Fossil Marble quarried from an ancient seabed in the Mediterranean is now available in five colors from Maison Sijilmassa, a U.S.-based direct importer specializing only in Fossil Marble. The material can be supplied as tiles, slabs or quarry blocks in standard or cut-to-size dimensions, and is shipped directly from the firm¿s fabrication facility, which is located at the prehistoric seabed site.

The distinctive marble is characterized by the clearly evident presence of the fossilized prehistoric marine life forms of orthoceras and ammonites, which lived between the Silurian, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods (65 and 435 million years ago), and are visible throughout the marble. As the orthoceras and ammonites died, their shells accumulated in great numbers on the sea floor, where they were aligned by currents, buried by sediments, and transformed over the ages into stone by various physical and chemical processes.

Fossil Marble exits in five hues -- Kajal Fossil (black), Bordeaux Fossil (red), Chocolat Fossil (dark brown), Sijilmassa Fossil (brown), and Hezhra Small Fossil (medium gray). Within each color, the figures of orthoceras appear as rocket or spaceship-like, elongated cylindrical shapes. Ammonites can be identified by their rounded, nautilus-shaped, spiral-esque forms. The animals have been preserved in their entirety and can be seen throughout the marble. The beauty of life has literally been suspended in time, proving a one-of-a-kind visual adventure, according to the company.

Physical and mechanical properties of Fossil Marble make it a premium selection for interior and exterior design, building, remodeling and renovation projects. Circle No. 246