The new »coraMeasure LG« automated tool measurement system from Zoller will make its North American debut at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2024 in Chicago, IL. This new system enables manufacturing companies to obtain precise measurement results consistently, achieve a high level of process reliability and increase productivity while also addressing workforce shortages.

Developed to work with a Zoller »venturion« presetting and measuring machine, the »coraMeasure LG« system consists of several components, including the »venturion«, a linear robot, a pallet system with reject and buffer positions, and a manual transport cart.

Tools are assembled in the pallet system before the linear robot removes the tools and loads them into the »venturion« for measuring. Each tool can be identified through the unique »idChip« system, and updated tool data is available in Zoller's database.

The »coraMeasure LG« system also integrates seamlessly with other Zoller automation and tool management solutions.

Flexible and easy to customize, the »coraMeasure LG« can be implemented as a brand-new system or retrofitted for an existing »venturion« machine. The system's compact durable design requires less than 64 square feet of shop floor space.

The system can accommodate tools weighing up to 22 pounds and with lengths up to 23.6 inches. It can be configured for HSK-A 100, HSK-A 63, SK40 and SK50 toolholders. Up to 24 HSK-A 63 and 20 HSK-A 100 tools fit on each of the tool pallets.

See the »coraMeasure LG« in action during IMTS at Zoller's booth (#432018) in the Tooling and Workholding Systems Pavilion.