NORCO, CA -- Jeffrey Court Inc., the industry leader in decorative tile and stone, announced today the recognition by long-time partner Home Depot® as Merchandising Partner of the Year. 

A strategic supplier supporting all Home Depot® businesses, the award recognizes the achievements of the team that backs Home Depot® in the products designed and manufactured exclusively for the retailer. 

“This is a team effort. Everyone on our team contributed to helping us achieve this recognition. Our resourcefulness and willingness to go above and beyond consistently shows. To have achieved this honor is truly a testament to our dedicated team, coming out above other national flooring brands to receive this award is another marker in our over 30-year history. I believe a great bookend as Jeffrey Court initially started with a single purchase order from Home Depot®. We are excited our external partners recognize this.” 

– Scott Hassman, President

Awarded for regularly providing a high level of service, aiding Home Depot® in delivering innovative product design from Jeffrey Court’s in-house design team, and creating a seamless interconnected experience to help capture market share in the highly competitive tile marketplace. 

A core strength Jeffrey Court is known for is ensuring the shelves at each Home Depot® location were stocked throughout the pandemic despite running a 100% import business and the logistical and supply chain challenges experienced over the last few years. “Home Depot® is an important part of Jeffrey Court’s business. We are excited to be recognized for delivering on our efforts. We aim to build a successful partnership with them and bring their customers the products they want to buy. Driving the business in the mass market are items to help Home Depot® deliver style-right products to their DIY customer base that are exclusive to the retailer.”

            – John Beckley, Senior Vice President, Sales 

Always in stock and always ready to ship, Jeffrey Court products are available at all Home Depot® locations in the U.S. and Canada