How-to book on stone wall detailing

Dan Snow, one of only a handful of Americans certified by the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain, has recently completed writing a book titled "In the company of Stone: The Art of the Stone Wall." Snow is an artisan who builds walls, terraces and caverns from loose stones gathered from the ground. His only mortar is the force of gravity. This book is his meditation on an ancient craft, which according to Artisan, the publisher, is written "in words that are placed as deliberately as the stones that make up his creations."

Peter Mauss illustrates the book with photographs. His full-color images capture the interaction between Snow¿s creations and the landscape. Mauss specializes in photographing architecture, interior design and land-scapes. His work has been published in many magazines, including Architectural Record, The New York Times Magazine, Garden Design, and Metropolitan Home. His photographs were recently featured in the book Terra Cotta Skyline: New York¿s Architectural Ornament.

Dan Snow and his stone creations have been showcased in numerous publications including This Old House, Garden Design, and American Nurseryman.