The stone fabrication industry in North America is growing at an ever-increasing rate, as natural stone is more in demand than ever. And this growth has spurred manufacturers of stoneworking machinery - as well as suppliers of diamond tools and other accessories - to come up with new introductions as well as improvements on existing products.
The following is a look at some of the latest advancements in stone fabricating technology. For more information on any of these items, circle the corresponding “Circle Number” for any product on the Reader Service Card attached to this issue.

The Sebring bridge saw from Matrix Stone Products was designed for optimum efficiency. It is constructed using the highest grade components, such as a powerful 20-horsepower direct-drive Italian sawing motor, a precision ground saw bridge, a German-made laser, an amperage meter for maximum cutting efficiency, and direct-drive DC-Electric motors with fingertip speed control for all drive motions.
The heavy-duty rotary saw table features four positive position stop locks for accurate angle cutting, and the Any Angle Position Lock for easy angle set-up, remote control pendant, digital read-out and electric water control valve makes operation convenient for the operator. Additional features include variable speed for all motions, a motor tilt for miter cutting and E-Z Loader slab tilt.
Matrix Sebring bridge saw
Circle No. 289

The bridge-sawing machine, LT FP/600, is available from Levi Tunisi. The saw was designed for the cutting and squaring of marble, granite and stone slabs for easy and precise manufacturing of the different products, according to the company. The head-holding bridge's structure is built of a double section beam with electro-welded strengthened steel structure, which assures higher stiffness and absorption of the vibrations. The bridge moves on interchangeable hardened steel guides, protected in oil bath with automatic programmable translation.
The bridge displacement, with sizes always appearing on a digital display, may be controlled from the main control panel or manually moved by a hand-wheel.
Optional features include a cut-marking laser, a slide for inclined step cuts, an electronic programmer, a motorized table, a tilting table, a pneumatic material blockage and an inverter for disc motor. The Levi Tunisi FP/600 is available in North America from International Machine Corp. of Holbrook, NY.
Levi Tunisi FP/600
Circle No. 288

The Cutting Edge of Diamond Blades is offering an Italian-made bridge saw for the small to medium-sized fabrication shop that specializes in countertops and fireplaces. The basic unit of the FSBV/500 features a 15-horsepower motor; computer programmable control; standard and metric cutting; 0- to 90-degree manual variable incline cutting; and a step cutting program. The blade size is as large as 20 inches, and the machine also has the ability to operate profile wheels. A heavy-duty bench allows for optimum precision and stability The saw, which is manufactured by Bombieri & Venturi, is available with many options.
Cutting Edge FSBV/500
Circle No. 287

Löffler's TB series of bridge saws continue the proven design and construction methods, which have established a reputation for reliability for many years. Precise engineering and sturdy design is completed by the most modern electronic controls available, the company reports
Löffler's modular design allows the machines to be custom built depending on the requirements of the fabricator - from a standard bridge saw to the advanced CNC-controlled profile sawing machine with router spindle and office PC based programming.
Depending on the model, features include low-maintenance linear ball bearings for x-, y- and z-axes; a variable-speed main motor; 4-axis CNC-control with digital AC-drives; user-friendly PC-controls with a built-in modem; an optional high-speed drilling and router spindle; and motorized blade tilt from 0 to 90 degrees.
Electronic controls include automatic cut sequencing, a programmable turntable with turn threads control; step-cutting at angles from 0 to 45 degrees; 2-dimensional profile sawing; 2.5-dimensional profile sawing; and milling/drilling.
Löffler is represented in North America by Eurostone Machine of Atlanta, GA.
Löffler TB bridge saws
Circle No. 286

Breton offers the Spiderbreton FR/PC 800 and FR/PC 1200 bridge saws, which are fully controlled by a personal computer, while the innovative control panel with touch screen display offers the simplest possible command interface, according to the company. The Spiderbreton FR/PC 800 can hold a diamond blade with a diameter of up to 800 mm, and all movements of the machine are powered by drives that are actuated by inverter and controlled by encoder. The sawing spindle is manually inclinable from 0 to 90 degrees, and the inclined cuts are plunged cuts or can be done by step cutting.
The Spiderbreton FR/PC 1200 can hold a blade with a diameter of up to 1,200 mm. All movements of the machine are powered by drives actuated by an inverter and controlled by encoder. The sawing spindle is automatically inclinable from 0 to 60 degrees in any position for cutting bevels by plunge cutting or step cutting.
Both machines can be supplied in versions with one or two worktables. In the double worktable configuration, a centrally located entrance to the work area is situated underneath the bridge guides. The hanging control console is located externally, and it can be turned toward the two worktables. A small, portable push-button panel enables the operator to control the movements of the axes from inside the work area of the machine.
With basic software, the Spiderbreton FR/PC bridge saws can saw slabs in an automatic cycle into rectangles and squares by using a series of transversal cuts (each one spaced as required), 90-degree rotation of the table and a series of longitudinal cuts (each one spaced as required). The shape of the slab gets “defined” using a laser tracer, and the slab is displayed on the monitor along with the programmed sawing pattern, according to Breton.
Breton Spiderbreton
Circle No. 285

The Gravellona Macchine Marmo (GMM) Lexta 36 is a versatile and modern profiling bridge saw offered in North America by Bergman Blair Machine Corp. Possessing all the options usually required on a bridge saw, the Lexta 36 has an 825-mm blade cover and is able to satisfy the requirements of all types of marble and granite producers, according to its manufacturer. The bridge saw also includes a motorized tilting head, an inverter for varying disc speed, an automatic and motorized table, and a laser and copying device. According to GMM, these options make the machine a versatile, high-production saw suitable either for standard cut-to-size work or for profiling. The Lexta 36 is considered a “user-friendly” saw, complete with an electrical cabinet mounted beside the machine, mobile push button controls with floppy disc drive and a color touch screen.
GMM Lexta 36
Circle No. 284

The Swarm 2000 from Edgemarc is an innovative stone saw with the latest technology, and was engineered to meet a variety of shop needs. The head can rotate to make cuts on the X- and Y-axis, and the standard laser guild allows for precise and efficient cut set up. Other features include a cutting length of 136 inches and cutting width of 80 inches, a standard 10-horsepower motor, and the ability to program cuts and cutting miters 0 to 45 degrees. The power requirement is 230 V 3 phase, the footprint is 184 inches in length, and it measures at 101 inches in width and 91 inches in height. The blade capacity is 12 inches to 16 inches, and the table size is 144 inches to 72 inches wide.
It also has affordable custom options such as a spinning table, a hydraulic tilting table and a 15-HP motor.
Edgemarc Swarm 2000
Circle No. 283

The Superior G-3 bridge saw (2003) by Superior Stone Products of Byron Center, MI, is designed and engineered for cutting and shaping granite, marble, limestone and engineered stone. All bridge saw movements are operable through a user-friendly automatic control panel, which is constructed of an Allen-Bradley PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) that allows the user to execute parallel cuts with the precision and accuracy to within 1⁄64 inch on any cut, reports its manufacturer.
Features include a single-bridge cast iron design with corrosive-resistant primer. The saw is engineered for accuracy of the long axis cut as well as overall stability. It also features the following: over 10 feet of travel provided on a rack and pinion system specifically engineered to tolerate high stress loads with the use of hardened steel (rack and pinion are 11⁄2 x 11⁄2 inches - approximately 50% larger than most bridge saws); 24-inch vertical travel of blade with adjustable limit stops for the X and Y axis; engineered blade hood designed to reduce blade noise by over 30%; and a 20-HP, TEFC blade drive motor. Additionally, the Superior G-3 bridge saw is equipped with a 10- x 10-inch single piece steel mast with adjustable limit stops for the Z axis; a motor actuated tilting head for miter cuts to 45 degrees with automatic and manual capability; a German-made laser; and a heavy duty 8- x 10-foot manually rotating table with eight stops at 45-degree increments. The machine also comes with a one-year parts and limited labor warranty.
Superior G-3 bridge saw
Circle No. 282

The Ogyu Verti-1500 is a new Profiling Diamond Wire Saw for monument fabrication. The optical sensor in the machine traces the edge of a paper template, and the diamond wire cuts the shape as the same as the template. Ogyu reports that the machine is cost effective, as there is absolutely no cost for the software. Additionally, the machine is designed for ease of use, allowing operators to make a profiling cut from the first day of use.
Ogyu Verti-1500
Circle No. 281

Sawing Systems of Knoxville, TN has introduced the 511-C Gantry Profiling Saw, which is designed to produce profile shapes directly from CAD-generated files without the difficulties associated with G-code. This new straight line cutting technology offered by Sawing Systems is designed to be simple to operate with cost efficiency. Additionally, any shop personnel can operate this servo-controlled saw without time consuming on-site training, the company reports. The operation is intended to be simple - as uses only need to load and square the stone, set the maximum blade height and call up the profile drawing. When the machine is told to learn the shape, it is ready to cut.
Features include an electronic touch screen controller, an electronic load ammeter and water flow switch to shut down machine in case of malfunction, a digital read out of gantry movement and automatic step cutting for thick, hard materials. The 511-C can be equipped with a 30-HP motor and a 36-inch blade. The all-steel construction provides the user with a 12-foot x 6-inch (main rail) vibration free cut, utilizing a heavy-duty cast iron saddle with 12 eccentric adjustable rollers. There are 12 inches of powered raise and lower and a variable speed feed of 1 inch to 20 feet per minute, controlled by a potentiometer at the operator's station. Also available is the 0 to 2,300 rpm variable-speed tilting arbor with a 3 1⁄2-inch arbor nose.
Sawing Systems 511C
Circle No. 280

The Record Due/600/36/200 gangsaw from Simec S.p.A. of Italy has a usable working width of 6,000 mm and 210 blades.
According to Simec, the company has invested heavily in the development and design of a product that would be a leader in the sector of gangsaws. “The results are fully validating the achievement of that goal by obtaining a high rate of production,” the company stated.
Simec reports that there are several advantages to this type of machine, which can house three standard-sized blocks of granite under its blade-holding frame (or four slightly smaller ones). These are not limited to production increases, as they also make it possible to save on personnel and reduce the consumption of blades, metal grains and power, thanks to the entire redesign of the masses and dynamics of the gangsaw. Simec Record Due gangsaws are the only machines in the world equipped with curved columns and a double connecting rod transmission system, according to the company.
The curved geometry of the columns adopted by Simec on the entire line of granite gangsaws has the advantage of accompanying the blade-holder frame on its cutting run in a perfectly natural manner with respect to the length of the connecting rods.
On the Record Due model, considering the large size of the blade-holder frame, a double connecting rod transmission system has been used. In this specific type of configuration, the curved columns offer a further very important advantage: the two connecting rods - with their fixed dimension - are, by nature, perfectly synchronized with each other and do not require any complicated and often unreliable mechanisms to compensate for their movement.
“With masses of this size, the smallest displacement of movement of the two connecting rods would cause dangerous vibrations of the blade-holder frame and tremendous stress on the entire structure of the machine,” Simec states.
In view of the results obtained with the new machines, Simec is already thinking of future models with a cutting width up to 10,000 mm.
Simec Record Due/600/36/200
Circle No. 279

The Blue Ripper Jr. rail saw, made by Omega Equipment Co. and available through Granite City Tool, is a powerful lightweight machine that can be taken to the jobsite. This saw is ideal for businesses looking for accuracy and smoothness at a much lower price than standard machinery, according to the company.
The Blue Ripper Jr. is capable of making full plunge cuts up to 4 cm in depth, and eliminates the need to use gauges, shims or offset measurements, according to its manufacturer. It features an 81⁄4-inch worm drive saw and power specifications of 120v, 13amp, 4,300 rpm. Options include two 6.8-foot or one 13-foot stainless steel rail, or additional rail sizes available up to 20 feet at an affordable price per foot. Additionally, the saw is equipped with 3⁄4-inch quick disconnect water fittings with 10 feet of hose.
Granite City Tool Blue Ripper Jr.
Circle No. 278
The Carver 2550 Tile and Stone Saw from Carver Saw Co., available from Master Wholesale has been conceived with innovation in mind. It was engineered with patented squaring features, easy-to-transport components, quality materials, and a user-friendly design make this saw unique. Users can insert the motor head for the an accurate tile saw, or they can insert the optional router attachment for high production and quality edgework on stone and porcelain tiles.
The saw has a 1.5-hp motor, 10-inch blade capacity and 25.5 inches of cutting length. V-shape, precision-ground, 1-inch-square solid steel rails attach to the frame with plenty of adjustment to ensure a precise cut. The tile card is an extra large 19- x 20-inch machined flat surface covered with durable rubber with a unique undercarriage locking mechanism to secure the cart to the rails for a strong and stable cutting surface. It has two independently attached backstops that adjust to a perfect square and the stainless steel measuring rulers adjust for accuracy. The V-groove wheels are made of high quality Delrin with sealed bearings.
Carver 2550 Tile and Stone Saw
Circle No. 277

Auto 'V' Grooving Inc. has announced the introduction of the Dry Lineal 'V' Groover. for natural stone as well as engineered stone and solid surface materials. According to the company, the process of “V-grooving” natural or engineered stone saves two-thirds of traditional labor costs, according to the company. The patent-pending, multi-material capabilities of this one unit allows fabricators to meet all of their customers surfacing needs by 'V' grooving the full spectrum of materials.
This open-sided heavy-duty lineal 'V' Groover can easily process with full precision any width and length of material. The company's floating table ensures an accurate end cut and enables the fabricator significant ease in material handling.
To meet the diverse needs of today's fabricators, Auto 'V' Grooving offers models to cut a range of material thicknesses, including 3 cm.
Auto 'V' Grooving Inc.
Dry Lineal 'V' Groover
Circle No. 276

Matrix Stone Products' Daytona XL Automatic Edge Profile System was engineered as a blend of technology and simplicity wrapped up in a heavy-duty package. The company reports that the machine is capable of producing a variety of popular edge profiles to a high luster polish by recalling one of the pre-programmed edge profiles. In addition, custom shapes can be quickly created by the operator and added to the recall list.
According to Matrix, the designing engineers placed a high priority on ease of programming and operating the Daytona XL as well as fast travel speeds. The result was a machine with efficient output and an effective learning curve for the operator.
The Daytona XL uses brushless servomotors for both axes of motion. Servomotors are commonly used on most CNC machines due to their high degree of accuracy, high speed capability, and high torque ratings. The benefits of using this technology allow for greater flexibility in the use of the machine and very high repeatability of motions, the company reports.
Matrix Daytona XL
Circle No. 275

Unveiling technology with solid design, the EZ Edge from Johnson Marble Machinery (JMM) is engineered to increase production. The unit can profile over 20 different edge details, making it one of the most diverse machines in the marketplace. Tool changes are quick and easy with the push of a button. JMM reports that this machine represents a breakthrough in achieving productivity and quality of finish with an automatic machine.
Circle No. 274

The SYM-7B is a multi-functioning edging machine, exclusively provided by Stone Depot. The machine cuts with a 7-inch and 8.5-inch blade, and can do any angle miter cut and notches. It has an optional turning table to cut roundtables and turn countertops, with a maximum roundtable size of 72 inches in diameter. Other features include a snap-on quick-change profiler system, with hundreds of different profilers available, and the ability to drill holes up to 6 inches in diameter. SYM-7B can also be used to create stone moldings, cornices, skirting, frames, door and window decorating, and customized designs, according to Stone Depot.
Stone Depot SYM-7B
Circle No. 273

The Sassomeccanica Flying Flat is available through U.S. Granite Machinery. This edging machine includes horizontal translation of the presser bar, which makes replacing tools simple and quick. The Flying Flat can process a minimum breadth of 100 mm and a minimum thickness of 20 mm and maximum of 60 mm. Additionally, the machine has 15.5 total horsepower and overall dimensions of 2400 x 1200 x 1500 mm.
U.S. Granite Machinery Flying Flat
Circle No. 272

The Taurus 100/S polishing machine from CMG, in its various models, is a machine that creates and carries out profile works with diamond tooling. All the components of the machine are chosen to process some of the best materials on the market. For example, the steel bench of the machine is stable and has a low friction coefficient. The rotating bridge holding the heads is made of 20-mm steel, which is fully treated and milled. All parts of the machine which are in contact with water are of chromium- or zinc-plated stainless steel. The belt is guided on its lower side by a “V” belt to avoid the risk of lateral shifting. All vertical and horizontal movements are electrically controlled, and the control panel is arm mounted to ease operation. The factory can supply a customized machine with left-to-right direction of the slabs or a right-to-left version. Also entry and exit rollers as well as an automatic greasing unit or operating units can be modified for special needs.
CMG Taurus 100/S
Circle No. 271

The multiple-head edging machine, Taurus 02, from CMG, is a fully automatic and an easily operated machine for manufacturing everything from kitchen countertops to staircases because its versatility. Taurus 02 has been tested at the company's factory in Italy by undergoing a complete field test of different processes and programs for various profiles and manufacturing cycles. Made of hard, durable steel, the Taurus 02 has a strong structure that is precisely gauged in all its parts, electro-welded, sandblasted and protected by special painting systems. This edge-polishing machine is delivered by all protections conforming to the regulations.
The Taurus 02 has a precutting unit with automatic adjustment provided by special long-lasting cutting blades; a 4 kW calibrating unit and/or horizontal continuous kerf cuts on edge of slabs with the option of kerf slit-cuts for slab work reinforcements on walls and floors. It also has a flat profiling wheel with automatic adjustment and the option of a programmed stop for the profiling wheel for kitchen countertops. Other features are a 6-unit bridge of spindles with a self-centering system, one profiling wheel and five polishing heads. It has a well as a main water supply delivered from the center of every spindle and further water supply located above the bridge unit. A floating system for granite polishing on flat and inclined edges is also available. The machine also has a unit for chamfering and polishing the bevels [two lower and two upper units]. The 4 kW cutting unit can also process backsplashes - lower, upper and inclined
CMG Taurus 02
Circle No. 270

Bergman Blair Machine Corp. carries the Montresor Lara 60-S2, an automatic edge polisher that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of companies looking for high production of straight, slanted and bullnosed edges up to 60 mm in thickness. The machine has a very sturdy steel structure that has been fully machined, sandblasted and then given an epoxy-based undercoat and enamel paint. Six mobile frontal heads programmed by accurate and synchronized mechanical transmission enable the Lara 60-S2 to produce all types of profiles, reports its manufacturer.
The machine can process bullnose profiles between 15 and 60 mm in thickness, which are obtained by the use of standard plane diamond wheels and do not require the use of profiled tools. The engagement and disengagement of the abrasive on the edge to be polished can be programmed even in the presence of irregular work pieces, and polishing of straight edges has been improved by the introduction of gentle rocking movement of the heads (plus or minus 2 degrees). With the use of a special diamond tool, a light bushhammering type finish can be obtained on straight or bullnose edges up to a maximum thickness of 60 mm. The frontal bar is no longer required, and the forward and reverse pressure controlling the abrasives is independent and does not require counter pressure. The conveyor belt slides over an interchangeable wear-resistant stainless steel surface and is fitted with a square cross-section guide way recessed into the work surface near the pressure units, thereby avoiding belt displacement during processing operations.
The Lara 60-S2 is supplied fully assembled and tested under working conditions.
Montresor Lara 60-S2
Circle No. 269

Multispeed portable routers from Ghines feature an inverter to adjust the tool speed, while keeping the motor's power supply consistent. This allows the machine to work every kind of material with every type of tooling. Rpms are visualized real time on the digital display, and the spindle is provided with a bearing to support the high speeds. The outside structure of the machine is made of die-cast aluminum that is treated with polyurethane paints to prevent oxidation.
Ghines is represented in North America by Braxton-Bragg of Knoxville, TN, and GranQuartz of Atlanta, GA.
Ghines portable routers
Circle No. 268

The MWI 5-inch Marble and Granite Dry Polishing System from Master Wholesale comes complete with everything the fabricator needs to polish stone. It includes a Makita 4 1⁄2-inch, variable-speed angle grinder model #9561CV, which runs at 2,800 to 10,500 rpm. To achieve a smooth polish, the company has also included a starter kit of 5-inch Velcro-backed sandpaper, with 10 pieces each ranging from 80 to 1,200 grit. Customers also receive a Velcro-backed, Neoprene pad holder, a Black granite rouge bar, and a yellow cotton buff pad with shaft extension. For those new at polishing stone, the company has also included a How-to video demonstrating the system step by step.
Master Wholesale dry polishing
Circle No. 267

Dr. Flex Wet polishing air tools from Diasonic of Korea have a lightweight and compact design suitable for single-hand operation. They have rear exhaust, low vibration and noise with excellent performance. These air polishers also feature cast housing, a 3-step shifting knob with a center water feed system and a water valve. The gravity cast housing facilitates long tool life, and the 3-step shifting knob enables the user to control free speed by adjusting the frequency of air. The central water feed system reduces dust to improve working conditions. The water valve can be adjusted for variable water-flow rates.
Accessories include a reversible side handle, exhaust muffler, air hose adapter, wrench and 3-inch backup holder. The speed is 5,000 rpm with a maximum of 1.2 HP. It weighs 8 pounds and measures 190 mm. The pads are available in two sizes - 3-inch and 4-inch.
Diasonic Dr. Flex
Circle No. 266

The Seelbach FPS-1600, which is available through GranQuartz of Atlanta, GA, is a linear guided machine unit for grinding and polishing cutouts and drain boards. The machine is equipped with a three-phase motor - 230 V, 2 and 2KW - and variable speed from 400 to 8,300 rpm. The machine's dimensions are 5 feet, 6 inches x 3 feet, 5 inches x 1 foot, 6 inches, with a processing range of: X-axis, 5 feet, 2 inches; Y-axis, 29 inches; and Z-axis, 5 feet, 2 inches.
GranQuartz also carries the Seelbach KFP 4500, a linear guided machine unit for grinding and polishing profiles, cutouts and drain boards as well as drilling. Features include a three-phase motor - 230 V and 4KW - and variable speed of 400 to 8,300 rpm. Additionally, the machine has dimensions of 10 feet, 7 inches x 3 feet, 7 inches x 5 feet, 2 inches, with a processing range of: X-axis, 11 feet, 5 inches; Y-axis, 2 feet, 6 inches; and Z-axis 5 feet, 2 inches.
GranQuartz/Seelbach machinery
Circle No. 265

Available through CMS North America, Inc. of Caledonia, MI, is the Brembana - Concept - Y1700. The machine comes with 3 axes, a 18.1 HP/ 13.5 kW spindle, an automatic tilting head, telescopic spindle extension, easy stone CAD/CAM software, two weeks training at CMS, one week on-site training, special voltage, a manual tools presetting device, a 26-position tool station with 26 tool holders, 12 vacuum cups, four supports, two clamps and three reference stops, delivery and installation, and a one-year full warranty (all expenses included). Available options include a fourth axis with a 90-degree blade, a 30-degree blade, tools (per complete set) and digitizers, including NEOLT - 118 x 47 inches, BVH Gregg radial arm, XLD410 - 120 x 54 inches and XLD410 144 x 60 inches. The machine has a working area of 142 x 66 inches, with maximum machinable pieces up to 137 x 62 inches. The footprint is 20 x 24 feet, and the weight is 13,450 pounds.
CMS/Brembana - Concept - Y1700
Circle No. 264

Many of the same features are found on the Brembana - Speed 3 - Y2K, which is also offered by CMS North America, Inc. Some differences found on this machine include eight vacuum cups and one retractable cup along with four supports, two clamps and three reference stops. An additional option on the Speed 3 - Y2K is a recycling tank. The working area on this machine is 142 x 63 inches, and the maximum machinable piece is 138 x 58 inches. The footprint is 24 x 14 feet, and it weighs 15,450 pounds.
CMS/Brembana - Speed 3 Y2K
Circle No. 263

G-Rex, the 5-axis machining center now available from CMS/ Brembana, is perfect for all stone second-machining productions on large-sized stone cubes, the company reports. It can be used for statues, sculptures, graves, monuments, fountains, street furniture, sinks, solid marble tubs and sanitary figures. The machine can be combined with an NC lathe that enables it to machine workpieces measuring 3,200 mm long and 1,000 mm wide.
CMS Brembana
Circle No. 262

Available from Northwood Machine Manufacturing Co. of Louisville, KY, are the NW-126S and NW-138S CNC Stone Machining Centers. Both pieces of equipment include the QuickSaw option and 10-HP saw head with a 12-inch blade. The Northwood CNC Stone Machining Centers also come complete with the company's exclusive StoneVisionTM software. StoneVisionTM eliminates most of the redundant tasks that have plagued programmers in this industry, while providing state-of-the-art visual validation of part operations, according to the manufacturer. The software can be used to verify programs and pod placements on the computer before they go to the machine. Table dimensions are 156 x 96 x 11⁄2 inches for the NW-138S and 144 x 72 x 11⁄2 inches for the 126S. Both machines feature four linear axes - three horizontal and one vertical. Axis travel includes gantry width of 168 inches, gantry depth of 100 inches for the NW138S and 76 inches for the NW-126S and vertical of 14 inches. Among the other features are two tool changer racks (16 tools/rack for the NW-138S and 12 tools/rack for the NW-126S), with total simultaneous tool selection being 32 tools on the NW-138S and 24 tools on the NW-126S.
Northwood CNC Machinery
Circle No. 261

Park's Infinity CNC profiling system is two machines in one. The Infinity can switch modes from a saw blade to a milling spindle configuration to fabricate almost any complex structural shape in stone.
A 30-hp, variable-speed arbor drive spindle with speeds from 300 to 6,000 rpm powers a 40-blade diameter blade to create curved and straight stone profiles for archways, coping, column caps and sills. It can also be equipped with ISO-40 shaping tools or milling bits, and flush-mounted blades may be used to machine an endless variety of designs, lettered signs and complex graphics. The programmable sawing operation is as simple as entering the part dimensions in the control and letting the machine saw or profile the material into the desired pieces. Completely unattended operation is possible - even over multiple slabs. The Infinity can also be set up for continuous machining cycles.
The machine's controlled axes feature 13 feet, 6 inches of travel in the X axis; 15 feet travel in Y (extended lengths are available) and up to 32 inches of Z axis (raise and lower). The blade/spindle may be programmably positioned 0 to 90 degrees (from vertical) for mitering operations (A axis).
The Infinity's Siemens front-end, PC-based computer control unit includes a fully-integrated Mastercam CAD/CAM software system for importing, drawing and downloading complex designs to the machine, even during operation. Pendant control of the X, Y and Z axes has a “teach-in” feature to simplify set-up and programming.
A dedicated phone line modem access allows Park's Customer Service to immediately view and control all programs and functions for real-time remote diagnostics.
Park Infinity
Circle No. 260

The Systhema stoneworking unit from Ghines, available from Braxton-Bragg, was designed to be at the top of the AMP (Aided Manual Processing) class. The operating head allows users to work in every direction and inclines with diamond blades, shaped wheels, bits, core drills and any other type of tool. Longitudinal and transversal travels are visualized on digital displays with a 0.001-inch tolerance. The built-in turntable can process round works semi-automatically. The vacuum unit takes advantage of the Venturi exhaustion system to lock the slab on the worktable.
Ghines Systhema
Circle No. 259
The Technostone 1500 x 3000, the Technostone 2300 x 4000 and the Multiwork STP from Bimatech are the base models of the CNC stoneworking centers offered by International Machine Corp. of Holbrook, NY. The founders of Bimatech, Luciano Paci and Marco Tamburini, are well known and highly respected in the stone industry. They were the former co-founders of Intermac, and have been active in the CNC field for man