Venkon is a saw cutting machine built with the needs of fabrication shops in mind, combining simplicity with maximum versatility for a minimum investment budget. It is popularly used for cutting slabs of both natural and synthetic stone, as well as ceramic. This machine performs straight, vertical and inclined cutting, and drilling operations. 

Additional features include:

  • The monoblock support structure does not require any foundations and minimizes both installation and set-up costs
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel base and table for maximum corrosion protection
  • Guards and front doors comply with the strictest safety regulations for machines in the industry, ensuring the operator’s safety during all machining phases
  • All movements are driven by brushless motors connected to high-precision gearboxes and are carried out on hardened ground guides with ball-recirculation bearings. The axis lubrication is carried out in manual mode (automatic – optional)
  • User interface and software are completely designed by CMS in order to manage all the typical processes of the industry in the most efficient manor
  • The machine can be managed either manually or automatically, using the parametric programs offered by the software and the laser projector supplied as standard with the machine