The surface industry has witnessed a remarkable period of innovation and evolution, characterized by advancements in materials and design. 

Today more than ever before, both designers and consumers are prioritizing trusted surface brands and materials alongside sustainability, and this shift is reshaping consumer behaviour. The market now offers a plethora of engineered stones, and assuming they're all equal is dangerous. Gone are the days when any generic material would suffice: the future demands transparency in provenance, trustworthiness and sustainability practices. 

Responding to these challenges, Caesarstone, the pioneer of the premium engineered stone market since 1987, continues to lead with ground-breaking design and material innovations. Whilst quartz in the 1990s was identifiable by bold colors and prominent sparkly flecks, it was Caesarstone who, in the 2010s, revolutionized the market by introducing surfaces inspired by natural stone, with designs that embodied the opulence of marble without any of the maintenance issues.

Since then, Caesarstone has continued to innovate with new, inimitable products such as the Metropolitan Collection, a range of textured surfaces inspired by concrete and urban materials. The launch of the brand’s inaugural Porcelain collection in 2022 showcased its first venture into new material categories. The resounding success of Caesarstone’s Porcelain collection is largely down to the beautiful bold designs, and underpinned by decades of surface industry experience, which ensured Caesarstone delivered a robust, high-quality range of surfaces from the outset. 

Caesarstone’s most recent launch, the Time Collection, saw the introduction of ten new products - seven additional Porcelain designs and three new Mineral Surfaces. The Mineral Surfaces, in particular, are Caesarstone’s latest innovation, marking a pivotal moment in the surface market. Utilizing its unparalleled expertise and advanced technology, Caesarstone has blended minerals including Feldspar and Quartz with recycled elements to create surfaces that excel in both performance and sustainability. With up to 40% recycled material content and reduced crystalline silica levels, these surfaces offer a safe, durable and eco-conscious alternative to quartz. 

Caesarstone’s three new Mineral Surfaces - 5310 Brillianza, 5113 Solenna and 5140 Dreamy Carrara - capture the timeless beauty of stone with a modern twist. Moreover, in addition to the Time Collection, Caesarstone has now transitioned 27 stocked quartz products to Mineral Surfaces in its UK portfolio, with the aim to progressively transition more designs to low-silica alternatives, reflecting the brand’s dedication to sustainability and the surface industry. 

Caesarstone’s continued confidence in all its products is evident through its Lifetime Warranty, which covers Quartz, Porcelain and Mineral Surfaces. The company’s commitment to transparency is showcased through the extensive information available on its website, including Declare Label Certification, EPD and ESG reports, ensuring customers can easily access important data about material provenance and sustainable initiatives.