The Helios ProCut XJ5 SawJet, available through Total Stone Solutions, sets a new standard in cutting technology with its innovative integration of three distinct cutting tools: saw, waterjet and incremental bit. This unique combination provides the dual advantages of a low-cost 5-axis CNC saw and the precision capabilities of a 5-axis waterjet system, all within a single machine. Built from stainless steel and ball screw driven, the ProCut XJ5 ensures robust construction and reliable performance. With a 138 x 78 mitering envelope and 151 x 94 cutting area, this machine accommodates a wide range of cutting needs -- from intricate designs to large-scale projects. What sets the XJ5 apart is its flexibility: it allows operators to choose between tools based on the job requirements, eliminating the need to use the waterjet solely for tasks like sink cuts or radius cuts. This versatility not only reduces garnet usage and maintenance hours, but also streamlines operations by integrating processes like using the WaterJet for inside corners and incremental bit for producing drain boards and invisible cooktops in a single operation.