Prussiani introduces the new Champion 5 NT+CA version — a revolutionary high-production full CNC-controlled bridge saw designed for the maximum speed in cutting and eliminating all down times for loading slabs, programming jobs and unloading pieces.

The bridge saw is equipped with all of the functionality and versatility of a full 5-axis CNC saw, also equipped with the patented manipulator of the pieces Cut&Move — like all Prussiani cutting machines since 2003 — integrated in a real cutting line that never stops working. An automatic slab loader continuously feeds the machine from the side, synchronized with conveyor belts that drive the slabs through the cutting area under the saw and outfeed cut pieces and remnants from the other side.

Based on several of these CNC cutting lines installed all over the world, the average production for 3cm countertops (including 45° miter details and curves) is 35 to 40 slabs per eight-hour shift, while in cut-to-size paving and claddings type of work reaches 50 slabs per shift, and can go even further in case of tiles and/or softener materials.

Key features of this unique design are:

  • Quick slab size detection thanks to the camera system integrated in the auto-loader of the slabs during the advanced infeed process
  • Quick automatic workpiece positioning thanks to the laser that controls the conveyor belt
  • Easy to program and operate – It can be programmed remotely, in advance or at the machine control in a few minutes while the machine is cutting
  • Automatic Blade Presetting (ABP) to always control the blade consumption
  • Automatic Slab Thickness (AST) electronic probe, for the maximum precision and to compensate the irregularities in a dynamic way
  • Nesting software for automatic slab cutting optimization, minimize the waste and optimize the processing time. All driven by barcodes is also an available option.
  • Possibility to install under-cutting unit to precut the bottom of the countertops for the reinforcement rods
  • Washers and dryers at the exit belt clean allows to unload cut pieces already cleaned and dry

Prussiani will be displaying this full-cutting line at Coverings 2018, which will take place in Atlanta, GA, from May 8 to 11.