting knife. New caulking materials can then be applied with no re-touching work required.

AEI/Fein SuperCut

Circle No. 273

EMS Inc. has introduced the Split-Tailer, a device targeted toward the professional masonry and panel system fabricator. The Split-Tailer is engineered for versatility, durability and the precision splitting and bending of stainless steel straps. Built with solid steel construction, the device still retains a lightweight design for easy transportation, according to the company.

The Split-Tailer may be used with the Strapmaster as an "on-the-job" tool. It makes split tail brackets out of stainless steel straps up to 2 inches wide (1-inch splits) and 3/16 inches thick. The Split-Tailer is manually operated requiring no electricity or compressed air. Splitting and bending is quick and easy with the Split-Tailer, according to EMS. Simply load, bend, flip and bend again.

EMS Split-Tailer

Circle No. 272

Barsanti Macchine S.p.A has developed a new large granite gangsaw - model Alcione 700 2B. According to the company, the gangsaw has a cutting width of 7.3 meters, and can host up to 260 blades (base 2 cm).

The production on medium class granites is approximately 13,000 to 14,000 square meters per month; this datum is in accordance with the productions of other large gangsaws of the company's production.

The technological solution adopted for these kind of gangsaws (640 2B, 700 2B and 750 2B) is the "two connecting rod" solution that Barsanti Macchine S.p.A has patented.

According to the company, this technological solution allows the use of a strong blade holding frame, capable to withstand stress applied by the blade tension, maintaining the stress on the connecting rod bearings well below than the maximum allowed.

Barsanti Alcione 700 2B

Circle No. 271


Matrix Stone Products' Daytona XL Automatic Edge Profile System was engineered as a blend of technology and simplicity wrapped up in a heavy-duty package. The company reports that the machine is capable of producing a variety of popular edge profiles to a high luster polish by recalling one of the pre-programmed edge profiles. In addition, custom shapes can be quickly created by the operator and added to the recall list.

According to Matrix, the designing engineers placed a high priority on ease of programming and operating the Daytona XL as well as fast travel speeds. The result was a machine with efficient output and an effective learning curve for the operator.

The Daytona XL uses brushless servo motors for both axes of motion. Servo motors are commonly used on most CNC machines due to their high degree of accuracy, high speed capability, and high torque ratings. The benefits of using this technology allow for greater flexibility in the use of the machine and very high repeatability of motions, the company reports.

Matrix Daytona XL

Circle No. 270

The TE Experience edge polishing machine - manufactured by Sasso Meccanica and sold by U.S. Granite Machinery of Barrington, IL - was first shown at the Marmomacc fair in Verona, Italy, and then air shipped to the International Tile & Stone Show in Las Vegas, NV, where it was shown for the first time in North America.

The multi-head, in-line edge profiler and polishing machine features eight polishing heads, four beveling heads, one calibration head and a drip-edge wheel or optional ogee profile head. It is engineered for a "one-pass perfect polish" at a minimum rate of 1 lineal foot per minute for 3-cm-thick granite, marble or engineered stone. The overall size of workpieces that can be processed ranges from 2 to 10 cm.

The pre-set programming of 10 of the most popular edges allows for ease of operation, even for high-volume fabricators.

The machine is manufactured in Italy by Sasso, which has been in the industry for 20 years, with U.S. Granite Machinery providing sales and service for the North American market.

U.S. Granite Machinery/Sasso

Circle No. 269

The Pro-Edge III from Park Industries is a computer-controlled edge shaping and finishing machine designed to reduce labor and abrasive costs up to 80% from traditional processing steps. A variety of convex edges (3/8 to 6 inches thick) and flat edges (3/8 to 4 inches thick) up to 12 feet long can be shaped and polished. Concave edges, such as an ogee, may also be shaped. The machine guides an operator through automatic processing steps with interactive touch-screen selections. Up to 70 programmable, repeatable edge profiles may be stored in the computer. The top line can be controlled on all types of stone to achieve the desired profile blend. Bullnose edges, including laminates, are back gauged and polished, even past the bottom transition line.

Park Pro-Edge III

Circle No. 268

Vic International of Knoxville, TN, offers the Quasar Tech automatic edge polisher by Denver, which features a heavy-duty steel structure and 3-horsepower traverse motor. The machine weighs 8,500 pounds, and it is 8.5 feet in width x 6.5 feet in height. The Quasar can accommodate workpieces up to 11.5 feet in length, and it is capable of profiling and polishing ogee edges.

The machine can process material up to 4 inches thick, and it has simple touch screen controls. It is capable of producing up to 60 linear feet of profile per 8-hour shift, according to the company. Six independently operated pneumatic cylinders facilitate the process, and the machine runs on a 3-horsepower, 220-volt, three-phase spindle motor. Vic International supports the machine with a warranty of 1,000 hours or 6 months on mechanical parts.

Vic/Denver Quasar

Circle No. 267

The Sprinter 99 edging machine is manufactured by SB Construzioni Macchine and distributed in the U.S. by Inter Stone Supplies, LLC, of North Hollywood, CA. The machine has a single motor for processing straight or rounded edges, and three movements are controlled from one workstation. For straight edges, the machine can process pieces ranging from 2 to 6 cm in thickness, and curved edges can be processed in thicknesses ranging from 2 to 10 cm. The polishing head has 3 hp of power, and the overall maximum power of the machine is 6 hp.

The workpieces to be processed are held in place with a support bar measuring 10 1/2 feet long, which allows pieces to be loaded in sequence and reduces downtime. The Sprinter 99 was engineered to be suitable for large and small fabricating shops, and it features rigid chassis construction for optimum precision.

Inter Stone Supplies Sprinter 99

Circle No. 266

C.M.G. S.r.l. presented its latest profiling machinery at the Marmomacc 2002 show.