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A first of its kind, the Flooring Sustainability Summit will be a groundbreaking event bringing together the "who's who" of sustainability in the flooring industry -- all united by a common goal: to advance the flooring industry's leadership in green building. The Summit will provide participants with a unique platform to outline sustainability objectives and prioritize standards, certifications, and initiatives that drive the flooring industry forward. Attendees will engage in dynamic panel and working group discussions that present learning opportunities and foster direct lines of communication among key sustainability decision-makers.

Bill Griese

“We are excited with this Summit to finally get out there and share across the entire flooring industry,” said Bill Griese, Tile Council of North America (TCNA) deputy executive director. “It will be the first-ever of its kind. Flooring, in general, is such a major component of building materials. It has received so much attention in the green building world, and to think we haven’t gotten together more often, and never in this capacity, competitive hats aside, to understand more from one another. We all have similar challenges and slightly different approaches to addressing those challenges.”

So why should people attend?

Architects and Designers: Alignment on calculating and reporting embodied carbon, up-to-date information on green building standards, impact of current and upcoming regulations and navigation of health and material information.

Procurement Officers: Increased understanding of sustainable procurement, the importance of proper reporting of embodied carbon and strategies for efficiently analyzing health and material information.

Distributors: Increased ability to evaluate and clearly communicate available health and material information, increased awareness of sustainability criteria for product selection and sales and a better understanding of embodied carbon reporting.

Manufacturers: Clarity and understanding of health and material ingredient reporting criteria, insights into the relevance of environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle and proper ways to calculate and report embodied carbon.

Installers: Understanding of the sustainability impact of flooring materials, the direct relevance of health and material information and a better understanding of the carbon footprint of an installation using supplier-reported embodied carbon data.

Policy Makers, Advocacy Groups and Standards Organizations: Direct interaction and feedback from constituents in the flooring and construction community on green building standards, health and material ingredient information, and embodied carbon.

“I would encourage you to sign up as soon as possible,” said Griese. “It’s finite the number of registration slots available. So when they are gone they are gone.”

To register go to and sign up.

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