PolyGlide (TA-112), a new, easy-spreading Type II wall and floor adhesive, has recently been introduced by TEC Specialty Products, Inc. The acrylic-based adhesive features a creamy light viscosity that spreads -- not pulls -- over surfaces, making it easy to trowel on smoothly without straining, according to the company. It is ideal for bonding tiles to walls, counters, shower areas, backsplashes and other interior applications. PolyGlide keeps its tack longer without locking up, so installers can apply and readjust tiles before the adhesive sets. When dry, PolyGlide creates a strong, resilient bond, so tiles stay exactly where they are placed. There is no slipping or shifting. As an added benefit, PolyGlide has an extremely low odor, creating a more pleasant environment for installers and customers, Tec reports, adding that the product can be used to install tiles over masonry, concrete and cementitious surfaces, cementitious backer units, coated glass mat backer board, gypsum wallboard, cured Portland cement plaster and existing ceramic tile. For countertops it can also be used over plastic laminate and plywood.