To celebrate the American love affair with wood as an integral part of interior design, Memory Oak features a complete spectrum of natural colors, with the soft, wavy appearance of veins and knots recreated in a smooth, pleasant-to-the-touch surface. Designers can achieve a variety of looks using the collection’s three distinct field tiles, including the standard 8-inch x 40-inch plank, a sophisticated 8-inch x 40-inch chevron plank mirroring the precision and grace found in the most refined wood flooring and a uniquely grooved 8-inch x 40-inch Spa plank with a soothing, spa-like tranquility. Thanks to advances in manufacturing technology, the body of each wood-look tile has a subtle three-dimensional texture, which mimics the look and feel of real wood.  

Atlas Concorde USA’s new 2024 collections feature rectified edges in the 8- x 40-, 12- x 24-, 24- x 48- and 24- x 24- inch sizes. Rectified tiles can be installed with very narrow joints for a seamless effect. To meet demand for personalization, the porcelain and ceramic tile manufacturer is also pleased to offer a Cut-To-Order service, which gives customers the opportunity to custom design and custom cut field tile sizes and shapes to spec.

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