The Egar 323/5 from Z. Bavelloni is a machine specifically designed to carry out a wide variety of processing work in sectors ranging from construction to interior decorating. The machine was designed and built to operate on the large-sized and very thick pieces that are typical of the building sector, but the Egar 323/5 is also designed to carry out the extremely high-quality polishing work that is required in the decorating sector, according to its manufacturer.

The Egar 323/5 features five controlled axes, large-sized work surface and high speed. The machine is designed to make tops up to 3300 mm long, process solid blocks up to 600 mm thick, execute hollowings up to 500 mm deep, and perform high-quality slanted planes.

The new Egar 323/5 offers a range of options and accessories, including the new NC automatic lathe, which can be positioned on the machine's work surface. Additionally, the machine features a numerically controlled rotating axis and a brushless motor, giving it the capability to make columns, balustrades and vases in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The machine is therefore able to make cylindrical, symmetrical or asymmetrical and spiral columns as well as creating artistic designs, such as bas-reliefs or figures, writings or engravings, directly on the column itself.

Using a laser-reading device and its software, operators can read almost any shape (such as capitals, statues and columns that they do not have the blueprints for) and reproduce it automatically. Also, flat bas-reliefs can be read and then automatically developed on the surface of the column itself.

Circle No. 291