NEW YORK, NY - Walker Zanger recently opened its first showroom in Manhattan, marking the occasion with a grand opening party, attracting more than 450 guests and media attendees.

Neighboring many of the most prominent architectural and design studios, as well as exclusive restaurants, galleries and boutiques, the new 6,200-square-foot, two-story showroom stands as a world-class fashion statement of architectural expression and detailed design, according to the company.

The showroom goes beyond offering an inspiring destination for style makers and customers. With its full range of handmade stone, ceramic, metal and architectural glass products, the showroom is a gallery of design ingenuity, featuring 20-foot high ceilings and a Carrara marble footed tub, according to the company.

There are also 24 kitchen and bath vignettes, featuring Walker Zanger products, in a 3,400-square-foot space. Additionally, there are also room dividers, made up of 50 boldly colored rectangular stone slabs, and 10-foot high onyx window shades.

Along with the retail showroom, the location features an in-house arch-itectural depart-ment, led by a team of industry experts who have extensive experience and understanding of the industry and locale.

The Walker Zanger Manhattan showroom was designed directed by the company's facility design depart-ment. Walker Zanger also employed Ronnette Riley Associates as its architectural firm and Gotham Light and Power for lighting design.

Open to both trade and retail customers, the showroom is located at 37 East 20th Street.