The internationally-patented Prussiani Champion 5 saw series -- available from IGE Solutions of Jupiter, FL -- is a new generation of saws incorporating capabilities that were previously unattainable. The Champion 5 is a 5-axis CNC cutting saw specifically designed for high-production kitchen counter fabricators to make them more profitable and efficient. This saw changes how work is done compared to traditional saws, which still require a great deal of unproductive down time to allow the operator to program the saw and/or to move pieces around in order to cut complex shapes. The Champion 5 series was designed to work completely automatically. It is capable of auto-matically cutting all types of shapes, including radius cuts, inside 90-degree angles and more. In addition, it also automatically cuts the reinforcement rod channels.

The Champion 5 uses a true Windows open architecture environment that handles .dxf files, allowing the saw to cut even while programming -- either at the programming office or at the machine for the next pieces. This machine is also very user-friendly, reports Prussiani. The operator requires no previous software programming experience to run the Champion 5, and the machine basically runs itself. Once the slab is set on the table, the saw will automatically cut all the .dxf shapes without any further operator involvement.

The unique Champion 5 cutting process begins by digitally photo-graphing each slab to avoid any unwanted flaws in the material, then it uses an optimization and nesting program to determine the best and most efficient cutting paths to get maximum yield from each slab, while avoiding any material flaws. Next, using the movement of multi-directional rollers and adjustable suction cups in the head of the saw, various pieces are separated to eliminate over cutting and waste, and then the same pieces are returned to their original positions. Instead of the bed turning, the saw blade rotates a full 360 degrees. The result of this unique process is a complete slab being cut every 12 to 15 minutes. In addition, each individual cut piece can be picked up and taken to a second saw blade where the reinforcement rod channel is automatically cut from the bottom, saving yet another step in the fabrication process, according to

the company.

Prussiani's forerunner to the Champion 5 began 12 years ago, and that design continually evolved as new technology was developed. The first Champion 5 was integrated into an automated kitchen counter plant in Zurich, Switzerland, over a year ago and it has performed flawlessly, reports Prussiani. The owner of that plant is thrilled with the saw's performance and its digital integration. The Champion 5 allows his people to digitize their kitchens in the field, and then using the Prussiani software, they send their .dxf programs directly to the saw. In this first installation, the Champion 5 replaced the production of four saws, and it was so successful that a second Champion 5 was recently added to the operation. The Champion 5 has truly changed how granite slabs can be cut for the kitchen industry, according to the manufacturer.