MILAN, ITALY -- The 3D Wall Carve collection by Atlas Concorde has been selected by ADI Design Index for inclusion in its category of “Design of Materials and Technological Systems.” ADI Design Index is the annual selection made by the ADI Association for Industrial Design, which brings together the best Italian design currently in production, selected by the ADI Permanent Observatory of Design.

3D Wall Carve, which already won the Red Dot Award 2022, draws inspiration from engraved handcrafted stone. Designed with minimal micro textures, the collection reinterprets the markings of handmade carvings in completely new forms -- creating striking dynamic effects on the wall.

The technological innovation of 3D Wall Carve was made possible thanks to the new enamel formulation enriched with raw materials with a high fusibility index developed by Atlas Concorde’s R&D labs.

The collection consists of five different three-dimensional patterns. To design these two structures, the designer drew inspiration from the relationship between technique and art, seeking to replicate the authentic craftsmanship of handcrafted stone on the ceramic surface -- creating a modern innovative look for interior design.

The ADI Design Index is the sole gateway for competing for the prestigious Compasso d'Oro award, the highest recognition in the field of Italian design, not to mention one of the most prestigious awards in the international arena. A traveling exhibition will be organized to present the selection of the ADI Design Index 2022. The first stop will be Milan, November 14th through 27th at the ADI Design Museum, followed by Rome on December 12th through 18th at the Institute of the Encyclopedia Treccani.