The Passport to Creativity Tour, organized by Tile of Spain USA, set out on an adventure into the world of Spanish tile at the end of February 2024. The voyage aligned with the week of Cevisama, the annual international ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings exhibition in Valencia, Spain. While a portion of the tour, which included a select group of architects, designers and industry journalists, involved visits to Cevisama to view the latest tile product introductions and trends, as well as learning and seeing the architecture, history and culture of Valencia, it also took participants to the region of Castellón where many Spanish tile manufacturers are located.

The 2024 Passport to Creativity Tour had scheduled visits to Grespania, Cevica Ceramica and Living Ceramics. Each company had its own unique specialty, presenting a diverse look at tile production to group members.

At Grespania, a highlight was witnessing the production of the company’s large porcelain slabs – from clay to the firing and glazing processes. Cevica has a rich history and skilled artisans who produce handcrafted decorative tile. And Living Ceramics led the group through its sophisticated and contemporary showroom – featuring a diverse range of product offerings.

Here is an overview and glimpse into the 2024 Passport to Creativity Tour’s day-long adventure in Castellón.